What is the difference between Japanese pearls and pearl of southeast

What is the difference between Japanese pearls and pearl of southeast, its commonality? From literal meaning, Japanese pearls and pearl is a pearl of southeast Asian origin of difference. Japan is known to all, and nanyang guidelines in the Pacific area.
If you want to know what is the difference between Japanese pearls and pearl of southeast, take you to see this first two pearls of origin is introduced:
Ordinary people often heard that Japanese Akoya Pearls, right, Japan is not the same as Japanese Akoya Pearls, pearl Japan there are fresh water Pearls and pearl sea Pearls, but only Japan sea Pearls are called Japanese Akoya Pearls (Akoya Pearls). Japanese freshwater Cartier nail bracelet replica pearls, produce of freshwater pearl called pipa bead, because Japan is the largest lake in the pipa lake, in the past the quality of the beads is quite high, but recently the lake water quality by the pollution, and because of China’s freshwater pearl pearl market impact, so the pipa bead production nearly stopped, at present China has become a freshwater pearl production country, Japan has a large number of imports of Chinese fresh water pearls. Japan in the seawater pearls, pearl producing area is mainly Japanese triple, male, love luca brasi county area the seto inland sea.
Nanyang are almost all belong to the sea water pearl, pearl in the south Pacific including Australia, Indonesia, the Philippines, French Polynesia, from nanyang pearls. In addition to the high value of nanyang gaultheria, most particularly the wind leaf global to nanyang golden pearls and Tahiti pearls (also known as black or black pearl nanyang bead).
The current domestic sales of Japan are almost all Japanese sea pearls, pearl because of nanyang is also in the sea water pearl breeding, from the point of breeding environment, are belong to the sea water pearl. As a result of seawater pearl and freshwater pearl breeding, Japan sea pearls and pearl of southeast mostly is round, round more than freshwater pearls, more valuable, more cater to high-end jewelry consumer market.
Japan in the seawater pearl mother-of-pearl mainly martensite, generally breeding time 3 to 4 years, and the mother of pearl of southeast main is gold lip shell, white and black butterfly shell, the shell body than markov bei, can raise more pearls, breeding time is longer, need at least five to six years. So Japan Cartier juste un clou bracelet replica pearls and pearl of southeast difference between pearl the size of the difference, the first general Japanese pearl particle size range is in commonly between 7-9 mm, nanyang general above 9 mm, the particle size of pearl and reach more than 13 mm belongs to rare collection level, a higher value.
Due to the difference of size specifications, the Japan sea pearls as a general design more popular pearl necklace, due to its good breeding environment and technology, high quality of Japanese sea pearls look water embellish feels strong, match line to any woman to shine at the moment. And nanyang pearl, is expensive for the queen’s jewelry, larger diameter, so general as pearl pendants, earrings, rings, jewelry actual use. Of course, can match into a consistent nanyang color pearl necklace, very rare, valuable! Woman can wear, non fu expensive, reveal worth!
In addition to the size of Japan’s pearls and pearl of southeast difference lies in different colors, the general is given priority to with white, pearl common TouFen iridescence colour and lustre, nanyang except holy elegant white pearl, and are rich in gold, aristocratic and mysterious charm of black tie (Tahiti pearls). The value of the nanyang pearl several times or even more than ten times higher than Japan’s pearl. Epidermis, the growth of the Japan sea water pearl see more imitation cartier love bracelet mild texture flaw, even the most high quality also won’t have no, this is also a pearl TianRanXing normal, need not criticise us. Nanyang pearl the relatively smooth surface with good quality, analyzes even almost can not see any flaws. Therefore, to distinguish the difference between Japanese pearls and pearl of southeast Asian, can from the diameter size, colour and lustre, such as skin combined with judgment. Of course in general formal business is strictly pearl species, to help consumers difference of choose and buy.
Online jewelry is a trend
Nowadays, online shopping has become the young fashionable shopping way, online jewelry is taking shape. More and more jewelry brand to online sales, reporters enter luoyang group-buying in baidu, a website is several jewelry brand deals. Such as YiYi swarovski jewelry, and gold fuyuan jewelry brand. Some website jewelry sales merchants also pledged to “false a compensate ten guarantee”, “global security verification”, “30 days return”, “experience store chain after-sales service, consumer evaluation are good there.
For consumers, online shopping jewelry not only fast and convenient, and the price is very dominant, become a more economical choice. “On the Internet to buy jewelry, the price is cheaper.” Net for Sam Chen, a net friend said she is keen on shopping online, for my own use almost all bulk is purchased online.
Relevant laws and regulations to be implemented
Reporter in an interview with random, found that more than half of the people, said buying their own diamonds, jade and other jewelry, or would you choose to store or mall, although online jewelry prices are much cheaper, but after, can not guarantee, more afraid of “outsiders” bought fake jewelry. Also Cartier love bracelet replica some people said, can consider to buy on the net, mainly because of cheaper price, and the online rights increasingly convenient, some famous shop also pledged to inspection before payment.
A citizen, told reporters that he recently famous jewellery brand in the regiment buy online a zodiac gold pendant, the same brand goods online gold than entity shop cheap 20 yuan per gram, and they promise to online right after can go to the store to get physical, he satisfied with the pendant is quite cheap. Who lives in the old liu once online cost 500 yuan to buy A piece of jade pendant, identified later found to be A cargo, but hisui looks than expected, finally left.
At present, the jewelry online purchase can return “and” seven days without reason, but also played a needle cardiotonic for online jewelry, in addition to custom design with stores labeling shall not return, jewelry and clothing, electrical appliances and other commodities also enjoy seven days without reason return service. “Online jewelry, although cheap, fake goods is more, if appear quality problem, consumers’ rights is difficult, therefore suggest that consumers Fake Cartier love bracelet online jewelry caution.” A jewelry industry insiders said.
Do your homework in advance when you online
To online jewelry, want to choose first formal web sites. If it is on the independent website to buy, be sure to choose to have a formal management, credit and reputation of e-commerce sites. Don’t be in anonymous small shopping site, more don’t believe, buy online price is ridiculously low jewelry products than the market price.
Second to ask for product certificate, jewelry because the standard level is not high, so a professional appraisal organization certificate will be issued to protect products and the international common diamond certificate GIA, IGI etc., have NGTC certificate issued by the authority inspection institutions such as identification. Purchased in any platform, consumer should ask for the corresponding product certificate to the businessman, after receipt of the goods can be according to the number on the certificate, check, receive fake inform network mall.
Again, choose safe mode of payment is very important, even the big brands website directly remittance, don’t try to choose acceptance after the arrival of the payment of the transaction process, and ask for invoice or effective shopping vouchers, invoices as far as possible use names Cartier nail bracelet replica marked with jewelry, whether level, and through artificial processing, etc. And when the goods do not be eager to sign after receiving STH, be sure to check the bag is opened, face to face confirm items and their purchased goods consistent and in good condition to sign for it.
In the end, the businessman if payment after delivery or upon receipt not ask price, bundling other goods sales behavior, consumers can immediately to the relevant departments and involving fraud should report to the public security organ, to safeguard the legitimate rights and interests of oneself. To keep good related transaction documents, when occurrence dispute in order to maintain their own rights and interests of consumer.

The silver consists of minerals of trpes of silver and regeneration

The silver consists of minerals of trpes of silver and regeneration. Mostly associated silver mineral resources, therefore, the native silver minerals can be divided into independent and silver minerals of silver and lead, copper, zinc and other base metals associated by-product minerals of silver. And silver raw material source is more complex, mainly from the silver solid wastes (such as negotiable waste residue, waste, etc.) and precious metal surface treatment of plating solution and fixing photographic industry recovery enhancement such as wastewater, etc.
World silver mineral production are mainly concentrated in the silver resources Fake Cartier love bracelet relatively rich countries and regions, and regeneration of silver production mainly concentrated in some silver consumption power, such as the United States and other countries. At present, China, Peru, Mexico, Australia, Bolivia, Russia, Chile, the United States, Poland, kazakhstan is the world’s largest producer of ten taels of silver. According to the silver institute and the China nonferrous metals industry association of gold and silver branch of statistics, in 2009 the 10 national silver minerals produced 25275 tons, more than 80% of the total global silver mineral production. A characteristic, the silver production distribution is TongQianXin basic metal production country such as China silver production mainly lead and zinc silver copper by-product mineral, and overseas main production silver silver minerals are independent silver, lead and zinc by-product, gold by-product situation of the three pillars of brass.
International silver production and demand situation, the consumption of the silver
The silver physical consumption is mainly from industrial manufacturing, photography, jewelry, silver and COINS seal statistics (excluding financial derivative silver investment demand). Traditional silver consumption photography because of the development of digital technology for silver demand is on the decline, but still occupies a certain proportion. Industry and consumption of silver jewelry industry in economic growth led by general growth, but greatly influenced by economic fluctuation cycle industrial demand. In recent years, silver objects and derivative investment demand in some countries such as China’s growth is rapid.
International silver market since 2007 has been in a state of oversupply, but because the silver has financial Cartier nail bracelet replica attributes, price is more affected by economic and financial factors, thus with fundamental departure from the way and continue to record highs. Antaike comprehensive prediction, 2010 world silver total consumption of 27362 tons, up 8.23% from a year earlier, silver downstream processing industry has been out of from the financial crisis. With industrial with silver 14838 tons, up 13.45%; Photography with silver 2445, fell 8.84% year on year; With silver jewelry with products 6414 tons, fell 4.54% year on year; Silver silver with silver and silver chapter 3565 tons, up 27.19% from a year earlier.
2010 global photography with silver continues to fall, because of the traditional silver halide technology gradually replaced by digital technology, photography with silver is expected to remain weak trend, and the stability of the basic medical imaging picture part. As the global economic recovery, to resume from industry industrial orders with the increase of silver, including electronic electrical and soldering material with silver has rebounded significantly, silver new applications such as solar photovoltaic cells with silver silver pulp to a huge increase in demand. Global demand for silver silver chapter in 2010, it is mainly due to the investment object of silver demand, American eagle, Canadian maple leaf and the Australian kookaburra silver has 50% sales growth, the Chinese market investment silver bar sales is also very hot. The overall decline in the world in 2010 silver jewelry demand, which demand in the developed countries such as the United States of Europe, and emerging economies such as China, India and other countries in the silver demand growth. 2010 in traditional Indian culture is a very auspicious auspicious year, so the increase in the number or wedding ceremony, have obvious promoting effect on silver consumption. But overall, the jewelry Cartier love ring replica industry materials gradually diversified, concise, and result in the industry with silver amount will not be a new growth point.
The future industrial application of silver in new areas will continue to focus on food processing, electronic and electrical, solder, catalyst, solar cells and water treatment, etc. Electronic electrical industry USES mainly reflects in the battery, switch, printed circuit board, silver paste, the compact disc (CD), plasma TV, etc.
The good and evil people mixed up gold appraisal, it is well known that the gold market, fake gold. Especially when year end will come, a lot of criminals with adulteration of gold to the pawnshop, gold recovery market con, for profiteering. Gold pawn unlike gold recovery, however, when the door to its gold jewelry redemptive, this determines the pawnshop cannot do destructive test of its accessories. Counterfeiting technology increasingly developed, however, many experts also tend to be played only by experience. So when pawnbrokers do gold pawn business, except for color, see mark, listen to the voice, usually will fire detection as a necessary procedure.
Evaluation of gold pawn value – gold ornaments after appraisal, can evaluate the pawn value. In general, pawn lines will be clearly marked on the daily gold pawn price how much money 1 g. Accessories after test according to the value, the weight and unit price calculation, and the value of gold ornaments pawn = weight * hock gold prices. Because of the brand and the process is not considered in value evaluation, and the gold pawn price is according to the international gold replica Cartier love bracelet price and the market rather than according to the purchase price, so there may be 400 yuan/grams, when the perhaps only 220 yuan per gram.
Both sides talks things over, sign the pawn ticket, pawnshops calculation to make when value after and communication, and the pawn rules and operating procedures to the door, when families understand after agreed to sign a pawn ticket.
Lending – after the formalities done when households can take money to leave.
The whole process seems trivial, time is very long, but the experienced staff to operate are just a few minutes, get home is convenient and fast.
It exudes a unique luster, let a person can’t resist the temptation.
Discoloration diaspore (Zultanite) as the name suggests is a only found in the mountains of Turkish Anatolia rare color hydraulic diaspore, its hardness is 7, the refractive index is 1.75, the dispersion value is as high as 0.048, high dispersion, choi strong fire is its biggest characteristic. Diaspore color changing effect is very obvious, under different light conditions are yellow, pink, green. This magic gems like chameleon-like colored diamonds can easily attract your Cartier love ring replica attention.
This gem stones in Turkey Istanbul street selling, but its expensive, chrysoberyl comparable to Sri Lanka, and the large particles of very rare jewel, less than 10 carat price is $3000 per carat, greater than 10 carat is more valuable. This gem is found in the world of one of the most rare gems. Alexandrite color changing effect of it was obviously higher than that of Alexander, the yellow, become green powder, bright is dazzing, beautiful. Because of this gem has high dispersion, so the gem of the facet looked fire color, colorful, hand in photograph reflect.
Diaspore is very significant in the diasporite crystal, its color is orange, green, yellow, pink, mocha color and champagne color, and the color will change with the light hitting stones. Has been polished but without the cut surface diaspore could present a change color, gems can reflect a single vertical light, like cat’s eye effect.
Stephen Webster (Stephen Webster) discoloration of diaspore debut in a new series of jewelry show in Las Vegas last year. Psychedelic semiprecious stones Stephen Webster unique design on collocation, again, the devil of a genius designer’s work deeply attracted all the attention.

Five beer in enamel master Wrist watch artistic peak

Five beer in enamel master Wrist watch artistic peak
Renaissance enamel driving – Carlo Poluzzi
In Mesopotamia, Armenia, China and Egypt civilization, enamel has a place. In the late middle ages, the enamel in the dominant position of the Byzantine art brought the first, was the religious objects is an important part of the decoration. Then enamel in Germany as adornment the important behaviour way of the precious jewelry, decorative items. During the 14th century, the largest contribution to the art for the long development of artists from limoges and fiorentina. Late Renaissance to artisans from blois and Paris, starting from the late 17th century, Geneva, Switzerland shows its outstanding contribution to the enamel. The name of the one of the important, called the Carlo Poluzzi.
Carlo Poluzzi is who? He is the leading master painting enamel in Geneva, less than he is to apply the enamel on the wrist watch important promoter and practitioner. In the late 1940 s, the Rolex, Vacheron Constantin and Patek Philippe are noticed the enamel craft. At the time, Carlo Poluzzi is trying to the Cartier love ring replica resurgence in Geneva enamel art, which coincide with the desire of the clock and watch brand. Good at painting enamel landscapes and portraits of Carlo Poluzzi for many brands made in after exquisite to are incredible micro painting enamel pocket watch, and watch. Carlo Poluzzi died in 1978, his work became only be seen in museums. If you are in the salesroom heard “Carlo Poluzzi” this name, must not hesitate before hand!
Features: contain 1750-1800 the birth of the new classical art style
Where I can see: a Patek Philippe watch museum
How can you have: try your luck in the auction house
Enamel painted micro female leader – Suzanne Rohr
You already know the enamel industry legend Carlo Poluzzi. May not know the well-known Anita Porchet, right, is the table for stars to create the highest enamel of famous master, and this Suzanne Rohr was Carlo Poluzzi apprentice, Anita Porchet teacher.
Working hours: a total of 40 years enamel production, all to the Patek Philippe
Characteristics: good at copying fine classical oil painting
Where I can see: a Patek Philippe watch museum and high-end collectors in private market two wrist watch
Create new era enamel – Anita Porchet
About Anita Porchet “born”, there is a common argument is: Carlo Poluzzi is her fortune, Suzanne Cartier nail bracelet replica Rohr is teacher, so it has been believed that the starting point of Anita Porchet is very high. But Anita Porchet CV is impressively write: 1982-1985, from Geneva enamel master E.J uillerat lady. According to her in 1984, graduated from art school in lausanne to speculate, E.J uillerat may be early youngteacher, and Suzanne, Rohr could be take her into the enamel painting higher realm. Anyway, Anita graduated in 1984 in the same year won the first prize in the patek philippe, visible even famous door, relying on final from place to place.
Talking about Anita’s bole, worthy to Piaget. Because the first cooperation with Anita is an eye of Piaget, Anita also draw many limited high-quality goods for his old friend “, and this tradition continues to the present. Anita 2013 for Piaget mapped the global limited a Altiplano micro painting rose watches, as well as the latest Piaget Emperador Coussin phases of the moon map of enamel watches. In Piaget earn plaudits for Anita manufacturing excellent enamel table, more top brands also stretch to offer an olive branch. For Anita, “challenge” is her words. Vacheron Constantin’s high order customer services to had called for a European noble family crest enamel with heavy and complicated watches, this special birthday gift is meaning a harsh time of delivery. Due to the high failure rate during the manufacture of the enamel, Vacheron Constantin in order to delivery on time is to find the two skills superior enamel technicians at the same time, one of them fall short, only Anita perfect presents for custom-made assist Vacheron Constantin keeps his promise. Super stability make Anita Vacheron Constantin senior enamel makers of the wrist, and then draw an 15 Metiers d ‘Art masters series of enamel limited wrist watch. The inspiration of this series of grab from Marc Chagall creation card Neil opera house dome on the immortality of mural, 15 in the dome frescoes depicted in a composer as the theme, including Mozart, Wagner, Beethoven, bizet, etc. Anita’s exquisite painting enamel vivid, vivid color, when the advent of the first paragraph, Vacheron Constantin is too love and not willing to sell, in the end their collection.
Since 2008, Anita and Hermes cooperation limited enamel watches every year, her use of foil embedded Cartier juste un clou bracelet replica act the role of the process (Paillonne), will each tiny gold particles embedded in the different level of enamel burning, glittering foil more graceful and restrained and fine sand will be the main picture. In 2012-2013, Anita for Chanel micro painting enamel firing are present a convincing verve, achieved the modern micro painting enamel new height: works touch small and exquisite, rich change, color and elegant atmosphere. Because of working with Anita are all top brands to launch the global set limit to of acura, so every thing from her hand is rare collection of first choice. Someone said, now entered the era of Anita, because even the Patek Philippe has for the first time allowed her to sign his name on the surface “a. Porchet”.
Annual production: because living and no exit river’s lake, Anita is a can be discussed under the annual output of the master. But she thinks every piece of wrist watch technology difficulty is different, it is hard to sum up the number. At present there are also two apprentice in the workshop. Anita is responsible for the limited edition watch, apprentice will do not set limit to watch the follow-up work. But according to collaborate with the number of brands made enamel table, personally painted enamel acura by Anita the entire annual output of not more than 10.
How can you have:
Vacheron Constantin art master series and flower temple series
Hermes all enamel pocket watch, and watch
Watch of wrist of Piaget Altiplano micro painted roses and the latest enamel phases of the moon, the Altiplano enamel benma limited wrist watch
Chanel of Oriental screen painting series, 2013, Chinese traditional Chinese painting landscape imitation cartier love bracelet painting limited wrist watch
Miklos Merczel initially doesn’t fell in love with enamel, the start of his father is a successful master of the manufacture of watches, he learned from his father to the assembly machine core technology. Genetic father craze in clocks and watches, Miklos are eager to receive formal education, his 17th birthday got graduation certificate. A year later he left the country with the passport, first in Italy, then went to France. He quickly added to the watchmaking in Paris, and then enter the Cartier. His department is committed to providing customers with the most sophisticated clocks and watches products, the company will such products manufacturing outsourcing in Switzerland you valley (Vallee DE Joux) manufacturer: Jaeger LeCoultre. – Want to join Le SangJie (Le Sentier) team’s strong desire prompted him to came to Switzerland.
Pursuit of the perfect he gave his talents dedication to sophisticated product home Reverso wrist watch. Over the next 1991 years, an accidental opportunity to rewrite his career. “In 1991, I went to the Basel and horological exhibit. Including a antique enamel pocket watch suddenly attracted my attention. They are so beautiful! Go back I decided to study enamel paint. All parties find out before he found himself had nowhere to go, no school, and few people understand the process and there are other tables dealer.” Helpless Miklos Merczel can only choose self-study. “I found some books teach enamel production, s are very old, some still passed down from the 18th century. In this way, I rely on a few books, a friend of small stove, began to enamel paint.” Miklos Merczel recalls. In addition to the amazing endurance, gifted he took four years to complete the independent production Cartier love bracelet replica of enamel. But in an interview, Miklos Merczel but has no identity of his four years at claims, “can only say that I spent 4 years to master the basic technique. And at that time do is very simple design. I have do the enamel paint for 15 years, in the 15 years, I have been in constant learning. Even so, I still feel touch the standard set by the 18th century.”
Love of enamel process does not replace his love for the manufacture of watches technologies: clock has become a part of his life. In 1995, he successfully on the title of “master”, has added a title: enamel craft masters, and in 1996, completed his first series, its inspiration from famous designer Alfons Mucha’s work “four seasons”. Work after a great success.
Work style: early works to present the characteristics of the new artistic style, evident from the 17th century old master Alphonse Mucha, after to copy classical realistic oil painting, later work appear many Oriental theme
How can you have: collect product family of enamel products
The early death of a genius – Dominique Baron
Dominique’s career in enamel should be: to have a remarkable. Her professional career began a chance of creative arts courses, ever fall in love with the world of enamel. So she decided to finish the life events, marry and have children in art again. She has studied and applied arts at the university of Strasbourg, France, and international institute of enamel division in Morez continues to pursue advanced studies. After get the enamel degree, Dominique began to work in the product family, by master enamel Miklos Merczel lead. After the product family, she created the internal enamel, and DeLaneau department. Finally, in 2000 she was Baron to start his own enamel studio, studio is still in Geneva, now in operation. Dominique prominence in 2005, after receiving orders from richemont cooperation as for the richemont group Van Cleef & Arpels success the first batch of the Fake Cartier love bracelet grandeur of the enamel firing wrist watch, she become a main enamel richemont collaborator, bought by richemont studio. Since then, she began to make enamel for many brand richemont group table.
In 2010, BAZAAR Jewelry watches editors have the honor to interview in dubai to the thin beautiful enamel new master. She smiled, a little shy, dressed in a black dress looks very beautiful. Did not want to, that is her life the last time the media interviews, also with BAZAAR Jewelry last time. Shortly after she was hospitalized because of cancer, forever left a year later. Enamel world lost a genius and Dominique’s untimely death let her remaining in the world of work into a hot collection orphan works, the Van Cleef & Arpels remaining handful of sets of four seasons series, is Dominique’s work before he died.

Sports watch function is king

Sports watch function is king
To play tennis, you know, of course, should match a sports watch, but which is The Best Choice? A powerful professional sport watches, is by no means a handsome should offers accessories, a tender for the sports design features are infinite mining, mountaineering diving, lightning fast, walking… Regardless of travel or fitness, no matter what your god or the sea, only you can do without it, each wrist watch is a toolkit can tell time!
Inactive people don’t know, movement wrist watch has been popular all over the world for more than ten years, sales activity is whether a country is almost a sign of “the pursuit of quality of life”. The quality of life is by no means a lazy with Prada PiSong meat shape, nor in imitation cartier love bracelet carrying the weighty handbags to daily exercise, biceps. The more developed regions, the more people want to get rid of the life of the intangible “circle” : in less than 20 square meter independent hard work overtime in the office or turn back to the conference room; Walk 100 meters to eat lunch at noon; Drive home no more than 20 kilometers, the entire still sit; All venues within approximately 3 to 10 km; In a closed place run in the gym, the only green is the door to see green plants; Leave the city furthest is going to the airport. Day after day, your life diameter have how old?
Happy life should not set limits, and modern metropolis is caged a heart the desire for freedom, not avoid is mediocre, but afraid of boring. Invariable shopping line into foot measurement exotic amorous feelings, appreciate the scenery you miss, four wheels Mercedes into four legs mercedes-benz horse to hear the sound of the wind in the ear, make indoor swimming pool, explore undersea world. Home to return to the original human body, stretched taut nerves, must live in the presence of nature. When it’s ready to sail, remember to remove bracelet movement wrist watch, just as important for equipment and process. It is not just to look more you have, it’s super function will definitely help you in the travel and sports!
On May 29, 1953, at an altitude of 8848 meters of mount Everest on the first appearance of the human figure, two extraordinary perseverance explorer Sir Edmund Hillary (Sir Edmund Hillary) and tenzing, ji (Tensing Norgay), they didn’t finish the finished after dozens of expedition feat — on the roof of the world. With Hillary Clinton and nuo ji on the roof of the world and their wrist watches rolex oyster type. Since 1953, it had become iconic classic adventure wrist Cartier love bracelet replica watch. The exclusive privilege is not an accident, rolex is laboratory with heaven and earth, watch of wrist of test performance in the real environment, watch for the Himalayan expedition for many times.
Mount Everest in the Himalayas are probably too far, maybe you have their own want to conquer the mountain and want adventure, as long as you have courage, it is not just a dream. Trends media group President liu jiang with my friends to share a sense of an Antarctic even round in the Antarctic fashion big idea, that is a very special experience. So, buy table how to choose to be in the most dangerous natural environment become the right-hand man?
Functions of NO. 1 solid (not afraid you always careless)
L recommend 18 k gold index: *
18 k gold hardness is between 4.0 to 4.5, so the 18 k gold wrist watch is not suitable for wear out to challenge nature.
L stainless steel is recommended index: * * *
In order to meet the requirements of strong, a lot of wrist watch adopt stainless steel, but stainless steel is not the hardest. Or, in the face of the general situation is possible.
L titanium recommended index: * * * * *
Pure titanium is 43% lighter than steel, mechanical strength and steel was similar, very hard.
L high-tech ceramics recommend index: * * * * *
High-tech ceramics by the use of more and more on sport watches, because of its hardness is 9, second only to the hardness of 10 of diamonds. And it can changes with temperature changes.
Natural rubber recommend index: l * * * *
The model of natural rubber is soft, just absolutely.
Functions of NO. 2 high and low temperature resistance (optional conversion in Fake Cartier love bracelet the arctic and desert)
L stainless steel is recommended index: * * *
Stainless steel will be brittle at low temperatures.
L titanium recommended index: * * * * *
In cryogenic world, titanium will become more hard, and the performance of the superconductor.
L high-tech ceramic porcelain recommended index: * * * * *
High-tech ceramics is under the high temperature of 2000 degrees is made with the weight of 300 tons, so is a super high temperature resistance and high density.
Natural rubber recommend index: l * *
Natural rubber at low temperature crystallization hardening, softening during high temperature 130 ~ 140 ℃, 150 ~ 160 ℃ sticky soft, began to degrade when 200 ℃.
Functions of NO. 3 corrosion (don’t have to pick) to the Dead Sea floating
L stainless steel is recommended index: * * * *
Although the steel corrosion in seawater will deteriorate, but the premise is to soak a few years. But as a response to the general situation is no problem.
L titanium recommended index: * * * * *
Titanium has a strong resistance to acid and alkali corrosion ability, in the sea at 5 years does not rust, made of titanium alloy titanium “submarine”, can penetrate the depth of 4500 meters, general steel submarine in the more than 300 meters is easy to be bad hydraulic pressure.
L high-tech ceramics recommend index: * * * * *
High-tech ceramics is a good material, because processing difficulties so not as widely used as fine steel.
Natural rubber recommend index: l * * *
Have good alkali resistance, but not resistant to strong acid, oil resistance is poor.
Functions of NO. 4 large energy reserves (don’t worry suddenly lockout)
I don’t care where we go to travel, even when one backpackers, want to watch Cartier nail bracelet replica the string may be you care about, at last a long time of energy reserves has become the big advantage of let a person worry.
NO. 5 earthquake (must not be too effeminacy)
Aseismatic function is difficult to reflect on dial, mostly in the design when the movement is more satisfied with the seismic requirements, when buying can specific inquiries. In addition, the quartz movement in this moment is especially cute actually.
Functions of NO. 6 weather forecast function (total want to go away for a rainy day)
In any tissot touch screen family watches all have this function, whether it is a marathon or stroll in the city, the wild mountain, the wearer just touch the table mirror, can use the forecast function.
Waterproof function of NO. 7 (drenched by the rain didn’t panic)
The function of waterproof function is different from the diving, usually you just need to ordinary waterproof logo, as long as you can at the most waterproof 50 meters is enough.
Functions of NO. 8 compass (prevent lost survival)
Show the earth north and south direction of the magnetic fields, the compass in unfamiliar environment is almost the most important tools. Anything can happen while traveling, lost luggage or forgetting may make the situation has become more challenges, had worn on the wrist watch is necessary to have a compass.
Functions of NO. 9 (with night-light display many dark days is not a problem)
Don’t ask, when energy is the most precious in the wild, so even if there is no fire and Cartier love ring replica flashlight, and still see the time is also very important things.
Functions of NO. 10 clock (journey there are too many things can’t be late)
Show up on time to see sunrise on the sea, see the aurora, catch the plane, take medicine to remind… A travel alarm clock function is equivalent to multiple small secretary, some watches and even provide a double-barrelled alarm clock.
Height measurement (using the function of NO. 11 Numbers to declare your climbing results)
Digital display, altitude in meters (M) or feet (FT) as the unit, according to the height of the first day of travel time and to calculate the process of the future every day, so as to measure how long it takes to the top, and equipped with corresponding food supply.
Functions of NO. 12 (accurate thermometer corresponding to the large temperature difference)
The clothes is one of the prerequisite of the journey was not sick.
Functions of NO. 13 barometer (high-altitude operations guide)
Far do not say, to go to Tibet, even if the pressure changes will make a lot of people fighting skill as waste, air pressure effects on human physiological mainly affect the supply of oxygen in the body. People need about 750 mg per day of oxygen, which takes 20% of brain, brain oxygen replica Cartier love bracelet demand most. From lower down on the mountains, pressure drop, oxygen to the body to compensate is to speed up breathing and blood circulation, shortness of breath, heart rate, dizziness, headache, nausea, vomiting and cannot afford to wait for a symptom, even in pulmonary edema and coma, individual time can lead to life-threatening. So on the wrist with a barometer, always clear air pressure change is an absolute necessity for strong mountain.

BURBERRY PRORSUM 2016 autumn winter series

BURBERRY PRORSUM 2016 autumn winter series: increasing stereo clipping coat, stereo clipping cape coat, tailored climbing-inspired cut tops, enlarging the stereo clipping hooded tweed jacket, enlarging the leather quilted hooded tweed jacket, cultivate one’s morality clipping coats, classic rainwear, short stereo clipping tweed jackets, hooded quilted waist coat, with a shrinking of the waist of patch pocket jacket, cashmere knitwear foil seal, twist knitwear, short bump color stripe T-shirt, stereo clipping, thin leg pants, climbing-inspired cut pants with elastic waist, before the plait tapered pants
More stereo clipping coat, stereo clipping cape coat, tailored climbing-inspired cut tops, enlarging the stereo clipping hooded tweed jacket, enlarging the leather quilted hooded tweed jacket, cultivate one’s morality clipping coats, classic rainwear, short stereo clipping Cartier love ring replica tweed jackets, hooded quilted waist coat, with a shrinking of the waist of patch pocket jacket, cashmere knitwear foil seal, twist knitwear, short bump color stripe T-shirt, stereo clipping, thin leg pants, climbing-inspired cut pants with elastic waist, before the plait tapered pants
The fabric
Squares wool, wool combing paperhand, spongehand wool, wool laminated decorative pattern, increase the herringbone, resin processing of woven wool, wool felt, spongehand increase plaid suiting, paper, paperhand wool suiting, combination of cotton twill, wool cotton twill, wool twill lining vinyl twill, double-sided wool, wool, fur, fleecy lining flannelette squares nylon, combined with the decorative pattern nylon, spongehand camel hair outer, stereo clipping suede.
Color tone buttons, manual knitting stitch leather buttons, trunk, luggage accessories, leather accessories, natural wool leather, men’s quilted lining and detachable collar, the collar, leather rope rein, centralized drape details, feather nylon color stripe, loose clipping
Black, deep black color, grey melange, ink color, thistle, sapphire blue, blue wing duck replica Cartier love bracelet blue brown, medium brown, dark lilac, soil color, the color of camel’s hair, honey color, red color, bright amber, orange, bright color capers, natural white
Bare zippered black leather boots (brown rubber sole), black leather embossed leather shoes (white rubber sole), black leather tassels shoes (white rubber sole), black leather tassels shoes (brown rubber sole), pale lilac brown leather tassel shoe rubber sole (amber), nylon and leather sandals, felt large female leather upholstery leather tote bags, tote bags, nylon canvas bag leather inlay, tote bags, bags and small crocodile wood bag and tote bags, tote bags with fur and leather bag, spraying the crocodile leather briefcase, canvas, leather and wood decoration wood briefcase, multifaceted aviator sunglasses
Compared with the mink, fox, deerskin, lamb leather fashion is also very warm, but especially a populist, recreational feeling. Lamb skin originally has a different shape, made of lamb leather fashion, or retain its types, also can be shearing, dyeing, coupled with mixed different styles to create all sorts of affinity image.
With lamb leather bomber jacket is first selection. Burberry Prorsum this season is “lamb skin feast”, made of lamb Cartier love ring replica leather bomber jacket is most perfect, the lamb skin with uniform after shearing hale elements to create large short jacket lapels, handsome in see affinity, it was the very want to in your wardrobe. Is also a short jacket, Reed Krakoff, Just Cavalli round collar lamb leather jacket is very nice.
In long big lapels Francesco Scognamiglio, Elise Overland are very atmosphere. ETRO, Zero Maria Cornejo, spilled the lamb skin control into play along with the gender version; Max Mara long coat, just looks super warm can be felt.
Lamb skin nature has a natural affinity. Christopher Kane, Unique for the lamb skin’s natural form, carry forward the spirit of harmony with nature, this is the development trend of the future design. Karen Walker will cream woolly lamb skin big build in loose coat lapels, leisure in a few minutes of avant-garde; Hermes is a happy-go-lucky leisure gentleman.
Lamb leather fashion affinity can be not only very refined. Celine contracted long coat is so pure, elegant, elegant; GiambattistaValli by lamb skin, mink fur splicing, very pure dream girl.
Must not neutral modelling to build strong image, Burberry 2016 autumn/winter catwalk models Cartier nail bracelet replica were some sexy clothes, dress lace skirt and 5 inch heels can also be very strong. Hale uniform jacket is become a magic weapon, but gorgeous knee-high boots and riveting handbags are essential.
Knee-high boots have entered more and more women’s wardrobe, not only can let the love of beauty female show slender leg ministry line, on a cold winter day, the revolutionary of proportion change volume or straight line tops knee-high boots can appear tall and powerful. And Burberry rivets bag volume is small and exquisite, can be used as hand bag, two straps to carry. The burnish like copper rivets and antique, and classical colour bags echo and coordination, restoring ancient ways is full of modern times.
So, this season is to build a strong image of the key lies in hale dress sexy modern elements, can appear younger and energetic.

Autumn winter the handbag is great reward Continuation of elegant classic elements

Autumn winter the handbag is great reward Continuation of elegant classic elements
2016-17 in the autumn and winter handbags, many brands still continue to use the classic elements of originally, fashionable and elegant, brand culture has been inherited and new way of interpretation. Luxury brands such as CD, Burberry, Gucci fully shows the established luxury brand in this season’s fashion status.
Burberry Prorsum “Prorsum” is Latin and means “forward”. In brand design “forward” at the same time, also very pay attention to the images of the classic. Designer Christopher Bailey, Burberry Prorsum (Christopher Bailey) said: “I want to get back to the Burberry British Cartier juste un clou bracelet replica traditions, want to find a very British visual vocabulary. It may be a hippie style? Ethnic style, and the young man’s style in the successive music movement.”
In qiu dong’s package design for this season, still contain the Burberry Prorsum classic elements of plaid and tassels design, style typical of England. Although contour change much, much is given priority to with trapezoidal, but full of classic elements and elegant temperament. It is one of the necessary sheet is tasted in urban women wardrobe. Many new color simply does not make public, to love the brand’s added many new kinds of fashionable personage collocation method. During the design and using the method of replacement fabric brought bags, such as low profile, luxury, elegant, rock, and different feeling.
Christian Dior is a famous French luxury brand is gorgeous and elegant pronoun, Lady Dior – Diana bag is one of its basic handbags style, the classic of classics. D.I.O.R of hanging in the package on the four letters of the metal licence is Lady Dior’s signature, but its rich connotation and various changes from package unique yan seam on the surface of the diamond edge case grain, high quality lamb lamb, and elaborate process that 95.
As a classic style, has been selling briskly Lady Dior this year in the material, printing design is not out of refined course also added new fashion design feeling. Complex technological process is also fully embodies the spirit of Dior senior custom. Crocodile pattern, watercolor dazzle colour imitation cartier love bracelet patterns and luxurious fur material is on the basis of the classic style package type craft made a new design changes, also highlighted the Dior pursuing new and change the perfection of elegant design.
Gucci is an Italian palace fashion brand, is the world famous luxury goods group, new era, new style, innovative design of Gucci makes customers flocked from all over the world. With “double G” as a brand logo, has become a symbol of status and wealth. PPR group CEO once said, it is necessary to guarantee 100% of Gucci producer in Italy, this has been a feature of it. Italian brand will be produced in Italy, whether it is a unique technology or Italian culture will into little pieces. Customer to buy, it is not just a pair of glasses, a belt or a purse, but a kind of cultural taste and way of life.
The new sign of autumn is unparalleled luxury and noble temperament, colour is gorgeous, unique material. Trademark logo exquisite button on the front end, very conspicuous, leather with animal skin printing lines, such as pythons grain, leopard grain, crocodile skin texture, etc. Carrying handle double the buckle design points, and the interface “G” type of hardware fittings is meticulous, exalted feeling to the person. As you can imagine, star hand it walked the red carpet, or upper-class aristocratic party will undoubtedly become the focus, killing many journalists film, this virtually reveal the temperament is brand the profound background and special influence around the world.
Donna Karan design idea is light, beautiful, comfortable, concise and can highlight body beauty, apparel, and package is also the same. Design feeling is embodied in deep understanding to the fast pace of urban life, women need to both plain and elegant style of accessories. But longing for a different heart.
Shell fabric used on the material of femininity is dye-in-the-wood animal patterns and luxurious fur leather. Process feeling has always been in a lot of little details, delicate and elegant, stitches, corner, carrying handle is well-made, hardware accessories seems to have mysterious feeling Cartier love bracelet replica of primitive simplicity, connecting buckles and concise, the real low-key costly. Suitable for OL women’s psychological demand, fashion not make public, everywhere has the fine detail, grade since now.
Burberry nude series to display the brand identity to the extreme, with a variety of material show classic trench coat, at the same time the length and detail (buckle, collar, etc.) to make a change, there will be one right for you. Material include silk, cotton, silk, satin light cashmere, cashmere, cashmere felt, bud silk, artificial suede, leather, sheep leather, traditional cotton poplin, twill wool and wool, from the spring, summer, autumn and winter, every season can have the Burberry nude trench coat comes in.
Nude series accessories including handbags, shoes and sunglasses, diverse styles, but with the end in the combination of material contrast show administrative levels sense, golden metal logo or plaid details a low profile and do not break. There is no doubt that the accessories nude with Burberry trench coat is the perfect combination, and colour also determines they are daily joker sheet is tasted.
Burberry Prorsum royal kensington gardens in London held a grand show of 2016 autumn winter, the shows also live in each Burberry global flagship store at the same time, whether in Beijing or in Boston, spanning four continents virtual fashion show build its unique ‘T stage directly buy shopping experience.
Clothing silhouette
Climbing-inspired cut classic jacket, close-fitting clipping classic coat, large stereo clipping, loose waist coat coat, double loose coat, stereo clipping blanket coat, double loose waist coat, the vertical sleeve climbing-inspired cut loose coat, stereo clipping arched back military uniform tunic coat, knitted Fake Cartier love bracelet splicing jacket, large cloak brief paragraph coat, hollow out dress, before the hidden zipper beam waist skirt, stereo clipping low waist type boots pants, close-fitting clipping tight waist type boots pants, square shorts
The fabric
Double-sided classic wool gabardine, British classic tweed, squares, three-dimensional multi-layer sticking wool, laminated pattern, high twisting wool, wool grid flannelette two-color jacquard Lou lux jacquard wool, geometric patterns, light cable knitting wool silk jacquard, fleecy nylon, three-dimensional cutting process manual drawing, snow crystals jacquard fabric
Double loose coat, embellishment stereo clipping sleeve knitted, hand weaving, tweed, tonal buttons, lacquer knitting stitch leather buttons, trunk, joining together the pins, geometric stitched, bump color leather band, practical leather edge, leather suitcase tweed lock, stereo clipping quilted lining halfway up halfway up, oversize lace, rope lace, party after folding fold, three-dimensional arch back, rounded collar, a funnel collar, double functional pockets, multi-layer cuffs
Sandy, mustard color, the color of camel’s hair, honey, deep clove deep brown, deep amber, capers Cartier nail bracelet replica color, bright color capers, juniper color, bright green, primary colors red, purple, orange, white, black
Black leather shoes, rubber sole wedge monks wedge shoes black leather and rubber sole, rubber sole wedge sneakers, black crocodile tassel wedge golf shoes, into the British men’s shoes design details of crocodile edging landscape pattern bowling bag, big alligator bowling bag, travel bags for design inspiration of thick leather decorative sewing bowling bag, crocodile metal latticed oblique satchel, shiny leather bag, inclined shoulder bag, soft rib lining tassel crocodile hand caught, with cap, round tortoise-shell sunglasses

Spring summer 2016 pop art

Spring/summer 2016 pop art
In the heavily for a black and white ash after winter, presumably all love beautiful girls, all want to quickly change out of those monotonous color, and then, like changed a person, colorful, youth and moving to meet the arrival of spring. Last time when it comes to the spring/summer 2016 letter of trend, now has been widely popular up, filled with letters of the fleece, T-shirt seems to be as the symbol of the trend, but the scope of the letters on clothing art seems to be Fake Cartier love bracelet surrounded by popular pop art closely, the popularity of this pop, based on the most modern design, signs, and creative idea, you can choose them, but also should know how to ride. Today we selected out of the season for you the ten brand of pop art is more prominent clothing (sorted by brand initials), and see what is your ideal, but still cannot drive types, enjoy the essence of them will be better to have them.
Andrew is designed.the Gn a zealous furniture collectors. His home in Paris is filled with in the 17th century, 18th century and 19th century antique. So he again to find a place to store he collected the baby of the twentieth century. They are his works the inspiration for this season, is also the turning point of his career it is worth remembering. Designed.the Gn no overnight became a minimalist abstractionist, but this season’s works apparently bring more fresh feeling. Is the most appropriate word to describe it: modern. Designed.the Gn once decorated with beads compose or beaded the brink of a coat, but this time, he chose to use black and white printing instead. When he decided to use applique craft, he chose the inspired by Ponti whip snake geometric patterns. Bud silk sweet lost its original characteristics, is designed to be elegant python grain design, cover on replica Cartier love bracelet a pearl color silk mikado dress. At the same time, the asymmetry of cultivate one’s morality design also appeared in the skirts wood grain printing, it looks cool feels dye-in-the-wood.
As partner and Tommaso Aquilano at the show to begin, Roberto Rimondi claims to love of fashion industry is no longer. Perversely, you would have thought that the two designer style route still ranks the most pure “fashion” on the milan fashion week, rich details, challenging clothing proportion, the gem gorgeous colour, persistent pursuit of elegant high fashion taste. But perhaps his world-weariness guiding the Rimondi and Aquilano the French painter Paul gauguin series as the new season. As a artist gauguin not drift, abandoned the fame lives alone in a tropical island… It was obvious Rimondi permeates the design concept. And even if the designer cannot retreat, at least can absorb Cartier nail bracelet replica more tropical essence, high into the Aquilano Rimondi brand. Aquilano Rimondi make a paper bag with cutting, sewing, pleated type profile wantonly exaggerated the extreme beauty of the body. Fashion show at the end of the two designers quickly flash T stage, apparently willing to speed up the process.
Colour is tie-in reflects the primitive in the late eighty s, the characteristics of the pressing and image. Outside stripe pleated skirt on clipping clever T-shirt, t-shirts, which mainly larger lines and wavy lines. At first, Celine women like reality version of Tony Viramontes illustration. But really reflect dress stereo sense is try to fabrics. Woven jacquard fabric and knitted fabric than the printing effect, make very elegant. As we speak. From Celine women couldn’t see the last two seasons in shows reflects Cartier juste un clou bracelet replica the wayward full of desire. As if never so nervous and constraints, the fashion show is very free, fast and fun. This sentiment may give a person with familiarity. But it feels like in describing the real life, to describe directly as realistic an experience as teenagers. Philo defined defines it as “the power of women. The inspiration comes from many kinds of emotions. As now is the perfect time for progress. I’ve never been truly analysis, only expresses the inner feeling.” Perhaps this is the true power of Celine women now: not from the mind, but from the heart.

what is fashionable

And not has been the subject of the debate what is fashionable avant-courier is tacky, but is not elegant nobility or conservative pedantic? Actually barb, or hidden, as long as the dew and don’t find the balance point between the dew, dew it properly, well, you can perfect deduce various styles. Vogue Cartier juste un clou bracelet replica sums up the show for you the golden rule of body parts, and put forward relevant tie-in Tips, let you in 2016 to fashion, show personality!
Tie-in Tips:
1: strong black with half-naked sweet shoulder elements, will be really sexy.
2: when the shoulder with a turtle neck at the same time to cover the neck, half-naked half block, imagination, show the elegant charm.
3: small dew sweet shoulder dress with high heels not only let a person look tall, and overall modelling beautiful and charming, make people wiser to be about to drip, is absolutely necessary item 2016 autumn and winter.
Dew shoulder
Show some shoulder is that every woman can easily control the sexy way, women’s sex appeal is show at the moment of elegant long hair shaking. 2104 autumn winters is half-naked preference implicit and shoulders to the attractive temperament that reveals melancholy, regardless of the color of skin imitation cartier love bracelet white and clear or dark health can convey different ten thousand kinds of amorous feelings.
Dew leg
Although the spring/summer popular high frequently appear on open fork still in autumn/winter 2016 shows, however, a variety of fresh personality dew leg design makes the wearer look more unique, different. Whether to open a basketry half block the asymmetry the perspective element or full of romantic exotic tassel design is this year qiu dong you sexy new “tool” not to be missed.
Dew chest
All ancient guru love v-neck V Line is always a popular fashion lines of the eternal. Indeed v-neck just as one of the most will show Cartier love bracelet replica appeal, in a higher or lower, like dew dew drips out frowsty coquettish in elegant and sexy, is both a symbol of the moment, also represents the eternal. In autumn and winter 2016, seemingly serious suit jacket was also given a sexy again qualities, perfect cutting deep v-neck design to show the current show the audience the most fashionable tees.
Dew waist
Unlike previous common use super jacket to show a slim waist, 2016 autumn winters is opened up a new way of bare waist. A variety of powerful and unconstrained style clipping design proper show charming waist, full of infinite creativity and fun.

10 new season is the most beautiful wedding dress

10 new season is the most beautiful wedding dress
Just spring/summer 2016 New York wedding dress the end of the week, bring a new season wedding trend. ‘s wedding season again into the climax, classic embroidery skirt, fashionable modern minimalism, or is it full of individual character style of neutral – wedding dress Vogue selected 10 new season, to perfect and trend of the contexts of the most beautiful bride.
Alberta Ferretti spring 2016 series with shiny satin and frivolous lace imitation cartier love bracelet collocation, supplemented by fold and three-dimensional embroidery flower adornment, make marriage figure. This is a marriage gauze skirt of hang down, classical style and long veil, with romantic wreath, brides want to have the dream experience desired.
Concise style is one of the biggest Amsale design characteristics of agile, designers use pure white and ivory white as the main color, and with modern urbanism contracted element to the marriage gauze of heavy and complicated injected fresh air. Skirt doesn’t be embroidery or flower decoration, and as well as the veil to create a wedding dress should be grand atmosphere.
Carolina Herrera 2016 spring series wedding theme is “hidden luxury”, as New York’s upper east side socialite, Carolina Herrera in her wedding dress new season design remains as strong as ever to deduce the romantic and elegant, but at the same time focus on low-key luxuriant details, embroidery Cartier love bracelet replica lace veil and gauze dress, every incoming wedding dress are hidden luxuriant element.
Princess Kate’s favorite dress brand Jenny Packham restoring ancient ways is consistent with rich! Designer bold and adopted a series of partial champagne, caramel color, light blue elegant is tonal, tie-in soft chiffon and chiffon material, build new classical aesthetic feeling. Selection of spring and summer series of brief paragraph style, for the bride just do a small party, dense nail bead skirt do not break of elaborate grand and magnificent, at the same time to facilitate easy interaction and guests.
As one of the most classic profile type of marriage gauze, 2016 spring series Marchesa fishtail Fake Cartier love bracelet wedding dress delicate clipping, combination of lace and tulle, manifests the embroidery craft, the thick texture at the same time, the gauze of cascade tail and clever reflects light texture, re-interpretation of shoulder collar design, restoring ancient ways is very strong.
Monique Lhuillier spring/summer 2016 “my ethereal daydream” is the theme of the wedding dress, inspired by the end of the 19th century British famous portrait painting, watercolor painting master JohnSinger Sargent’s paintings. 2016  spring summer wedding dress delicate embroidery and the more wedding dress a luxurious setting project details of heavy and complicated, as always make dust is very elegant image of the bride.
Oscar DE la Renta gown, this season with pure white to deduce and romance, with impeccable process and the design of the romantic breath, dream is like the fairy tale are pure and elegant beautiful bride! At the same time, the texture of cotton fabrics, high waist design, and the ornament of replica Cartier love bracelet flowers give more Bohemian appeal the whole season.
Reem Acra with hip-hop dancing team full of interesting performance in the opening, with a pure spirit of entertainment, parsing mixed with sex appeal, the elements of classical and popular trend. New dress series “mirror, mirror”, the diversity of silk, silk, chiffon made of thick layers of gauze texture, among them there are light.
This is Indian designer Naeem Khan of the same name brand, with exquisite luxuriant embroidery detail as the main characteristics, design has obvious Indian culture. Naeem Khan 2016 spring summer series dress, elegant and gorgeous yet lady dream into the modern fashionable fashionable style at the same time, as the art deco style wedding dress, an extension of the geometry line, weave a wonderful “net”, at the same time use light fabrics, give the bride more atmosphere and mysterious temperament.
Minimalism has been recommended to remove the design of the dress is too heavy and complicated, contemporary Cartier nail bracelet replica and contracted wedding dress become one of the trends. Vera Wang spring/summer 2016 wedding dress just verify with this trend, in the light delicate orderliness, sensual seduction is a source of inspiration for designers, she gauze and satin material to build out of the marriage gauze of romantic feeling, in addition to have the temperament of women, joined the neutral fashion charm more. For those who pursue the personality of the bride, Vera Wang contemporary and contracted wind of nature and your wedding dresses.

Hale heavy eyebrows spring summer 2016 shows trend of makeup look

Hale heavy eyebrows spring/summer 2016 shows trend of makeup look
Heavy eyebrows is especially outstanding in this one season, make-up artists have let go of eyebrow pencil, eye shadow instead eyebrow powder, create a dramatic arc. Spring/summer 2016 runway leading image is hale heavy eyebrows a strong woman. So, let your tweezers Cartier love bracelet replica to try this cool trend of heavy eyebrows.
“We break the rules,” makeup artist Tom Pecheux in Derek Lam, background, said: “normally you use dark to protrude boundaries, but this time I use brown to fill, let an eye look more.” His eyebrows in model below brush on shining eye shadow, bronze and metal black eyebrow pencil painted a bushy eyebrows. “I am very gently stroke, according to the natural growth of eyebrow to, so it not seem hard lines, and such as shading.”
Finally, in order to complete the “the New York edition California girls,” the theme of makeup look, he also for model daub on the cheek is red and bronze glowing golden luster on the lips. The whole makeup look full of power.
Exaggerated sense of
At Altuzarra shows, eyebrows is the absolute key. “Whether models are blonde or Fake Cartier love bracelet brown hair, her eyebrows are painted black,” makeup artist Pecheux, said he used bevel eyeliner brush draw angular shape brows touched take black eye shadow. Such a “strong and do not lose feminine taste, neat and clean, like Elizabeth Taylor had just go to the gym” Pecheux described.
At Donna Karen shows, colour makeup division Charlotte Tilbury with 80 s model Yasmin LeBon special style, plus the light skin luster, and heavy geometric eyebrows. Although lips is reddish brown, still upstaged don’t walk the eyebrows, it is still the most obvious characteristics of facial.
Tilbury with eyebrow comb to comb the hair up first, and then fill the eyebrows with eyebrow pencil. In order to strengthen effect, Tilbury also use a layer of the same color on the eyebrows eyebrow powder. “We use the color of the model and color match,” she said, “but draw eyebrows lines thick, radian. Compared to in one season, they are not so masculine or handsome. Though thick thick, but still beautiful shape.”
Sense of drama
Colour makeup division Francois Nars is Marc Jacobs Pal, he revealed Marc want girls look like replica Cartier love bracelet a dancer, when the character rather than by their model. So Nars musician Sweet Charity, choreography Bob Fosse, singer childhood Cline, even Sam Haskins thinks of the album “Cowboy Kate for Jacobs in spring and summer show model for inspiration.
As a reference to stage makeup, Nars with three false eyelashes and eyeliner to define the model’s eyes. Always played down his eyebrows even bleached before, but this time he black eye shadow will then trace over the shapes of the a clear brows. In order to ensure that the focus in the eyes, brows Nars will as a frame around the eyes.
Natural sense
In Proenza Schouler shows, makeup girl Diane Kendal took a simple, pure and fresh makeup look to awaken the typical Proenza girl: “her self-confidence, love fashion, style is changeable, and know what they like.”
Proenza girl like simple makeup look this season – a beautiful peach pink blush cheeks, and Kendal with beige eyebrow paint out of the thick eyebrows. “I have been use eyebrow powder,” she said, in the background of “eyebrow pencil too inflexible, and eyebrow powder more downy, make you better able to control the depth of the eyebrow color and concentration. It in a more detailed and more natural way for you to provide the strongest elements.”
The boy gas
Thick eyebrows, give a person the sense of space age argue victor is Victoria phenomenon shows Cartier nail bracelet replica want to express the feeling of chun xia. Colour makeup division Tilbury with shiny skin, glow on your eyelids, concealer to cover the lips to make whole facial color is unified. In order to add black eyebrows, Tilbury with shadow to create a sense of “handsome” for models.
Good family feeling
Colour makeup division Lucia Pieroni at Rochas shows make makeup look is “pure beauty”, models look as if from the copy wife in cloning to the bridge. “They have this incredible, unified, strange beauty,” said Pieroni.
The perfect part from Pieroni with eyebrow pink highlights the impeccable sculptural eyebrows. “I’m brow drab that moves with cool color eye shadow, the radian widened.” Pieroni pointed out that it is the radian gives them the feeling of the ’50 s.
Soft simple sense
Traditional Balmain image (blushing cheeks and blackening eyelids) in spring and summer of this one season is Cartier juste un clou bracelet replica changed. Colour makeup division Pecheux skip cheek is red, with brown eyeliner draw look line, and then fill the upper eyelid with black eye shadow, in order to achieve a softer effect. He also strengthened the eyebrow, eyebrow comb combing with eyebrow pencil painted eyebrows to under the model of color of skin, so as to make them more obvious. Soft and concise, suitable for daily life.
Colour makeup division Pecheux at Marni shows with eyebrow powder increased structural models. “I like a strong-minded woman,” in the show the background Pecheux told us, “I think the modified eyebrows but not to the eyes part, this will make the face looks full of power.”