Strokes gold and silver floor diamond earrings price strokes

Strokes gold and silver floor diamond earrings price strokes gold and silver floor diamond earrings how much money
Jewelery gold earrings diamond jewelry earrings jewelry is undoubtedly one of the number one killer of women, diamonds is the dream of every woman, in this hot weather diamond earrings will become one of the jewelry you put it down, with the goal , People are more concerned about the problem is how to send gold earrings diamond earrings how much money, and throw gold and silver floor diamond earrings by the price of many factors, there are hundreds, there are tens of thousands of diamond earrings how much money The

Diamond 4c, that is, “weight, color, cut, clarity”, the size of the diamond determines the value of diamonds. The color of the diamond, from the precious colorless, rare light blue, pink to the common yellowish range. Diamonds more transparent and colorless, the more expensive.
How much money is it?

User question: Will D color SI 0.4 karats of gold and silver imitation Cartier love bracelet threw gold earrings how much the price?

Asked by: Diamond single 600-1500. Specific to see the goods. Really can reach G?

Most people will not be good goods, huh, huh.

PT900 watch weight 270 / g.
Strokes gold and silver floor diamond earrings style recommended evaluation

Strokes gold and silver floor diamond earrings evaluation:

User friends: friends say good-looking, size models are satisfied. Individuals from the color and quality feel is genuine, but not professionally certified.

Friends diamonds; diamonds and more flexible than other models of the beautiful than the counter is very cost-effective

User three: very good, and I bought the same in the mall ‘

Diamond Earrings Earrings Diamond Earrings Earrings 50 points Three generations of drilling * 2 Three generations of drilling 50 points Single Price: $ 252
China Gold Diamond Earrings Price

User asked: buy diamond earrings price, size and brand how to weigh it?

Satisfied answer: Today, shopping want to buy diamond stud earrings, see the Chinese gold is a pair of very drastic is not fancy group of drill inlaid earrings, the main drill 0.11ct, because the group is so great, finished folding about 3200 or so; Next door to see Chow Tai Fook, forget what series, group diamond stud earrings, the main drill 0.04ct, S1, H color (Chinese gold is not clear, but the feeling is not as bright) the whole look than a small circle of Chinese gold, But there is a 18k platinum outside the care, you can wear two, 4600, Hong Kong 3800 or so. The The The And then I entangled, and I pick are simple section, can only see the drill drill, ask for advice ah
Chinese gold diamond earrings generally how much money

User comments: diamond earrings, a 14.4 points, a 15 points, pt950, earrings total weight of 1.5835. Certificate no color, clarity grading. Market value how much money?

Questioner adopted: 4500 or so. More than 6000 on the expensive. Taobao -V1 diamonds – with high-quality diamond channels, omit the middle of all kinds of business links. Will be high-quality diamond jewelry dedicated to people who really know how to love, the price of civilian prices so that you have a gorgeous diamond is not a dream.

Chinese gold diamond earrings

Chinese gold diamond earrings style recommended evaluation

Chinese gold diamond earrings evaluation:

User 1: Yes, regret to shoot a small, very fast logistics, the baby is not bad, diamonds flash, all five

User two: send a girlfriend, she quite like

User three: Express soon, things are very beautiful.

G750 gold diamond earrings ¥ 3200 yuan crystal diamond light and Replica Cartier jewelry shadow, emitting a woman’s water tenderness. Woman tenderness charm, leisurely presentation. Unforgettable love, like a diamond as pure and bright, that long flame, shining love oath, worthy of life collection.
Saturday diamond diamond earrings price Diamond jewelry has always been a lot of people prefer to wear, especially diamond earrings, it is loved by everyone. Saturday Fu can be said that the domestic more famous jewelry brand. The price is also relatively common brand expensive, but Saturday, the price of diamond stud earrings is not too expensive.
How big is the diamond stud ear on Saturday?

User question: Will the six luck jewelry 18K diamond earrings 77J1533218 white D0.103ct. Total weight 2.04g how much money

Satisfied answer: This is generally the D0.103CT refers to the total weight of the diamond. So a thorn diamond should be about 5 minutes it Such a pair of earrings prices should be less than 1500. The Luk Fook plus the value of the brand and the like. This one is estimated to sell the price of 3000-4000 it The what
Weekly Fu diamond earrings style recommended evaluation

Saturday Fu Diamond ear nail evaluation:

User 1: In addition to cheap, I really do not know what to say

The following diamond earrings is recommended six exquisite jewelry 18K gold diamond earrings
Chow Sang Sang in the establishment of eighty years, are holding the “week after week,” the spirit of continuous efforts to reform and update the process, repeatedly hit a breakthrough initiative:

– First jewelery company listed on the Hong Kong Stock Exchange (stock code 116)

– the first commercial establishment of the Hong Kong Laboratory Accreditation Scheme (HOKLAS) pure gold certification

– the first jewelry brand breakthrough tradition, launched the theme series, launched Hello Kitty boutique series

– The first Hong Kong jewelery company to establish brand website and online sales shop

– the first jewelry business, leading the industry to create gold and gold casting technology exquisite gold jewelry

Zhou Shengsheng diamond earrings prices girls like to wear diamond earrings, this can give the beauty of women add a lot of extra charm! Diamond earrings brand variety, while the style is very rich and varied! So Chow Sang Sang’s diamond earrings how the price? Each brand of diamond earrings their price is not the same. Relative to other ordinary brands of diamond earrings Zhou Shengsheng diamond earrings is more expensive point. Quality even if the same brand is also good and bad, to see your luck, in general, Zhou Shengsheng should also line it, after all, is the brand name diamond earrings price depends on the price of different materials from the thousands of thousands to tens of thousands have The

Diamond earrings price is better, as for the diamond earrings prices, from several aspects to judge, such as: copies, color, clarity, lathe. Probably the price of diamond earrings above 3000.
Zhou Shengsheng diamond earrings how much money

Zhou Shengsheng diamond earrings 2500-4500 or so. Diamond earrings in fact the price of the brand is also affected by the ordinary brand of diamond earrings relative to the cheap point.

Jinsheng Sheng Pt900 Platinum Clover Series Diamond Stud Earrings 51089e ¥ 3550.00

Zhou Shengsheng Pt900 platinum diamond earring 46995e Price: ¥ 2900

Jinsheng Sheng clover love – white 18K gold diamond Amulette de Cartier Bracelet Replica earrings ¥ 2,280.00

Chow Sang Sang – White 18K Gold Diamond Earrings ¥ 2,640.00
Zhou Shengsheng Diamond Earring Style Recommended Review

Zhou Shengsheng diamond earrings evaluation:

User 1: Diamond is the real thing, specifically looking for people to identify, in the car mirror looked, listen to them that each cut angle has a specified ratio, if the proportion will not affect the refraction, because it is white, So it is still very flash. But my friends say that this part of the price is really very cost-effective.

The following is this INIDY / love Ned platinum Pt950 earrings earrings [soft flowers] diamond earrings AE1000082

How is the diamond processing – diamond processing

How is the diamond processing – diamond processing
What is diamond processing? To learn more about diamond processing, we need to understand diamond processing terminology first, just as diamond grade and color are divided into many grades, and today diamond designers can offer many different diamond shapes and mosaics. The following is one of the most important diamond processing terminology of a diamond processing terminology pocket vocabulary total. Read this diamond processing process must understand.

Long rectangular: refers to the rectangular small diamonds, usually used to highlight the big stones inlaid. This diamond is completely surrounded by the precious metal edge of the frame.

Inlaid: used in a row of small size rules of the gem. This mosaic technique imitation Cartier love bracelet holds gems from both sides with two metal. Used for round, narrow square and square gems. The groove is like a rail, the middle folder diamond.

Shaped Cut: Any form of diamonds other than rounds. Shaped cut, including such as narrow rectangular, emerald-shaped, triangular, pear-shaped, princess-shaped, oval and drop-shaped cut type.
“Click to enter the perfect guardian white 18k gold 100 points / 1 carat diamond ring
Pavé: small diamond mosaic technology, diamond mosaic between each other very close, so no significant metal. The pavé the surface looks all paved by the diamond.

Single inlay: mosaic of individual gemstones. Claw: A four-pronged or six-pronged mosaic with a long claw. This mosaic to make the beauty of diamonds, easy to observe the diamond lathe, color, clarity, is widely used. These are the professional processes that need to be known in the diamond processing process.
What is the price of a carat diamond?

Diamond is a unique art, a carat diamond price is determined by what factors? The price of each diamond may be different, each diamond is also a unique diamond / diamond is also a luxury, it also has a very large collection of value, because the world does not exist two touched the same Diamonds, so the price of diamonds is determined by multiple factors, mastered these factors, so that we can estimate the price of a carat diamond price of diamonds.

Each of the art pieces of a carat diamond price is a combination of its own internal factors and external influencing factors. It may start to evaluate the value of a diamond according to its appearance, but after Brand business carefully crafted, it will become art boutique, giving new vitality. Bizo Kay’s ring, like this ring, engraved on the ring are two people love story, and this ring of light is also reflected in the moral, accompanied by life, I followed, to love the light around it, How many couples are enchanted.
What is the price of a carat diamond?

The determinants of raw materials, diamonds can be used as raw materials for many jewelry dealers, from diamond mining, identification, processing, circulation, sales of different processes, resulting in the price of diamonds is not the same. Because the logic behind setting the price of Replica Cartier jewelry diamonds is not the same as setting the logic behind the price of consumer goods.

The price of diamonds as a selling product is usually affected by raw materials, although in most cases the effect of the material on the final price is not great. And if you want to deal with diamonds to take into account the price of the original stone, and the original stone itself, the price of finished products have an impact on the finished product. This effect is both sides, not a single one. The pricing of consumer goods must take into account the impact of various factors, because once the diamond into the sales chain means to achieve its profits in each stage. Supply and demand rules must also be considered, because they also affect the price. A carat diamond price is so set out.
Diamond 4c knowledge in detail

Diamond 4c knowledge to explain and explain in detail, the editor in order not to let the detours, specifically to write more diamonds 4c knowledge so that we understand that the diamond “4C” rating as follows:

Diamonds have a variety of natural colors, from the precious colorless (white after cutting), rare light blue, pink to yellowish range. The more the colorless, the more white can penetrate, by the refraction and dispersion is colorful. Diamond color grading is in the professional laboratory grading environment, by the technical staff to be classified diamonds and standard color than the color stone and repeatedly determined.

The most white diamond is rated D (ie from Diamond’s first letter), D is the best (100 points). Is divided into 11 levels, followed by: D, E, F, G, H, I, J, K, L, M, N, (N is not white after) (in the “4C” standard, Is divided into 12 grades. The classification method is: the pure colorless diamonds as the highest color pole – very white, 100 colors, expressed in D, can also be written as D (100), with the diamond yellow ingredients (99), F (98), G (97), H (96), I (95), F (94), K (93), L (92), M ( 91), N (90) and less than N (90).

In the diamond identification certificate, the color level is usually only in English letters, when the color level is lower than N, the diamond is generally considered not suitable for jewelry. )

Diamonds 4c knowledge in the international alphabet D as the lead (because the diamond is English DIAMOND, take the first letter D that the highest level of color), followed by the order of E, F, G, H, I, J, K, L, M, N, N after the color is very yellow, not suitable for making jewelry .Therefore, the general only to N, the rest of the O, P, Q … … no longer listed. According to the percentage system arranged color level, the corresponding relationship is:
D 100

E 99 —– 100 and 99 are very white.

F 98

G 97 —– 98 and 97 for the excellent white
H 96 —– 96 is white.

I 95

J 94 —– 95 and 94 are slightly yellowish white.

K 93

L 92 —– 93 and 92 are pale yellowish white.

H (96), I (95), F (94), K (93), L (92), M (91), N (90) and less than N (90). In the diamond identification certificate, the color level is usually only in English letters, when the color level is lower than N, the diamond is generally considered not suitable for jewelry. )

Diamonds 4c knowledge in the international alphabet D as the lead (because the diamond is English DIAMOND, take the first letter D that the highest level of color), followed by the order of E, F, G, H, I, J, K, L, M, N, N after the color is very yellow, not suitable for making jewelry .Therefore, the general only to N, the rest of the O, P, Q … … no longer listed. According to the percentage system arranged color level, the corresponding relationship is:

D 100

E 99 —– 100 and 99 are very white.

F 98

G 97 —– 98 and 97 for the excellent white.

H 96 —– 96 is white.

I 95

J 94 —– 95 and 94 are slightly yellowish white.

K 93

L 92 —– 93 and 92 are pale yellowish white.

M 91

N 90 —– 91 and 90 are yellowish.

<N <90 — yellow.

Bare gvvs2 how much money

Bare gvvs2 how much money
50 points G color, vvs2, 3EX but there is a strong blue light about how much money can win? Diamonds is to see the certificate and cut the like, in order to know the specific price, GIA less than 1 million can win. There is no difference between fluorescent and fluorescent less than 1000 dollars, no fluorescence 113000 you compare it! With about 10,000 fluorescent.
Bare drill 0.35ct, G, VS2, 3EX about how much money, GIA will have Taiwan imitation Cartier love bracelet wide, pavilion depth and other detailed data, you have this on the ah. (Specific below for you to explain and explain in detail) this 35 minutes G color VS2 bare drill in the professional market and online should be around 5000.
A carat diamond G color, clarity SI1 forty thousand one expensive?

Carved diamond color is not the same clarity in general if the cut is excellent or very good, then not expensive to buy or very good value for money is very suitable

Diamond clarity level si1, color g, 52 points, cut 3ex, how much money?

Clarity SI1, then, is a relatively high cost of the type, in fact, SI is a micro-defect level, but this defect is not visible to the naked eye (except for large scores, like a carat SI2 is likely to see the naked eye A little). In fact, your choice, personally think that is very value, like more than 50 points of the drill, the color is relatively important, you choose the excellent white G color, cut is 3EX (perfect) and clarity SI, then personally think it does not matter Because one of them. Can not see the naked eye. Second, others can not catch your ring and the like has been studied. In the clarity, it is difficult to see what the difference with the naked eye, whether you are VVS, VS. Or SI, and the color is different, the color gap, a comparison, the naked eye is very obvious.
1 carat diamond, GIA certificate, certificate on the grade G color, clarity SI1, 3EX, now the market price is how much you? Bare drill

No fluorescent about 60,000 or so, there are fluorescent cheaper. Is it a new certificate? It is best to detect the latest
Diamond ring a carat g color vvs2 and f color vvs1 which is good?

If the price difference between the two drill is not great, the other parameters of the diamond is also similar, of course, on the election F color, VVS1 sinking. Election diamonds, you have to consider the cut of the diamond, etc., is not 3EX. Diamond platform width ratio of the best in the 57-59%, the best depth of the range is 59.5-62.5%, the total consideration, VVS2 will be better, as a collection, the higher the level of the better , But as a daily wear, I recommend more cost-effective diamonds, this is the wise consumption. If you do not look at the cut and other aspects, probably the price of 60000 to 70000 look.
1.01 carat diamond, GIA certification, round, VVS2, g color, polished EX, symmetrical ex, cut ex market price? Shopping malls or well-known stores of diamond purchase circulation links, processing complex, brand value, so repurchase When the price is not as good as Replica Cartier jewelry imagined to the investors to eat the “nausea”, if the value of investment for the purpose of buying diamonds, the best choice of bare diamond or brand diamond ring, big carat better, especially 1 carat or even 3 karats Above, the hedge rate was high, but 1 carat at least 40,000. In addition, due to lack of repurchase channels, even if the equivalent price of 30% of the price of diamonds in the country is also very difficult to achieve. Usually, the jewelry line only repurchase gold, will not buy back the diamond, while the pawns of the purchase price of diamonds is often only the price of 10-20%. Zoca at this stage of the price, only look at the color and clarity of the case about 60000 to 7000 between
1 carat white diamond, clarity cut better drilling between 40000-50000, colored and pure diamonds, 1 carat has been on the diamond and ordinary diamond ring on the 0.1-0.5CT around the price gap is great , Only to see the jewelry line of the offer (has been named or known as history, the experience of the diamond, the price will be floating with the auction, not to say) pink diamond is the most famous weight of 186 karats, mosaic in Iran The king of the former king of the sinking. It is said that the fans have given his wife Victoria Victoria Beckham a pink diamond ring, its price in millions of pounds.

According to different brands will have different values, buy a carat diamond ring in the general shopping malls in each brand of diamond ring price is not the same, which would you want to buy what brand of diamond ring, you want to pay for the brand how much money, of course, the brand Something will be less expensive than anything else. Sales channel sales channels, the price of diamonds will have some impact from the terminal retailers to buy certainly more expensive, because the middlemen, the general price is 3 times the cost.

How much is the black diamond ring price than the white diamond ring?

How much is the black diamond ring price than the white diamond ring?
How much is the black diamond ring price? Black diamond ring prices are generally in the 1000 to 3000 or so, diamonds, tens of thousands of tens of thousands or millions of also have, specifically to see the weight of black diamonds, clarity, cut, and the ring material, style, Brand and so on.

Such as the United States GSK jewelry main drill 0.27 karats 925 silver black diamond ring, priced at 899 yuan, and Chow Sang Sang 18K color gold Fingers Play “refers to play” black diamond processing ring, diamond about 20 points, Due to material imitation Cartier love bracelet is 18K, more beautiful style, the brand value is higher, the price is much higher.

Black diamonds are actually the product of supernova explosion, px is a collection of black or dark tiny diamond crystals, tough and dense, used as inferior diamonds, ie industrial drills, commonly used in drill bits and grinding wheels. Now the black diamond transformed into a new favorite of fashion jewelry.

Is the black diamond ring expensive than the white diamond ring?

Is the black diamond ring expensive than a white diamond ring? Yes. Black diamond is a kind of colored diamonds, but because of its rare color and attention. Choi diamond as a rare diamond, each producing 100,000 gem-class diamonds, which may have a color diamond. Black diamond ring color is black or dark gray, is the popular social concern of the popular decorations. The price of the general black diamond ring will be higher than the price of ordinary white diamond ring.

Diamond is the world’s most rare, the most precious, the most hard gem, colored diamonds than ordinary white diamonds are more rare and valuable, including black diamonds is priceless rare diamond. The reason why the black, is due to its internal pure carbon chemical elements, a large number of absorption of other colors of light. Because of the high quality of the black diamond is very small, so the use of the jewelry industry is not common, the required technology than ordinary white diamonds to high on ten times.

In recent years, black diamonds in the jewelry market has become a trend, many designers also like to use the black diamond to do with the design, the most common is the simple mix of black and white, this combination of strong contrast is also a unique sense of noble , Coupled with its black surface flashing gloss also contains a mysterious qualities.

In the recent popular retro style, the Victorian jewelry style as the representative of the black diamond has become a new darling of fashion. Not only jewelry designers competing to use, and even some senior watches also use it as a decoration material, just like a burst of fashion black whirlwind.
What are the parameters? Election diamond ring parameter weight is the most important, the general jewelry store customer service will say more than 30 points more valuable, especially the choice of wedding ring, but still vary, for example, some friends hand Replica Cartier jewelry smaller, buy a large belt On the very uncoordinated, so, 30 points on the very good; and some friends hand wide, wearing 30 points of the ring will feel very small and small, such a friend to buy a carat is good, or You can buy more diamond drill diamond.
What are the important weight of the parameters?

What are the parameters? Election diamond ring parameter color is the second most important, many people choose the diamond ring when the standard is as long as the other does not matter, this idea is not right, the greater the more the higher the color requirements, because the more big diamonds, the color is better So that you can see it. General diamonds on the price of diamonds did not affect the price of large clarity, high color diamonds, if the clarity is SI, the price is still very affordable. Diamond color, D to F color are colorless, the highest cost.
Choose which parameters are important colors

What are the parameters? Choosing the diamond ring is the third most important thing, because the cut is the second life of diamonds, diamonds flash is not flash to see the cut is good, in general, 3EX perfect cut diamond is the most flash, but recently , Zuo Kayi launched 101 cutting surface of the Ferris wheel diamonds, more than the usual 57 face more than 43 diamonds, loss more time-consuming, diamonds than 3EX cut more flash, but also with three Authority certificate. For now, the Cockey 101 cut surface of the Ferris wheel diamond is cut the best diamonds.
What are the important cut diamonds?

What is the important parameter of the election diamond ring? Election diamond ring parameter clarity is the fourth most important, clarity, then refers to the purity of diamonds, it reflects the contents of the diamond content. Clarity is determined by professionals under the microscope, depending on the amount of diamond inclusions. Most of the diamonds in the jewelry store are SI or more.

The inclusions are a natural mark retained during the diamond formation, and it does not affect the beauty and durability of the diamonds, but it makes the diamond more characteristic. No one will chase you with a magnifying glass to confirm the clarity of that diamond Oh. Clarity VS clarity or above the most cost-effective, because VS or above the clarity of the naked eye can not see the contents of the. If the budget is lower, SI clarity is also good, is difficult to see the inclusions, do not look carefully or see.

Bare drill a carat price

Bare drill a carat price
Now on the market, bare drill a carat cheap two or three million, expensive one or two hundred thousand, the reason why so much difference, because the diamond 4C standard different. Diamond 4C standard: color (collur), clarity (clarity), cut (cut), carat (carat) that is bare diamond carat weight. Any one will affect the bare diamond a carat price, bare diamond a carat price is because the 4C level is not the same, so the price difference is so poor.

Xiaobian here to remind friends in the purchase of bare diamond when not only look at the price, but also must ask the parameters of bare drill, for those levels are too low naked drill, even on a carat, generally only As an industrial diamond, do not have any Cartier love bracelet replica hedge, appreciation of space. Basically want to look good, generally have four or fifty thousand or so, want to achieve 3EXF color VVS level of the basic will be more than sixty thousand, fineness higher certainly the more expensive price, after all, the more the more rare the more expensive. The following Xiaobian to introduce several models of Zuo Kai bare drill a carat inlaid into the finished product after the price:

(Ct): 1.00 main drill color (color): IJ main drill clarity (clarity): SI main drill cut (cut): VG Zoka price (ct): 1.00 Price Description: Negotiable Detailed Product Description: : ¥ 35966.00

(Ct): 1.00 main drill color (color): IJ main drill clarity (clarity): VS main drill cut (cut): VG Zuo (1) Kay Price: ¥ 60478.00

(Ct): 1.08 main drill color (color): D main drill clarity (clarity): VS2 main drill cut (cut): VG Zuo card Price: ¥ 149999.00

Naked drill a carat diamond jewelry leading brand Zuo Kayi to provide you with the latest carat diamond ring price, carat diamond ring style, carat diamond ring pictures, user comments and other purchase information, the price of 3-5 fold for the market protection. Choose a good carat diamond ring, I chose Zoacai.

6 carat bare diamond price? 1 carat bare diamond in the hearts of ordinary people have been considered more atmospheric, and can imagine, a 6 carat bare diamond price is very luxurious. For the same weight of bare drill, compare its price, first look at the color of bare drill. Bare diamond color from colorless to pink, and then to purple, and finally yellow, the price is from high to the end. In the same color, there are different color grades. The higher the color level, the higher the price. Colorless and transparent bare diamond the most valuable, yellow bare diamond is not too high price.

The greater the amount of Krable Bare the greater the price difference, 1 carat VS clarity IJ color round drill about 25000-35000 yuan / ct, carat diamond cut is usually good case 6 carat bare diamond price at least not Less than 2 million, if coupled with fees and other models, the price will be higher, if the brand or more well-known world brand, the price of bare diamond is more expensive. Some time ago, popular teenager Jia Nailiang with 6 carat naked drill to Li Xiaolu marry successful in the market scraping its 6 carat bare diamond wave. Extremely rare 6 carat diamonds, how much money to buy it?

6 carat bare diamond price factors, 6 carat bare diamond prices mainly determined by the diamond, 6 carat bare diamond how much money mainly by the 6 carat diamond price decision. The bare diamond price positioning from the diamond “4C” standard to set, that is, weight (Carat), Clarity (Clarity), Cut (Cut) and color (Color), “4C” in the domestic and international standards of identification , The price of bare drill should be very transparent, but a high-quality Cartier love ring replica 6-carat bare diamond, from the original volcanic edge mining out to the bride’s ring finger, the price will increase several times.

From the point of view of the jewelery profession, there is an important criterion, that is, the 4C standard of the diamond, that is, the cut, the weight, the clarity, the color, the criteria for the identification of the diamond to get the international market Is also applicable. Here to a 5 carat bare diamond price to the budget: the market, a cut EX, clarity VS, the color of the 5 carat diamond price of about 120 million yuan, 6 carats about doubled , This is still not considered the case of ringing and brand value, calculate the diamond brand value, high up to 10 million level.
How much money is more than five carats of bare drill, we call it pigeon eggs bare drill, its value is not the average bare diamond can be compared. A color grade for the D color, diamond clarity for the IF, diamond cut for the 3EX ten carat bare diamond prices can be as high as 15 million yuan. Ten carat size of the diamond, most of the investment as a purchase, very few people will buy a ten carat bare diamond as a wedding ring in life to wear.

How much is the price of a ten-kilogram? A ten carat bare drill in the end how much money? It is understood that the price of diamond ring = ring + bare diamond + fee, ringing usually use platinum, K gold, no matter what the diamond ring brand, ordinary ring (ring, 18K, platinum) the same cost. Such as Hong Kong Chow Tai Fook ten carat diamond ring price composition for the Chow Tai Fook brand value + bare diamond price + care price + labor costs + diamond processing fees + store operating costs (shopping malls rent and venue fees). So you will pay a portion of the price to buy a diamond ring.
How much is the ten-kilogram bare diamond? In fact, the price of diamond ring is mainly determined by the price of bare diamond, and the bare diamond price is set from the “4C” standard of diamond, namely Carat, Clarity, Cut and color, Color, “4C” in the domestic and international identification standards, bare diamond prices should be very transparent, but a high-quality ten carat bare drill, from the original volcanic edge mining out to the bride’s ring finger, The price Cartier nail bracelet replica will increase several times.
If you want to buy ten carat bare diamond, not just the weight of the collection price, we must ensure that the color, clarity, cutting and other three aspects to achieve a certain level. Such as color L level, clarity SI2, cut EX and above, such a bare diamond more hedge space, in general, ten carat bare diamond prices must reach tens of millions. We know that the price can buy ten carat bare diamond is not a small number, which is sufficient to prove that when a man willing to mind, for you to prepare such a love of evidence, you can prove in your mind, you absolutely have a very important position.

Chow Tai Fook diamond ring can be customized?

Chow Tai Fook diamond ring can be customized?
This is sure of it. Chow Tai Fook’s diamond ring, if you fancy this style, the size of the diamond, color, clarity, cut and so do not like, you can pick Chow Tai Fook’s GIA bare drill, according to their own preferences to pick a good bare drill, and then customize your favorite this Style.

Chow Tai Fook diamond ring can be customized? If you fancy Chow Tai Fook a diamond ring, but the diamond ring material, ring arms do not like, you can contact Chow Tai Fook’s jewelry consultant for your exclusive custom! Material does not like can be replaced by the like material, ring arm do not like a small drill, can also be customized without a small drill, but also free lettering, lettering engraved english english, symbols, numbers, etc., very special!

Chow Tai Fook diamond ring can be customized? Chow Tai Fook’s Cartier nail bracelet replica diamond ring is based on your hand-inch and the requirements of the diamond ring style, the requirements of the diamond, lettering requirements, etc., exclusive custom. If only hand and the spot is not the same, can not change the hand, to customize, then the custom price is the same. If it is for your exclusive design style, there will be a design fee and the cost of the version, if the diamond want a higher level higher, the price will be higher.

Chow Tai Fook diamond ring can be customized? In the Zuo Kay and other brands to consult this question, the answer is not custom. Because Chow Tai Fook’s diamond ring style, is only in Chow Tai Fook can be customized, if other brands custom Chow Tai Fook diamond ring style, Chow Tai Fook is a kind of infringement, and Chow Tai Fook is the right to sue.

Chow Tai Fook diamond ring can be customized? If it is to ask some small workshops or some private shops, as well as some special brand to do high imitation of the shop, can be customized. Customized prices are generally lower than Chow Tai Fook, but the style may be only 90% of the similar, and not genuine, is the infringement piracy, not after sale, the quality is not guaranteed, Xiao Bian is not recommended to customize.
Old Fengxiang custom ring quality is more secure, because the old Fengxiang is relatively old brand, there are more than 100 years of history, or listed companies, the quality of clearance and protection, there are also opened in the country more than 1,000 stores, the national warranty The

Lao Fengxiang custom ring style is very large, the variety is also very rich, in the old Fengxiang silver floor, you can customize the silver ring, in the old Fengxiang gold shop, you can customize the platinum, K gold, gold, palladium and other material ring; in the gem, you can customize the diamond , Red sapphire, tourmaline, jade, semi-precious stones and other rings, the selection range is very large, how to customize how to customize!

Lao Fengxiang custom ring on the price, than the emerging brands, such as Zoukai expensive 30% to 50%, but compared to international brands such as Cartier, the price is still very affordable. Old Fengxiang “brand old, new style, technology fine, good reputation,” won the people love! Widely circulated “old Fengxiang jewelry, three generations of favor” is a reflection of the consumer jewelry of the famous brand of love.

Old Fengxiang custom ring is still based on custom gold ring, custom diamonds and other precious stones ring supplemented, after all, the old Fengxiang is the development of gold jewelry. Custom gold ring can be customized to map, you can also put their own ideas imitation Cartier love bracelet and old Fengxiang designers to communicate, customized by the designer drawings, custom time is about 15 to 20 working days or so, the price will be more expensive, but the meaning But also better!

Lao Fengxiang custom rings are generally customized to different processes, because the gold rings are not inlaid with precious stones or diamonds, custom craft has drawn, scrub, smooth, hollow, flower ring, geometric shapes and so on. You can also customize the zodiac or 12 constellations and so on. Everything!

“Fengming China, Jinfeng Chengxiang” “create a classic, sharing quality.” In the 21st century, the old Fengxiang will aim to build the first brand of Chinese national jewelry industry as the goal, as the “Shanghai jewelry” founder and communicator, Lao Fengxiang has formed a “sincere, to the letter, to fine, perfection” corporate culture And will be “together, win-win, sharing” business philosophy and “do excellent, stronger, bigger” development strategy and shareholders, customers, employees work together to develop.
Tiffany custom diamond ring generally refers to the domestic customization of some of the international big diamond ring and other jewelry brand customization, that is, high imitation customization, custom materials and diamonds are real material, there will be a certificate, the style is almost the same, Technology is good, but also can be exactly the same, and even can customize the LOGO, non-professional personnel is not see if it is genuine!

Tiffany custom diamond ring if it is tailored specifically by Tiffany, in terms of price, it is very expensive, and generally only the elite or rich will let Tiffany special design custom diamond ring, the other is generally the direct purchase of cash models. Because Tiffany is an international brand, finished product style is also the rich people will buy, because the finished product price is also much more expensive than the traditional domestic brands.

Tiffany custom diamond ring and finished diamond ring are very expensive, beyond the domestic many people like Tiffany diamond ring’s budget, Ever since, the major domestic high imitation brand or individual or factory more and more to meet the needs of this part of the people. And high imitation custom price, will be much cheaper than the genuine price, the equivalent of the traditional brand of the same parameters of the diamond ring price, than the emerging brand, it will be more expensive.

Tiffany custom diamond ring is expensive because the brand value and brand value-added high, and most of the design is also very classic, and it is designed to do the luxury of the upper class transactions, the price positioning is also very high. Of course, the value of view, the value of diamonds mainly to see the diamond 4C, brand value is not very important. Because no matter what brand of the ring, if one day, take the pawnshop, the same level of the price is still about the same.

Tiffany custom diamond ring place a lot, but because of infringement, so most of the only still in private, it will not be bigger, after-sales protection, most not perfect, so in the custom time, must be a lot of contrast Selection, to find a better reputation of the business, to avoid buying fake Fake Cartier love bracelet. Must be identified after receipt, it is best to buy through third-party channels, such as Lynx or Jingdong, when there is a problem, when the back, there will be a small two help.

Of course, the best or directly to the emerging brands, such as Zoakai, custom like a Tiffany diamond ring, or pick other better and more beautiful style, cost is also higher, aftermarket is also better, and more Guaranteed! The above is the Zuo Kay Xiaobian for everyone to bring the “Tiffany custom diamond ring” related content, we hope to help.

Wedding ring price

Wedding ring price
Diamond ring as a wedding ring has gradually become a popular trend, the diamond is the hardness of the largest natural mineral crystals, crystal translucent, after cutting exudes a bright light, not only wearing beautiful, but also a symbol of eternity, marriage is two people together to create A home, wedding rings certainly need a pair, in fact, the price of wedding rings generally higher than the price of marry ring, because the wedding ring style is generally simple, then how about the wedding ring price?

What is the wedding ring price? Wedding ring price is a more flexible Cartier nail bracelet replica choice, the purchase of wedding ring is usually from the ring material and whether inlaid diamonds to budget prices, the general men will choose to use two to the third month of wages to buy wedding ring, of course, wedding ring How the price is not important, it is important that his share of the most sincere, vast sea of people, was really sincere enough.

Wedding ring expensive expensive Diamond ring as a wedding ring has become more and more a fashion and fashion, diamond wedding ring price is very expensive, according to the different diamond 4C level, diamond ring price is quite different, cheap one thousand or two, the general price Of the seven thousand eight thousand yuan of the most suitable, high-grade diamond wedding ring prices to tens of thousands, more than ten million there, of course, there are thousands of super expensive, tens of millions, but for the public, the choice of million About the price is the most suitable.

How much is the wedding ring price? How much money is usually from the ring material to the approximate price, different materials, the market price is not the same, the general men’s ring will be designed to be more generous masculine, and the woman’s ring will tend to soft and elegant, wedding ring price About how much money? Ordinary gold on the general price of 3000-5000 yuan, if it is diamond-studded wedding ring, the price will be more expensive, wedding ring prices in between 1-2 million.
To know how much the 1.5 carat diamond ring, first look at the 1.5 carat diamond ring how much, the international weight of the diamond unit is “carat”, 1 carat = 200 mg = 0.2 grams. So 1.5 carats for the 0.3 grams, the shape of the beans larger than the average, this bean-sized diamonds in the earth under the tens of thousands of years or even hundreds of millions of years to be excavated out, can be described as a hard to find, the price is on a few million Yuan, and this is the ordinary fineness of the 1.5 carat diamond ring, good quality, the price will increase multiple.

1.5 carat diamond ring how much money? 1.5 carat diamond ring than a carat diamond ring is much more expensive, not a simple 0.5 carat diamond ring distance, explore found that with the increase in diamond production, the earth under the diamond storage less and less, with diamond The formation of to go through tens of thousands of the scene, to promote the excavation of the diamond less and less, 1 carat diamond is a thousand miles to pick a 1.5 carat diamond is a thousand miles to pick a, so 1.5 carat diamond ring will be more expensive than a carat diamond, 0.5 carat The distance and then the price will be several times the distance. So usually 1 carat diamond ring 30,000 yuan, the 1.5 carat diamond ring is 60,000 yuan, the curve is not a straight line of growth.

1.5 carat diamond ring how much money? Roughly estimated price range in the tens of thousands to several hundred thousand range, this huge price spacing is mainly by the 1.5 carat color, clarity, cut the level of the decision, plus the carat which is often said that the diamond 4C , The quality of diamonds is determined by the diamond 4C level, and the higher the quality of diamonds, the higher the price naturally, the ordinary fineness of the 1.5 carat diamond ring imitation Cartier love bracelet in the Volkswagen brand price is 70,000 up and down, high quality 1.5 carat diamond ring In the international first-line brand on the sale price of more than one million is not surprising.

1.5 carat diamond ring how much money? Because the 1.5 carat diamond ring of rare, so most people buy 1.5 carat diamond ring as an investment project rather than simply wear, with the global diamond supply reduction and investor speculation, 1.5 carat diamond ring is bound to be higher and higher prices , So may wish to buy carats below the diamond ring for marriage purposes like, after all, love is not measured by the diamond ring to measure the number of carats.
At present, whether it is to marry or get married, need a shining diamond ring, diamond constant for a long time, a perpetuating, diamonds with its hard and light to conquer the pursuit of human love, Valentine’s Day gift, wedding anniversary Worth mentioning, a diamond ring is a pleasing gift, carat above the diamond ring is more than 10,000 yuan from the price, for ordinary people to mark the diamond ring is a better choice, then if you want to buy 18 points diamond ring, which 18 points diamond ring about how much money today Xiaobian and we talk about this 18 points diamond ring price-related factors.

To determine the 18 points to buy the diamond ring, the next look is 18 points diamond ring fineness, fineness different, 18 points diamond ring price is also different, diamond fineness and diamond color, clarity, cut and weight, this is the industry Often said diamond 4C, the color is divided into D-N11 level, clarity in the country is divided into LC to P3 a total of 10 levels, cut the best level is EX, common VG, G two grade. 18 How much can I quit? The higher the level, the higher the price, asking price from 2,500 yuan to 1,000 yuan range.

18 points diamond ring about how much money? 18 points of the diamond is a small diamond, so the price of the diamond ring on the price also has a great impact, platinum inlaid 18 cents diamond ring than K gold inlaid expensive, this is because the platinum is rare, from digging to Fake Cartier love bracelet refining than K gold is difficult, the density of platinum is relatively large, wear more solid sense, but K gold solid, which is the majority of people choose K gold ring one of the reasons. Platinum ring than the K gold ring you hundreds of dollars to a few thousand or so.

18 points diamond ring about how much money, if it is purchased in the Zoakai, 18 points diamond ring a 2,000 yuan to 4000 yuan, mainly diamonds and the cost of ringing, compared to other big brands save a lot of intermediate costs, if the consumer Requirements, can be issued GIC certificate, quality assurance, there are very perfect after-sales service, so you worry-free shopping.

Chow Tai Fook Rings Price

Chow Tai Fook Rings Price
What is the price of Chow Tai Fook Rings? As long as the diamond a little understanding, you will know about the “Chow Tai Fook ring price is how much” this problem is too general. Because Chow Tai Fook’s ring has a gold ring, platinum ring, diamond ring, gem ring and so on. Different ring prices will be different, such as diamond rings, different weight, color, clarity, cut, the price will be different.

What is the price of Chow Tai Fook Rings? Overall, the Chow Tai Fook ring prices from more than a thousand to tens of thousands of tens of thousands of millions have millions, all classes in Chow Tai Fook can buy the right price of the ring. Chow Tai Fook Cartier nail bracelet replica in the country can be considered on the front line of the brand, so its price relative to other non-brand business the same level of diamond ring to be more than twice as expensive. But Chow Tai Fook is the old brand, the price is more expensive and normal.

What is the price of Chow Tai Fook Rings? Chow Tai Fook in the online sale of the ring, the price mostly only a few thousand dollars, the million on the relatively small, only about 10, tens of thousands of rings or less, the style is very much, there are gold rings, platinum rings, Rings, inlaid diamonds, olivine, tourmaline, tanzanite, ruby, gypsum, sapphire and so on.

What is the price of Chow Tai Fook Rings? The price of the ring of the Chow Tai Fook, the mosaic of the ring, the price is proportional to the size of the gem or diamonds on the ring. Chow Tai Fung online diamond stones, mostly very small, fineness is good, but the value is not high, so the price is relatively low, about a thousand to a few thousand dollars can be bought. Of course, there are big stones, the price will be about four or five thousand.

What is the price of Chow Tai Fook Rings? Chow Tai Fook’s gold ring price is not a simple gold price plus wages, it also includes many other from the value, such as style, etc., the current Chow Tai Fook gold ring is basically sold in terms of style pricing, gold ring prices include processing, , Transportation, storage, age and other prices. So the price of gold rings is uncertain, whichever is the price of each gold shop.
Old Fengxiang diamond ring prices in the thousands to tens of thousands of hundreds of thousands have, be more reasonable, but the specific price no way to make it clear, because the price of diamond ring is not only affected by the brand, but also by the diamond 4C, The material and other factors, so if you like the old Fengxiang diamond ring, according to personal budget to pick the purchase on it.

Lao Fengxiang diamond jewelry prices and other jewelry brands, as is the diamond 4C + ring + style fee + brand value of the decision, the old Fengxiang is China’s top 500 enterprises in the country enjoy a high reputation, so the price of the old Fengxiang diamond imitation Cartier love bracelet ring will be much more than the domestic Jewelry brand to be more expensive. Diamond 4C on the old Fengxiang diamond ring the greatest impact, the so-called 4C refers to the “diamond clarity, color, cut and weight”, as 0.1 carats and 1 carat diamond ring prices certainly have a big difference.

Old Fengxiang diamond ring prices are low and high, you can from the diamond, ring, processing these pieces of view. Diamond ring is the core part of the diamond, the weight of diamonds, color, clarity, cut and so on, the price of diamond ring will be very different. If the budget is not too high, then choose 30 points F color, VS2 clarity, 3EX cut is also good, and then select the diamond style, can have 40 points effect!

Old Fengxiang diamond ring price depends on the style, the more classic is the mosaic style, which claw is the most common, such as three claw mosaic, four claw mosaic and six claw mosaic and so on. Claw-like style looks noble classic, and now the market has also introduced more and more other models, such a simple style, the price will be cheaper than the old Fengxiang luxury models, of course, can also choose according to their own preferences.

Old Fengxiang diamond ring prices as low as several thousand, up to millions, old Fake Cartier love bracelet Fengxiang diamond ring style is not a lot, generally do more gold and silver jewelry. Lao Fengxiang mainly sell gold, the diamond jewelry prices are relatively high, such as 50 points of the general quality of the old Fengxiang diamond ring, the price will be about 25,000, and such as Zuo Kai this new brand, the price in ten thousand To fifteen or so.


Diamonds are hard to think of diamond, diamond is a natural mineral, is the original stone of diamonds. In simple terms, diamonds are deep in the earth under high pressure, high temperature conditions formed by a carbon element composed of elemental crystals, is the most simple composition of precious stones, diamonds is the world’s hardest gem, because of its sparkling and rare, Beautiful works of art, in recent years has evolved into a symbol of love and loyalty.

Diamonds are hard to think of diamond, diamond is a natural Cartier nail bracelet replica mineral, is the original stone of diamonds. In simple terms, diamonds are deep in the earth under high pressure, high temperature conditions formed by a carbon element composed of elemental crystals, is the most simple composition of precious stones, diamonds is the world’s hardest gem, because of its sparkling and rare, Beautiful works of art, in recent years has evolved into a symbol of love and loyalty.

Diamonds can be very shiny, because there is a good cut, cut the diamond is the second life. The world’s major diamond cutting centers are: Antwerp, Belgium, Tel Aviv, Israel, New York, Mumbai, India, Bangkok, Thailand. Antwerp has the reputation of “the world’s diamond capital”, the city people are engaged in diamond cutting related industries, around half of the world diamond transactions here to complete, “Antwerp cut” is the perfect cut of the perfect word.

We heard the diamond, the first idea is that South Africa drill, in fact, the origin of diamonds is very much, South Africa is only produced a large drill, and the output is not the largest. There are diamonds in the world, with more than 30 countries with diamonds, of which Australia, Zaire, Botswana, Russia, South Africa, the five countries accounted for about 90% of diamond production around the world to Australia produces the most. Of course, we have also produced diamonds in China, the output in the tenth or so, the annual output of 200,000 karats!
Diamond just appeared, the price is not high, not how many people to buy, because then the diamond cut is not now good, mosaic process is also relatively rough, and in that era, people marry or marry, is not expected Send diamonds. With the development of the times, more and more deeply into the hearts of diamonds, diamond cutting, mosaic technology is also more perfect, people marry or marry, have been inseparable from the diamond, so the price of diamonds is getting higher and higher.
Diamonds from rough to shiny diamonds must be carefully cut and processed. The ideal cutting effect is of course to keep the maximum weight of diamonds, minimize defects and fully show the beauty of diamonds to make the diamonds shine. The diamond cutting process consists of several steps: marking (scribing), splitting, sawing, forming, polishing. Not every billet must go through all the steps, depending on the characteristics of the billet itself, the target imitation Cartier love bracelet to be achieved. However, any diamond rough, there are two processes is essential, that is, “crossed” and “polished”.
Bracelet is essential for girls ornaments, beautiful and beautiful bracelet can not only beautify the girls, but also reflects the taste of girls. Whether it is noble queen temperament, or lovely LORI temperament, can be conveyed through the bracelet you are the pursuit of beauty, no matter when, all kinds of ladies bracelet is a lot of beauty of women must have a single product, precious metals, Crystal, diamonds, leather … every kind of bracelet has its faithful suitors, then ladies bracelet how?

Ladies bracelet

How about women’s bracelet? Women bracelet most suitable for summer wear, generally divided into a theme and no theme, according to the material is divided into alloy diamond, plated 18K gold, crystal, acrylic beads bracelet, ladies bracelet is now popular 18k gold diamond Bracelet, smooth and beautiful, light and beautiful, but more solid, not easy to break, in line with European and American environmental standards, Zuo Kai crystal bracelet beautiful and healthier, so that women look healthy beauty, no matter what color, will not be seen as The cover of the traces of the years.

How much is the bracelet? We all know that there are many kinds of bracelet material, such as: gold bracelet price depends on the weight of gold bracelets, different brands of ladies gold bracelet prices may be some differences, but the general difference will not be too big. Ladies Fake Cartier love bracelet gold bracelet weight from 5,6 grams to more than ten twenty grams range, ladies bracelet price how much money? 5,6 grams of women’s gold bracelet prices, usually around 2,000 yuan (including manual), if the platinum bracelet will be more expensive.

Ladies bracelet

How do women’s bracelets match? Ms. bracelet style is more, but not every style is suitable for everyone, for the usual wearing a more intellectual sex women, chic, simple women’s bracelet is the most suitable, and their own temperament consistent with the temperament. More preference for casual wind women can choose a variety of colorful bracelets, better highlights their youthful vitality. Different dress style also has a different bracelet with, so we have to buy bracelet when they have to consider their style of dress Oh, do the best harmony and unity.

0.3 carat diamonds

0.3 carat diamonds
Diamonds at any time, are people can not refuse, the greater the brighter diamonds, although we often in the entertainment news to see the actress’s bright large carat pigeon eggs, but for the average wage earners, 0.3 carat diamond Is still the mainstream trend of buying, in the market, 0.3 carat size of the diamond is also the most popular. In my world of love, only you most suitable for my love, only you know my mind, what sworn, what sea and stone rotten, all can not escape the charm of diamonds, then 0.3 carat diamond how?

0.3 carat diamonds

Love is priceless, diamonds are eternal, the same as a Cartier nail bracelet replica witness of love 0.3 karats of diamonds should not be used to measure the price. If you choose a meaningful diamond is the best, but a meaningful diamond ring will be more than a simple ring is more impressive, Zoca wedding ring is the world’s most romantic, the most precious ring, every One has its different meaning, the diamond is the most symbol of long-lasting love keepsake, is the highest commitment to love, such a memorial way will make each other’s feelings more unforgettable.

0.3 carat diamonds in the market today to occupy the mainstream status, to ensure that the diamond color, clarity, cut grade and workmanship on the basis of a good price is very important, no doubt, the decision to the most important price of 0.3 carat diamond Factors are diamonds on the diamond ring, and diamonds have 4C standard decision, 0.3 carat diamond prices, the weight of 40% to 60%, cut 20% to 35%, 15% to 20% color, clarity of 15% ~ 25%. Which color is divided into three categories 11 levels, the price difference between the types of 10% to 15%, each level and a difference of 10%.

0.3 carat diamonds

0.3 carat diamond is what we usually say 30 points diamonds, 0.3 carat diamond how much? First to know how much 1 carat diamond, 1 carat = 100 points = 0.2 grams, then 0.3 carat = 0.006 grams, simply look at the size of the diamond from the weight, 0.3 carat diamond is very small, with the object described as we eat rice , Should only be about one-third of the rice so big, this everyone should have a heart of the idea of it, if you can use a 30-point diamond ring to marry, that girl is how happy ah!

For every moment of diamonds, have their own unique characteristics, like your love, like, have their own personality, in the choice of 0.3 carats of diamonds, you have to grasp the different characteristics of each diamond, such as color The gap, the shape of the subtleties, these are the details you need to pay attention to, no matter how much you choose the bare drill, have to choose the most self-characteristics of that one.
Diamonds are hard to think of diamond, diamond is a natural mineral, is the original imitation Cartier love bracelet stone of diamonds. Simply put, diamonds in the earth deep high pressure, high temperature conditions formed by a carbon element composed of elemental crystals. Today, diamonds are no longer mysterious, but not only the royal family can enjoy the treasures, it has become the people who can have, wear the public gem. The culture of diamonds has a long history, and today people see it as a symbol of love and loyalty, making a variety of jewelry to wear, then, diamond jewelry how to maintain?

Diamond jewelry

Diamond diamonds, diamonds and precious rings, as well as diamonds and gold diamonds in the diamond earrings, rings, diamonds, jewelry, jewelry, jewelry, jewelry, jewelry, jewelry, jewelry, jewelry, jewelry, What are the general categories? Diamond jewelry is basically divided into earrings, neck ornaments, jewelry, footwear and clothing 5 categories.

Earrings include: earrings, earrings, ear lines, ear hanging.

Items include: necklaces, pendants, collars.

Bags include: rings, bracelets, bracelets.

Footwear includes: anklet, foot ring.

Apparel refers specifically to clothing on the accessories, including collar flowers, tie clip, pectoral, cufflinks.

How to maintain diamond jewelry?

Diamond jewelry

(1) Do not wear diamond jewelry when washing hands, using cosmetics or working in the kitchen, because soap, dairy and stains will affect the brilliance of diamond jewelry and make it blurry.

(2) Do not mix several diamond jewelry together in the jewelry box, so as to avoid the friction caused by wear, it is best to wrap with thin paper, or put them in different boxes in the small grid.

(3) diamonds should always be clean to keep its luster, by using a few drops of liquid Fake Cartier love bracelet soap, mix thoroughly in the 2 times the amount of warm water, and then put the diamonds into the rotation, and gently scrub with a small brush, and then diamond ornaments In the warm water cleaning, and then immersed in medical alcohol to remove the soap, and finally dry with a fine gauze.

(4) Diamond jewelry is best to get a jewelry shop every year to check once to see if the diamond has been loose, whether the needle is bent and insurance deduction is not fault, etc., can also ask the jewelry store to clean.

Diamond jewelry is like every woman, then, how to match the diamond jewelry? Due to personal identity, age, appearance, temperament, size and so on, in the diamond jewelry with the need to pay attention to their own characteristics to match, to avoid weaknesses, especially in the diamond jewelry need to highlight their own characteristics, Their own characteristics and advantages, will be the most perfect side of their own show in front of others. The color of each season are not the same, the same diamond with the need to be different, diamond jewelry with the need to match the season, gold, dark diamond jewelry for cold season wear, and silver, brilliant colors are more Suitable for warm season wear.

Now with the pursuit of individuality, more and more began to focus on the overall effect at the same time, consider the outstanding personality, which requires flexible to deal with diamond jewelry. Professional wear with a diamond chest can instantly let you become agile, of course, this is only one of them, we do not rigidly in the diamond jewelry with a part, you can choose the decorative embellishment.