Diamonds and pearl Fritillaria often appear in the ladies watch

Diamonds and pearl Fritillaria often appear in the ladies watch, the diamond shiny and pearl Fritillaria in different angles exudes a different color, both with dazzling stars flashing in the clouds neon, especially fascinating. Today for everyone to recommend three ladies watch, with diamonds and pearl Fritillaria elements.

Cartier BALLON BLANC DE CARTIER series HPI00758 watch
Watch paragraph comments: five elements of the smooth beads arranged imitation Cartier love bracelet from the bracelet set off this watch particularly bright, this HPI00758 watch because of its unique design to create a new look Cartier watch. 24.2 mm table made of 18K rose gold, in the case with a circle inlaid with a bright cut diamond, four o’clock in the direction of another large diamond drill. Pearl mother of pearl material on the dial is the Roman numerals scale, blue sword-shaped steel needle particularly eye-catching. The same is 18K rose gold bracelet and the case seamless, five elements of this diamond watch more decorative. 30 meters of water depth enough to meet the daily use.

Earl LIMELIGHT GARDEN PARTY Series G0A37170 watch
Watch comments: This hidden watch design is very creative. Case diameter of 30 mm, 10 mm thick, set with 321 diamonds on the cover is a rose-shaped pattern, in the center of the rose pattern is a larger diamond. Gently pull the cover, showing the ring is the mother of the mother of pearl dial, such as cloudy inside the dial is a small dial, embedded 101 round diamonds. Pearl mother of pearl with a white material of the dial, giving a sense of cleanliness.

Patek Philippe 4937 Series 4937R-001 watch
Table Comments: Rolex’s ladies watch can be described as a small sparrow, although in addition to diamonds and pearl Fritillaria these elements, which watch also has a variety of functions. 37 mm table diameter made of 18K rose gold diamonds, case inlaid 431 diamonds, crown inlaid with 14 diamonds, buckle inlaid 27 diamonds. In the pearl mother of pearl material on the dial, two o’clock direction is the month display disk, six o’clock direction is the date display window, above the moon phase display window, ten o’clock direction is the week display disk. Rose gold Arabic numerals scale with the case seamless. The watch uses the movement of the Cal.324 S QA LU model, 30 mm in diameter, 5.22 mm in thickness, 28,800 times per hour, 328 parts, 34 stones, 35 to 45 hours Of the power reserve. Sapphire crystal through the waterproof so that the depth of 30 meters.

Summary: Diamonds are women’s favorite, in the female watch design and manufacturing process which will use this element, the use of diamonds shiny and shiny blend watch tough style. However, this is not enough, for the attention of the United States and make the watch designers do not rigidly use the material, the pearl Fritillaria Ambilight to the watch dial, so that with the diamond echo, side by side.
In the watch design field, round dial and square dial has a large number of fans, they are worn on any occasion due to the rules. But it is undeniable that some of the cross-border dial design is also popular, the appearance of the unique people can not help but stop to watch, play carefully Replica Cartier jewelry. Today to introduce several design style quite different watch, respectively, from the Bo Lai Shi, Yu ship and Parma Johnny.

Watch comments: I believe you see this watch at first glance, it will think of it as a Las Vegas casino. In fact, this watch is designed according to the gambling plate. 46 mm table diameter, case material is made of 18K rose gold and stainless steel together. Gambling style dial led a strong visual impact, the time display is used Bo Lai Shi research and development of the dish display system, the most out of the circle to replace the clock to indicate the hour, the middle of the black wheel on the wheel instead of the minute hand, and The center of the disc turns around with time and looks quite novel. Black crocodile leather strap with needle buckle, dense back cover design to provide 100 meters waterproof depth.

Parma Johnny BUGATTI TYPE370 series watch P008221.01 watch
Watch the table: the watch table diameter of 32.4 * 52.5 mm, the thickness of 18.6 mm, case material for the 18K white gold, a unique shape design to grab the public eye. Silver-colored oval dial with a diamond-shaped decoration, the top of the hollow design with a car cylinder design sense. This watch is associated with the Bugatti launched a series of super sports watch, due to the original mechanical parts of the table transferred to the vertical axis, so increase the difficulty of making the watch. The model is PF370.01, with a diameter of 21 * 16 mm, a thickness of 27.4 mm, an oscillation of 21,600 per hour, and a total of 37 gemstones, providing up to 240 hours of power storage. Black leather strap to enhance the texture of the watch.

Yu-ship MP-05 series 905.ND.0001.RX watch
Watch comments: together with the automotive industry design watch Yu ship, this from the MP series of watches, the case below the line “Ferrari” illustrates the truth of the problem. Case material is made of titanium metal, and covered with black PVD coating. Dial design can be intuitive to give the car cylinder association, as time display, we can buy back to study. Equipped with Yu-ship production of the movement, the diameter of 45.8 * 39.5 mm, the thickness of 15.3 mm, a total of 108 stones, to provide power storage to 1200 hours. Rubber strap, titanium alloy folding buckle, back cover with back through the design.

Summary: These three different brands from the watch have a similar feature, that is outrageous design. This design style makes some watches can only be issued in a limited way, it is not to say that its audience range is small, but the production and application of these watches far more than the scope of daily acceptance. Have to admit that is able to create such a more compact products, whether it is design or technology, are quite first class.

King of the sea Kunlun Navy Admiral Cup series of men watch tasting

Kunlun table was established in 1955, the unique characteristics of the brand active in the Swiss watch industry. While the Admiral Cup series, Kunlun watch is one of the most important series. Kunlun table to commemorate the 1956 British Royal Ocean Competition Club organized by the Admiral Cup Regatta, in particular, launched a square watch, the use of twelve-sided case and the design of the international voyage flag, Admiral Cup series of watches to shape.

Today introduced this watch belongs to the Legend 42 type calendar, launched in 2012, and debut of the Basel Watch Fair, distinctive style dial, Dunhuang heavy body and elegant and beautiful proportions, impressive The model is 503.101.55 / 0001 AK12, this section is the rose gold section, the annual limit of 25, also introduced the stainless steel models, the annual limit of 150.

Kunlun Navy Admiral Cup Legend 42 Annual Calendar 503.101.55 / 0001 AK12 watch series of classic design, the case is a positive 12-sided design, including bezel, dial, etc., in the dial on the inset 12 Sea flag. 42 mm diameter case, the use of rose gold material to create a noble, luxurious imitation Cartier love bracelet, soft visual experience, while sharp edges and corners and gives the personality and masculine intuitive experience, the application of aesthetic elements of the consummate. Also as a series of chic design, watch for the crown to provide a crown shoulder, in order to protect the crown, the crown surface engraved with the meaning of “beautiful time key” logo.

King of the sea Kunlun Navy Admiral Cup series of men watch tasting
Gray dial and rose gold color to form a very calm and elegant gas field, the surface of the dial decorated Barleycrn Guilloche decoration, and in the above set of 11 three-dimensional strip scale scale. The dial is a pointer to the time, four pointers are indicated minutes and seconds, respectively, where the hour hand, minute hand and date pointer are semi-hollow design, each pointer fingertips painted cold light material, so that it can in the dark environment In the same time to make it easy to read. The second hand of the tail, the design of a hollow brand key logo, embodies the uncompromising attention to the style.

As an Annual Calendar watch, it is in function, the biggest feature is to have the calendar function. In the calendar calendar function, there are calendar, double calendar, calendar, calendar and calendar, calendar only shows the date, double calendar shows week, calendar or calendar, month, etc., full calendar shows calendar, week, month , The calendar is based on the calendar, an increase of a set of gears, can be used to identify the size of the month, calendar is based on the calendar, to identify the leap year leap month, is the most complex structure of the calendar. The emergence of the calendar to solve the watch need to regularly adjust the date, week, month of trouble, it is in the control of the month specified in the gear on the groove, in order to determine whether the month is a month or a small month, in order to achieve Replica Cartier jewelry the date in Satsuki When the end of the month to automatically skip the 31, directly to the next month’s function. But it can not identify the number of days in February, so in February in the calendar is the default is 30 days, eliminating the need to judge the steps, and then March 1, manually adjust the date.

Although this movement from the official information is expressed as Kunlun exclusive, but from the movement of large-size automatic bearing, barrel location, the main splint area, eccentric screw fine-tuning structure, a great ETA movement Figure. Kunlun 503.101.55 / 0001 AK12 watch from the tension of the design, reflecting the very strong and beautiful features, the case with precious 18k rose gold material to create, strap for the crocodile skin material, with charcoal gray dial, So that exquisite delicate rose gold case exquisite craftsmanship more extraordinary elegance, simple and clear calendar function balanced configuration on the dial above the pointer calendar and month instructions, omit the week, there is no opening window, keep the dial Integrity. At the same time the twelve side of the sea flag to a hint of color hidden in the inside of the bezel, highlighting the prominent features, quite Bauhaus features for the first design style.

Summary: Overall, this watch design chic elegance, simple and convenient, easy to operate, the annual limited to give it a very valuable meaning.
The United States and the sudden emergence of the United States in 2006, by virtue of the first homemade movement ML106 won the global recognition of the German professional magazine “Goldene Unruh” technology gold medal, the Swiss independent watch the field of new forces. Adhering to the traditional Swiss watchmaking process, in the complex functions and mechanical movement of the continuous innovation and development at the same time can create their own complex movement and parts, the watch is also more and more watch watch connoisseurs and collectors favorite.

Diameter 43mm large stainless steel case around the brand self-produced hollow movement ML134, polished fine exquisite workmanship, above the splint with the screw and black pvd coating, not significant publicity. Sapphire mirror mirror wear and clear, there are black on the mirror time scale, so that read time is more accurate.

Curved rounded stainless steel case, after fine polished exudes a shiny color, silver Roman time marked on the dial black outer ring against the background, the reading is very convenient. Simple three-pin in the unique all-hollow dial quietly operation, elegant and generous. Accompanied by a full texture of the black crocodile strap, worthy of classical and classic aesthetics of the masterpiece.

Mi Mei ingenuity series of multi-functional manual mechanical male watch MP7138-SS001-030 ingenuity series perfect combination of the highest precision, constant innovation, perfect craft, excellent design, selected crocodile skin material.

Summary: no matter how things and trends change, Amy table did not change its goal, that is, the design and quality of the pursuit of quality. The ingenuity of the perfect combination of the highest precision, constant innovation, perfect craftsmanship, excellent design, featured materials and dedicated production, practical and reliable, is the daily companion of people wrist.
Maurice Lacroix watches Masterpiece Square Wheel watch with innovative gestures show time, at the time of the launch immediately shocked the watch industry. This is not a simple maverick, but a clear and reliable way of expression. These movable parts show that time is fun, fascinating, and conquering countless admirers. Fang Fang appearance simple and pure, as Masterpiece symbolic watches. The Masterpiece Square Wheel, which is a patented design, is the only watch that uses the steering wheel mechanism.

In 2014, the Amy table inherited the traditional essence, and through the new technology to describe the future. The new generous series of square gear through the ingenuity of the face plate design, re-interpretation of the new look of the classic watch. Not only affirmed the brand’s commitment to progress, but also more forward-looking way to enrich the Swiss manufacturing excellence technology.

43mm stainless steel case, equipped with dazzling pink mother of pearl dial, glorious shining, bright and brilliant. Case embellished diamonds to Pink Pearl watch to bring endless charm. Masterpiece Square Wheel “Pink Pearl” watch to keep the classic design of the square gear, the two hollow areas overlap, to create a round and three impeller’s proprietary space. The gray area is actually a visible part of the main splint in the case. Wheel gear connected to the operation of full of charm, hollow square wheel and the central wheel of the fluorescent arrows has become the focus of attention, innovative seconds show the way to show charming female style.

Through the anti-glare sapphire crystal glass bottom cover, you can get a glimpse of ML156 manual winding movement of the superb craftsmanship. This is the United States and the United States and the United States table No. 10 movement. Engraved with large scrolls, a total of 249 parts, including a gooseneck regulator and a screw balance wheel. This impressive masterpiece is designed for watch players and is the best witness for the example of the watchmaking process. The global limit of 88 only.

Which men’s watch, 43mm stainless steel case, face plate to 3D box three-dimensional presentation, leading the watch a new wave. “CUBE” shows the four functions of the way to introduce reverie, glow with a unique charm. The traditional watch pointer indicates hours and minutes, while the small second hand is replaced by a rotating arrow and a fluorescent arrow on the outer ring of the wheel and made with a new technology material. Equipped with power storage display, to three-dimensional effect of the time to show the traditional masterpieces of watches and clocks.

Summary: Masterpiece Square Wheel “Pink Pearl” watch no matter from which point of view, this excellent watch are very compelling. With a soft fluorescent light exudes the hour and minute hands, the pointer indicates the way the way is very elegant. The sparkling diamonds add light to hours and minutes. With pearl pink crocodile leather strap, the perfect highlight of the elegant female charm. The global limit of 88 only

people can easily feel that era belongs to the unique spirit of the times

Introduction to the United States
Every year has exclusive creation and challenge. In 1929 the industrial design after the birth of the streamlined design, product design is a milestone in the field of general turning point. Since then, the design community has shifted its focus to aerodynamics and bioengineering. Through the study and mastery of material properties, steel and various specially treated materials have been widely used to meet people’s aesthetic standards The
Swatch Group members of the United States and the United States as early as 1934 the first time in the helmsman series. Mr. George Salon of the American calendar, with its solid watch professional, created the helmsman series. Reliable and strong Cartier love bracelet replica travel time, able to withstand the classic appearance of the test of the times, these features make the helmsman series will be considered a high quality, rigorous synonymous.
Helmsman series is the United States issued in 1934, has been 78 years of history, and in that era when the launch has been completely waterproof, anti-magnetic shock and automatic winding function. This is also an important milestone in the history of the United States. Today’s helmsman series has a new image, but still maintained a simple, innovative design of the original intention, the price is not expensive, this year also introduced a special version of the watch, black dial and strap with orange pointer And reading, the whole table is very fashionable personality. After the launch was sent to the famous New York electrical laboratory for testing. First, the watch was placed in fresh water and seawater for more than a thousand hours. And then survived for 15 minutes at -40 to 50 degrees Celsius with ten back and forth tests, 13 atm, simulated altitude of 6600 m, 13300 m and 1600 m tested. That year the test caused a great sensation.
The helmsman series was inspired by the industrial streamlined aerodynamics design and unique rivet steel embellishment in the 1930s. Now the series will join the new limited edition, very sporty at the same time, with orange and black decorate the whole table, the ultimate show beauty characteristics. Geneva Corrugated black dial, through the streamlined lines, reflecting the implicit introverted glory. Orange and black echo the design of the scale, so that people can not help but think of the industrial era of the rivets on the locomotive, it is based on this extraordinary creativity, people can easily feel that era belongs to the unique spirit of the times. Powerful and reliable mechanical operation, stylish eye-catching appearance, which watch the helmsman series inherited many features, worth the wait.
How the United States helmsman series
1. Using ETA movement
Median helmsman series is used ETA movement. ETA is the world’s largest manufacturer of finished and semi-finished products. Now on the market from the top to the low-end watches are used ETA movement, we can see that the quality of the movement is absolutely first class. Moreover, ETA movement so much sales, but also to ensure the convenience of the watch and low cost. From this point of view, ETA movement for the United States helmsman series of quality Cartier love ring replica assurance.
Second, the appearance of classic
The helmsman series was inspired by the industrial streamlined aerodynamics design and unique rivet steel embellishment in the 1930s. This classic appearance can be described as resist the test of the times. Today, although there are many fashion time elements added to the design of the United States to go, but the United States and the helmsman tough eye style has never changed has never been eliminated.
3. Good waterproof performance
Mediator rudder watch waterproof ability is very good, the most basic can reach 100 meters. The United States and the year launched the watch was sent to the famous New York electrical laboratory for testing. First, the watch was placed in fresh water and seawater for more than a thousand hours. And then survived for 15 minutes at -40 to 50 degrees Celsius with ten back and forth tests, 13 atm, simulated altitude of 6600 m, 13300 m and 1600 m tested. That year the test caused a great sensation.
As a middle and low brand, the United States has launched the Observatory certification form, which in the grade of the brand is extremely rare. Therefore, the price of the United States is absolutely objective. The United States and the helmsman series also continued the brand’s cost-effective advantage, popular with young people, especially received the love of male friends.
Finally, the movement of the main plywood side, arranged in an orderly pearl pattern modification, beautiful blue steel screws. This is the Rolex is now the main base movement 3130 movement, stable, durable, precision is synonymous with it. Compared with the famous Rolex 1570 movement, mainly the movement of various parts to reduce the thickness of the gear parts are thinner, the teeth are also a little bit, which is also makes a lot of Rolex players that 3130 movement in the overall grinding process On the better than 1570. The new bridge pendulum plywood compared to the 1570 movement of the arm pendulum plywood more stable, weight balance wheel than the 1570 screw flower pendulum more stable and accurate, plus Rolex to join the many modern process makes this 3130 machine Core in the overall process of grinding, movement stability, accuracy than the 1570 movement is more excellent, but the movement of the strong, durability to be inferior!
The first two figures for the Rolex 3130 movement, the following is known as the generation Cartier nail bracelet replica of king of the Rolex 1570 movement. Compared to 3130 movement, you can see the various parts of the 1570 movement of the teeth to be more solid, the movement also appears strong and thick, clear lines of water chestnut, especially automatic system splint. 1570 and 3130 movement of the grinding style is the same, but changed the design of individual positions, 1570 movement is considered a simple function of the world’s automatic mechanical movement in the most stable, durable, accurate, strong movement, no one.
1570 movement after nearly half a century of time to test, and 3130 movement from its offline in 1988 to now more than 20 years, yet all the players to verify his overall performance, I believe this excellent 3130 movement will not Let everyone down, years later we will feel that he will go beyond the myth of the Rolex 1570 movement.

Rome table belongs to the high-end luxury brand its high-end limited models are almost all booked

Odys OTS is a Hong Kong professional watch company, was born in 1854, and the Swiss watch, has a long history. In the course of more than 150 years of development, Odysi technology will be integrated into the traditional tabulation process, the product research and development breakthroughs, developed a variety of patented products to meet consumer demand, keep up with the pace of the times.
Odys OTS watch profile
Odys is the epitome of the world’s culture and spirit, with a strong sense of inclusiveness and innovation. In China, OTS products include multiple series. Located in the daily wear of the fashion series, combined with different personality preferences and the basic function of the imitation Cartier love bracelet demands, become the main product of OTS. The outdoor series enhances functionality and usability, providing a full range of outdoor activities.
Odys OTS watch profile
Even for professional sports enthusiasts, Odyssey series of memory timing, countdown and many other functions can also be used freely. The original INDIGLO luminous function, can be in the low light conditions evenly illuminate the entire dial, patented and widely used in more than 70% of the products, so that wearer feel OTS Austrian people-oriented design. Odys is committed to the combination of fashion and the internal and practical functions, to develop more and more products into the market. The combination of the function of the watch and the lifestyle of the consumer, through a profound professional watchmaking background, fashion design clear brand positioning.
In addition, Odys actively roll out the sales network, for 3,000 yuan following the watch market, will continue to open counters and stores, the charm of our brand to bring more consumers.
Swiss Roman table ROAMER, already has a hundred years of history. In 1888, Mr. Vozmeyer opened a studio for the production of gear pushers in Solothurn, Switzerland. Twenty years later Mr. Fozmeyer and his partner Mr. Studley founded Meyerley. In 1952, the company officially renamed the Swiss company in Rome. After years of hard work and struggle, the Swiss company has finally established the real value of the idea of Rome.
Swiss Rome table ROAMER brand introduction
In a hundred years of years, the Swiss watch with the impeccable watchmaking process, to establish a prominent reputation. Through continuous efforts and study, in 1940 developed a unique and respected by the world-class anti-waterproof case system, also laid a solid position in the Swiss watch.

Product Positioning
Rome table belongs to the high-end luxury brand, its high-end limited models are almost all booked, the market is hard to find a trace, the collection of class lovers as treasures. With sea rock, confidence, ultra-thin, fantasy, stingray, R-type six series. With more than a century of watch Replica Cartier jewelry manufacturing experience, the Roman watch has a profound impact on the world watch industry. Swiss Rome table launched “Quality Time” concept. There is no doubt that the Roman watch will inevitably condense a force, and become a bold and excellent new pronoun, and thus establish a new milestone in the history of watches and clocks.
In 1984, Coinwatch Coinwatch brand was founded in Australia, its design is to the unique and historical coins around the world as a surface, the coin rich representative and commemorative, and wrist kept forward Real time intertwined, it is to see the hands of Coinwatch, they naturally think of those important moments.
Coinwatch Coventry watch brand introduction
A lot of money contains a lot of meaning, its casting year and design can represent a great era of replacement, an important historical events, can also mark personal achievements, or to commemorate the important moments of life. Time and coins so wonderful contact, because of the birth of the Inverness has a more vivid interpretation.

Cohen Worthy combines the representation of coins with the importance of time display, so that the ingenious design makes it develop and spread to the rest of the world. Another reason for its rapid development is that the mints in these countries appreciate the design of their ideas, have invited the brand to use their coins or commemorative coins to design the rich meaning and national color of the Inverness, Sent directly to the local market for sale, by the local fans of the warm welcome to, so, Keinwowqi more famous earthquake.

Brand characteristics
Brand in the same aspirations and ideals, with the highest quality materials, fashion design and practical functions, coupled with sophisticated watchmaking process, to create a very high quality watch. All Cohen Worth are equipped with high quality Swiss quartz or automatic movement, anti-wear sapphire crystal table mirror, fine grinding technology, and the use of superior 316L stainless steel to create case and chain, and then at an affordable price to New posture landing the major watch market.

business operations in more than 10 countries and regions the development of diversified multinational

Rui Ma Shi RUIMAS watch for many people is still relatively unfamiliar with a brand. In fact, Roma is RUIMAS from Switzerland watch brand, by the watch master Johnny Leoni in 1936 founded a brand. With a pure Swiss noble descent. Let the watch home to ask you about it!
Rui Ma Shi RUIMAS watch brand introduction
Switzerland Raimay RUIMAS watch factory is located in the Swiss JURA mountain French district clock GRENCHEN. GRENCHEN has a long tradition of watchmaking, Switzerland’s largest movement plant will be located here. SWISS RUIMAS watch factory skilled watch technicians who uphold the founder Johnny Leoni (Johnny Leoni) watch the essence of the Swiss watchmaking tradition and the leading watch technology poured into every Roma In the watch. At the time of Europe, the Roma RUIMAS watch was popular with its elegant design, precise timing and superb craftsmanship.
Swiss descent, nobility essence. Roma’s RUIMAS watch is famous for its elegant appearance, precise timing and noble royal blood. The brand was founded by the Swiss watch master Johnny Leoni (Johnny Leoni) in 1936. Leoni family is the 19th century European famous jewelry design family, its family for the European royal nobility design unique jewelry. Because of its unique design style, material is precious, sought after by the European royal aristocracy. The nineteenth century people symbolized their privileged and glorious power with jewelry designed by the Leoni family.
Rui Ma Shi RUIMAS brand is a professional watch development, manufacturing and sales in one of the large-scale watch business. Rui Ma Shi watch with a full set of Switzerland’s top testing equipment, fully enclosed dust-free anti-static workshop, automated assembly line and harsh environmental laboratory, strict control watch quality. All products by the Swiss watch quality supervision and inspection center inspection, testing its product imitation Cartier love bracelet quality fully qualified, wholeheartedly to safeguard the interests of consumers and the reputation of the Swiss brand.
SAGA family watch brand has a long history, from 1950, SAGA table has been circulated in the US market, profit watch group in 1987, the acquisition of SAGA trademark, the development of its retail industry; in 1987-1992 popular in Canada, known as the current trend The SAGA family table with its unique shape design and accurate internal quality, has been leading the Chinese high-end watches (see), the SAGA family table to the domestic market, as the leader of the domestic watch brand; Trend, more successful people since the wear or gift must be preferred.
SAGA family watch brand introduction
Deli Group is a Hong Kong-based, business operations in more than 10 countries and regions, the development of diversified multinational listed groups.
Profit as Hong Kong’s success as the history, with everyone diligent and enterprising, innovative, tentative and strive to perfect attitude, and finally achieved outstanding achievements.
Deli Group was founded in 1978, was originally a only more than 20 employees, plant area of less than 500 square meters to produce case and strap-based company. As the product quality, customer service, in a few years has made many overseas customers appreciate and trust. In 1995 the company through the internationally recognized German RWTUV institutions and the China Commodity Inspection Quality Accreditation Center of the qualified assessment, and achieved ISO9002 international quality management system certificate.
After establishing a solid customer base, Deli Group continued to expand and reorganize, strengthen production management capabilities in all aspects, increase production, improve quality, and actively promote business diversification, expand emerging markets, with the international development trend, hit the The ideal result.
As the carrier of time, watches should be in the era of the brand, can only afford to give Replica Cartier jewelry the mission of the times. Shang Wo table was born in Hong Kong, known as the “Oriental Pearl”, this piece of Chinese and Western cultures, the world’s most competitive economic system fertile soil, for the business table into the unparalleled cultural blood. Although the history of the Expo is only a short period of seven years, but its historical background, can be traced back to the 20th century.
Hong Kong in the early 20th century, because of its unique port status, has been China’s foreign culture and business to accept the forefront. The impact of foreign culture, so that the upsurge of the ocean is also the rise of the founder of the founder of the watch, Yu Guangtian’s grandfather with the then stay hot and went to study in the UK. The origin of the industrial revolution in the United Kingdom, the machinery industry is the most advanced, Yu Guangtian’s grandfather naturally on this new industry is most interested in half a year later returned to Hong Kong. At that time, Hong Kong, foreigners and businesses prevailed. Yu Guangtian’s grandfather will use their own personal advantage, founded a watch sales and maintenance of the firm. With the identity of foreigners, as well as foreign superb maintenance of technology, firms in Hong Kong has been foreigners and local rich family of all ages.
May be the reason for the family influence, childhood exposure to the watch Yu Guangtian, the machinery has a strong interest. Follow the footsteps of his grandfather, he went to study in Europe, the British gentleman, the German dedication, the Nordic efficient, Swiss Seiko … … travel to the European countries, for foreigners, for time and enjoy life attitude, Have a more profound understanding.
The 21st century Hong Kong, the forefront of the intersection of Chinese and Western cultures, has the most distinctive features of the new century. Believe in the “living in the moment” of the West to enjoy the cultural trend, and “Made in China” to “China to create” the spirit of social struggle, intertwined into a new cultural symphony.
In the same year, Yu Guangtian’s cousin Mr. Jiang Bi-shen also ended many years of overseas business life back to China. Yu Guangtian talk with the cousin for the development of Chinese culture and brand ideas, the two hit it off, decided to set up a joint venture on behalf of the traditional Chinese business ethics brand. At this point, “business table” in China opened a new page. And they jointly respected the “business that is humane, together is the fertile” spirit in the back of more than ten years of development gradually formed a commercial brand and distinctive image. Combined with the experience of the European experience of Europe, into the spirit of the new era, Shang Wo table in such a fertile soil and family brand under the birth of the brand engraved under the grasp of the future, struggling to achieve the spirit of the future.

Each Arrow is made up of arrows and arrows and the main surface of the pavilion consists of several sides

“Eight hearts and eight arrows” is only the name of commercial publicity used in the relevant institutions issued by the standard does not have such a title. With the “eight heart eight arrows” effect of diamonds is the diamond aspect ratio and pavilion depth than within the specified range to increase the point, will make the diamond shows the “eight heart eight arrows” effect. But the proportion of diamonds cut part of the diamond just determines the brightness and fire color is good or bad, so, “eight heart eight arrows” is a perfect cut but also to play a question mark, because it deviates from the diamond cut should reflect the diamond Brightness and fire Cartier love bracelet replica color of the subject, so when buying diamonds, the key to see the fire color and brightness of diamonds, only the fire color and brightness is good, is a good cut. However, although the “eight heart and eight arrows” can not represent the best cut, but as a non-professional you, can not rely on experience to cut a quantitative standard. Therefore, to a certain extent, to “eight hearts and eight arrows” as the choice of diamond cut the standard is a simple and safe way. Eight hearts and eight arrows
The so-called eight heart eight arrows is the most eye-catching, the most punctual cut design, is the use of the world’s top Cupid-style cutting, from the top of the diamond section above, you can see the same size, bright and symmetrical eight Arrow, from the diamond is below the perfect symmetry, full of eight hearts, giving the wedding ring unique collection of value. Perfect symmetrical eight hearts and eight arrows, accurate flawless cut is amazing, Eight heart eight arrows together one, metaphor “encounter, love, hint, dream, first kiss, lingering, tacit understanding, mountain alliance” and other eight beautiful mood.
Eight hearts and eight arrows
Perfect has always been a minority patent. Eight heart eight arrows cut diamond series, is a rare diamond in the world, about 50 million diamond cutting division in the world only a few experts can handle the world only less than one percent of the perfect diamond can cut out the ” Eight heart eight arrows, “the beautiful form, naturally more valuable. Eight heart eight arrows diamond, with three perfect indicators – the perfect angle ratio, the ultimate symmetry, perfect mirror reflection, it was hailed as “miracle diamonds”, is the most eager to receive the gift of each lover. Whether from any angle to watch Cupid perfect cut diamonds can see the most bright, shining light, it’s eight arrows and eight hearts of the love of love, unparalleled and wonderful. A Cupid turning diamond can bring in the light, through the internal refraction and reflection, showing a dazzling light, so that the three most dazzling diamond light – flash (Scintillation), light (Brilliance) and spark (Fire) , Have reached the most extreme bright beauty. Precision cut the symbol of the perfect diamond, eight heart and eight arrows are symmetrical, like the love of Cupid’s visit, through the heart and arrows of the map, so that love firm. Eight heart eight arrows blooming Cartier love ring replica out of the dazzling, bright light, more love comes, the dazzling situation to do the most perfect interpretation.
70s of last century, a Japanese businessman in the process of selling ordinary round drill, accidentally found that some of them cut an excellent round drill in the special observation of the diamond cutting mirror, the front can see eight arrows, from the negative Look, there is a star of 8 stars. Later, after a lot of data summary, found that as long as the ordinary round of the cut as long as the fall into a certain range, you can show the standard 8 heart 8 arrow pattern. This phenomenon is in line with the pursuit of perfect demand in Asia was widely accepted and spread, and later, this trend even affected the Europe and the United States.
In English, we use H & A (Heart Arrow) to represent the well-known eight heart eight arrows.
To today has been more than 20 years in recent years in the market eight heart eight arrows diamond has become the mainstream of the market from the market consumer reaction and love degree. Eight heart eight diamond diamond is the best in the diamond. Most people recognized Eight Hearts Arrows Diamond is a fine diamond of fine works mainly because it has the following main features
Excellent brightness
2. Excellent fire color
3. Excellent optical symmetry
4. Excellent optical diameter
5. Perfect and clear heart-shaped round
(A) and the market in the marked ideal car or super ideal car (Idealcut) is the most beautiful diamonds. The most perfect diamonds. Its beauty is mainly from the gem to reflect the light “brightness” and light through the diamond refraction formed ” Fire color”
Perhaps people are curious about the causes of the eight-hearted eight arrows (why the formation of eight heart eight arrows?) Is mainly two lathe conditions:
1. Diamond has excellent symmetry.
2. Round diamond lathe Corner and tent angle to achieve a certain match.
(Two) eight heart eight arrows image analysis:
A. Arrows of Arrows: Each Arrow is made up of arrows and arrows, and the main surface of the Cartier nail bracelet replica pavilion consists of several sides of the diamond, with two edges and two long sides of the diamond The image of the heart is composed of two paces of the main surface of the two upper waist facet and two lower waist surface of the image combination of a complete heart-shaped not only Symmetrical and there is a V-shaped gap in the middle.
(Three) eight heart eight arrows image forming analysis:
The first important factor in the formation of diamonds is the combination of diamonds and kiosks, and even diamonds with very symmetrical symmetry, and the need to match the crown and kiosk. 4C standards in the cut of these two diamonds are “very good” Moscow State University based on the calculation of this diamond optical path, the control in the corresponding crown angle and pavilion angle on the diamond eight heart eight arrows observation, concluded: Eight heart eight arrows when the light leakage is relatively small, and the leakage of light when the eight heart eight arrows graphics also disappeared.

The number of the whole zero Taoism is also surprising people generally like the integer

All things in the world are unity and complementarity, including the blessing and the scourge, into and defeats, good and bad, although everything is composed of material, but scientists actually found that there are “anti-material” existence, and in the recent Has been successfully “catch” to it, and said that as long as there are a few grams of “anti-matter” can destroy the whole planet.
The accuracy of the indicator of the moon phase function
Audemars Piguet 135 teeth phase watch movement
The number of the whole zero, Taoism is also surprising, people generally like the integer, it is because the simple and easy to calculate, the creator of God, why love to make people, in many important issues on all the endless fraction, all with long Long “small tail”, such as pi, it also has a countless infinite non-circulating decimal, thin and straight line between the relationship should be so much difference between time and calendar are the same, strictly imitation Cartier love bracelet speaking of the day Not 24 hours, with 24 hours that is the result of zero for the whole, so there will be leap year, and even leap seconds, leap is actually in the “patch.”
Those who have the intelligence and do research, specifically to engage in the back of the decimal point of things, the so-called precision and precision lies in this. Take the watch, the instructions part of the gear transmission ratio must meet the conversion of time units, but in large units of time will take care, however, the more prominent problem is the calendar and moon phase watch, some perpetual calendar watch can not identify cross century When the leap year, because every four years a leap, or just accurate, the patch is not enough to play, so every 400 years or to re-screened in the cross-century whether the leap year, this can be considered another “millennium bug” or “100 years bug” to say it
The moon phase function indication error is more likely than the calendar encounter, most of the moon with the moon will produce every day a 32-day indication error, the need to manually correct the error; this is because the 29.5 day phase period is only an approximation, The moon revolves around the earth, sometimes up to 29 days and more than 19 hours, sometimes only 29 days and 6 hours, its average length is 29 days 12 hours 44 minutes 2 and 4/5 seconds; equivalent to 29. 53059 days The The moon disc runs about 90 seconds a day faster. This approximation of 29.5 days is the use of 59 teeth of the moon disk, which will mean that the average monthly calendar will be faster for 44 minutes and 2.8 seconds.
Moon phase function watch the accuracy of the instructions in such a large time unit, 2 and a half years need to correct an error, the use should not be any trouble, how to correct the size of the calendar month than the calendar disk to save more trouble ; But the pursuit of the watch is accurate and perfect, but also to show their brand of outstanding technical ability, so there is no lack of big brand watches do smaller moon phase of the watch, that is the moon disc with 135 teeth, indicating the error every 122 years Only one day of the moon phase table, theoretically sure you never have to calibrate it for life.
I really did not personally dismantle such a moon phase watch, only to see the photos, guess it must be more strange way of transmission wonderful, 135 teeth moon disc is only a circular division of the more detailed, its rotation cycle is estimated 59.06 days (spin over 2 months phase pattern), see, the decimal point came out, which is the clever calculation of the wheel combination.
Lange, Audemars Piguet, nations and many other big brands are committed to do the 135 teeth of the moon phase watch, it is their relish pride, but this watch the price is certainly a lot of money, with such a watch you really have a little astronomy Calendar knowledge can not, complex and sophisticated Replica Cartier jewelry watches never belong to no knowledge of people.
Moon frame adjustment mostly use the case side of the concave button way, the traditional 59 tooth plate to adjust it easier, and 135 teeth slightly slower, because the teeth are delicate, so the number of times will be more, but the adjustment Accuracy is also high, but also because the moon phase disk is very slow, after careful adjustment can be marked very accurate.
Now, there are a lot of people think that wearing a mechanical watch than the electronic watch grade higher, with a complex mechanical watch grade even higher. Ever since, mechanical watches are becoming more and more complex, and many mechanical watches are shown with week and calendar. Many people will have such a question, just start the mechanical watch how to adjust the time, tune the week, adjust the calendar? Here to share with you how to adjust the time of mechanical watches, mechanical watches how to adjust the time and automatic mechanical watch the time note.
How to adjust the time of mechanical watch how to adjust the calendar
How does the mechanical watch time? What time is the mechanical watch the best time?
1. Do not point at 22 points -2, (part of the watch 20 points -4 points) to adjust the date, likely to cause damage to the watch and the calendar jump is not correct.
2. In order to extend the life of the watch, many watches are slow way to jump that is in the midnight period before and after the gradual jump, usually in the morning before 2:00 to complete the jump is normal, some watches to 4 am to complete.
3. If you see the calendar is around noon during the day and night, usually the watch time is fast, slow 12 hours, such as now is actually 11 o’clock, the watch is the day before afternoon 11 points, only need to dial the clock clockwise, that is, the afternoon into the morning. This situation is more common, about 50% chance.
4. General watch in the time adjustment need to clockwise dial, do not dial counterclockwise. Counterclockwise dial watch is likely to cause the pointer pointer to the deviation (quartz two needle should be counterclockwise dial). To pay special attention, if it is left hand to wear, with the right hand to adjust, then forward is clockwise.
5. The style of the watch is not the same way to adjust, but in the adjustment of the calendar with a calendar when the need to consider the morning and afternoon factors.
How to adjust the time of mechanical watch how to adjust the calendar
What are the precautions for the schedule and calendar of the mechanical watch?
1. The week and the calendar can not be adjusted at 21:00 to 3:00, so hurt the table. The beating of the calendar is gear-driven, and it is usually jumping slowly.
2. Mechanical watches and quartz watches are different, the quartz watch date and week are in the zero jump word, this accuracy only appears in the electronic watch. Pointer mechanical watch is not so precise, may advance or delay, this is because the date and week are a wheel to promote,
3. If the jump word at the same time, the driving force on the requirements of a great. So separate to change, the general changes in the week after the date of the changes in the half to a few hours to skip.
4. If you encounter the date of the watch at 11 o’clock, 12 o’clock, 1 pm only jump. Do not worry, as long as the clockwise clockwise turn a week, and then re-adjust the date on it.
5. The middle of the adjustment button a total of two blocks, the first block is to adjust the date, the second block is to adjust the time. The first block adjustment, the rotation is the date of rotation, forward rotation is tuning the week. If the table itself does not show the week, then do not have to set the week.
Different brands, different styles of watches to adjust the method is slightly different, it is best to refer to the corresponding table of the instructions.

The market simulation of the watch can be described as mixed

The market simulation of the watch can be described as mixed, who do not want to buy high prices to buy watches is false. But the false form is false watch, through our careful observation or can distinguish out. Here and watch the home together to learn about the way to distinguish the simulation of the watch.
Simulation of the distinction between watches
Real senior watch never give the buyer any regrets, from the appearance to the movement of every place are delicate to make people moving. As a result, the watch will really achieve value for money. But at the same time, the fake also slowly began to flood this piece is not huge market. Distinguish the simulation watch from the following aspects:
General false table is the most easy to reveal is the LOGO, especially the surface of the LUGO, you can use 4 times the eyepiece carefully look at their work, if the metal LOGO really bright as new, false watch LOGO edge impatient, and some not too Rules, if it is paint word, the real side of the edge of the smooth and no burr, fake paint the edge of the word slightly open the traces of the font and the depth of the eye, with eight times the eyepiece can see very clearly.
Table mirror
Watches generally use sapphire crystal, with the progress of science and technology, false imitation Cartier love bracelet form also began to follow suit. False form with sapphire is generally easy to see through, because the false table in order to reduce the cost of the mirror will not be anti-reflective layer, not to mention double coating, so the light reflection under the serious, although the drip does not, but only need to take UV light irradiation, the reflection is extremely serious; real table due to anti-reflective coating, in the light without much reflection, and purple or blue glare.
Now, for example, J ROLEX, in order to ensure a high degree of simulation, will use the lead in the fake table to ensure the weight of the false watch, but you can try the weight of its other parts, such as the chain part, the component should be relatively light many. At the same time, the general false table are relatively light, even if the use of lead ring “ballast”, but in the hands of the feeling is strange.
In general, the dummy watch head is the easiest to reveal. Fake table head will use the same process, polished part of the coating is not uniform, whether it is galvanized or gold-plated, but there are always different depths, careful observation can see the exposed part. Do a relatively true case is not easy to be aware of the case, you can carefully observe the head part. In addition, many watches are the head of their own specifications, and false statements almost stereotyped, this only need to look at the appearance of the real table can be easily seen.
Back cover
(Such as OMEGA, AP, etc.) will be made of the original capping cap, interested friends may wish to pay attention to their Replica Cartier jewelry own. There are some of the table back cover is octagonal or a few screws back cover, false watch in order to save costs will produce a nondescript capping shape gland.
Young, sexy, brave adventure is GUESS watch the same spirit. GUESS watches for the global longing for vitality, the pursuit of fashionable young consumers and designed, so strongly favored by young men and women. But the market is still a lot of counterfeit Giles watches, the following watch home to tell you how to identify the GUESS watch true and false!
GUESS watch how to distinguish between true and false
1. Observe the appearance of Guess watch
Where the original watches, especially men’s watches, should be printed on the back cover of many letters, indicating Guess watch name, production country, all steel or semi-steel waterproof watch, anti-magnetic watch, shock watch or shock Guess watches (see the back of the common watch appearance of the English alphabet mark), and engraved with a watch brand dedicated trademark logo. In addition, there are some figures, used to indicate the Guess watch the number and shell number. Counterfeit watches on the back of the carved with some of the patterns and letters are very rough fuzzy, unknown shell number and movement number.
2.Guess watch dial
Counterfeit watches on the dial, although printed letters that movement, to SHOCKPROOF letters to indicate the shock table, but this type of Guess watches usually have more flaws and defects on the dial, such as Guess watch dialed in the wrong, sub-line blurred, Plate or trademark letter, the pattern is not tight on the dial, the disk has more scratches, discoloration and night point off, etc., and the night point are added to the inside of the word in the disc, the night point is larger and uneven , There are watches and night out the night and the pointer on the night point of color inconsistencies. Some calendar days, weeks of counterfeit watches have such characteristics: from the calendar window looks like, the calendar dial outside the tilt back, or calendar dial is plastic quality. Weekly dial is marked in Chinese (except the Japanese table) or the right side of the day with the English word, the left with the number.
3. Watch the Guess watch head
The trademark or letter mark of the counterfeit watch is blurred or printed with 100% W ~ P words, and the steel Guess watch uses a semi-steel head.

Longines watch not only has a solid and reliable quality and technology

Belt watches are one of the essential decorations for summer casual wear, but the requirements for the belt are relatively high. Otherwise the service life is not long to wear trouble. What brand of leather watches so good? See the watch home of the following!
What brand of leather watch is good
As a leading brand of luxury watches, Longines watch not only has a solid and reliable quality and technology. In some of the belt table shape also incorporates fashion and retro elements. So that it can be used with a very good effect.
German Hamburg brand, which has a leather goods brand. Montblanc leather goods in the market reputation and sales are still very good. In the same on the watch belt!
Close to the leader of the watch brand, leather strap style watches imitation Cartier love bracelet and more. In the manufacture of watches on the quality of outstanding, and the price close to the people. Quartz watch and mechanical watches are a lot of belt watches, for consumers to choose.
Hamilton is the American watch brand, with the characteristics of American fashion freedom. So the leather strap is its large number of use, style and more, high quality belt!
For the sea like Amoy friends, the watch is definitely a temptation, the gap between the domestic and foreign considerable, especially high-end goods difference of half or even 2/3 are normal. But because of the higher value of the general watch, and the sea Amoy many links, resulting in a relatively large risk. How do you buy watches?
How to buy watches, sea table watches to pay attention to what
For some friends, it should be for most of the sea Amoy, the warranty may be forever pain, many people think that the sea is used to return home use the watch can not be in the domestic warranty, so decisive to give up. In fact, the sea Amoy watches in the country can not guarantee the main watch brand policy and whether the authorized dealer (“authorized” dealers must be agreed to sell within the agreed price of the watch.Even if he wants to lower the price – even if he can Trying to cut costs by cutting prices, it is not possible, because he is “authorized dealers”, but authorized dealers have a perfect factory after – sales service).
Mainly in two cases: 1, some brand watches in China within the scope of its global warranty and you buy the network dealers to authorized dealers, then the best time to buy and customer confirmation in the international security card cover On the dealer’s chapter (some network dealers default warranty card is not stamped, although some after-sales service center does not have to look at this, but the Chinese service you understand drops), the domestic after-sales service Replica Cartier jewelry center on the 100% Can be warranty. 2, a watch by the dealer to provide after-sales, or the seller of non-authorized dealers, then the sea Amoy watch need to be guaranteed on their own expense to the United States.
In addition, customs is now more and more standardized on the management of personal sea and sea items, watches, especially high-end watches are focused on the object, the tax probability than ordinary clothes and other items to be high, according to the following “entry passenger baggage and personal postal goods dutiable price list” , The general quartz watch collection tariff ¥ 40, the general mechanical table received ¥ 100, high-end watches in accordance with the customs price of 30% of the approved price. So for the sea Amoy transfer home friends, try to choose the following $ 1,000 it, high-end table or choose direct mail to Hong Kong and then take it back.
Here are some of the more common selling table site, in this remind you to be careful of the domestic false fishing fish website, do not confirm the safety of the site finally do not buy, so as not to lose his wife and soldiers.
Singapore has always been a good place to buy facilities, then for the watch, the purchase in Singapore is cost-effective? What is the price? The following look at the watch home to answer!
Singapore, although not a large number of local manufacturing watches, but because of the Singapore industry and the world’s leading watch manufacturers extensive contacts and business contacts, so have the ability to provide customers with competitive prices and product diversity of choice. Singapore has become an important watch trading center in Asia, a wide range of brands, dazzling, high, medium and low are high, luxury and luxury watch market is active, high market share.
Singapore industry will be more than 600 yuan watches as high-end watches, some luxury watches the price of nearly one million yuan, equivalent to 5 sets of urban ordinary apartment prices, 99% luxury watches from Switzerland. High-end and luxury watches are mainly targeted at tourists, professionals and collectors. According to reports, the purchasing power of tourists accounted for about half of the high-end and luxury watch sales market. Young professional collectors of the purchasing power per capita per year to buy 5-10 watches, the price of 2300-6000 Singapore dollars.

Metal watch watch is divided into steel and tungsten steel Tungsten steel with high hardness

Metal watch watch is divided into steel and tungsten steel. Tungsten steel with high hardness, wear resistance, strength and toughness is good, heat, corrosion and a series of excellent performance, especially its high hardness and wear resistance, even at 500 ℃ temperature is basically the same, At 1000 ℃ still have a high hardness.Tungsten steel watch how to maintain the watch?    Tungsten steel watch how to maintain the watch    1, placed in the place where the best place to place desiccant, but to avoid the use of mothballs, insect repellent and other chemicals.    2, because the raw material does not change color, no oxidation, so maintenance is very simple, the tungsten steel strap on the palm, add some neutral detergent, add a little water, gently rub in the palm, and then flush, and then cotton or paper towels Dry, you can return to the cold metallic luster.    3, summer in the play and other sports before, should remove the watch. These high hardness materials, such as bending strength and impact toughness as stainless steel. So should try to avoid percussion, impact or fall on a hard ground.    At present, the quality of the tungsten steel watch brand has a radar tungsten steel watch and tungsten steel imitation Cartier love bracelet watch. King tungsten steel watch style is relatively small, these two brands of tungsten steel watch quality is not comparable, but the radar tungsten steel watch a lot of style, the price is also tungsten steel watches really, so more consumers tend to radar tungsten steel watch.Many like to wear a watch friend, have encountered a watch stolen the situation. Whether it is mechanical watches, quartz watches, electronic watches will appear to steal the phenomenon. Encountered this situation, everyone’s first reflection are “watch is not bad”? Here the watch for everyone to elaborate on the reasons for the theft of the watch and the solution, hoping to help you!Watch stolen, watch does not go, watch the reasons for the stop and the solutionWhat is the watch stolen    Watch stolen is in the case of sufficient power, the watch does not go, or stopped for a while and began to move their own. Such as watches with a whole day are no problem, sleep at night to put there, the next morning up a look, slow for a few minutes or a few hours, or even simply do not go. This is a typical watch stealing phenomenon.Watch stolen, watch does not go, watch the reasons for the stop and the solutionThe Reason and Solution of Mechanical Watch ‘s Stolen    Watch the shut down: the mechanical watch to understand a little people know that automatic mechanical watch is completely rely on the swing of the arm to complete the winding. So once the watch is placed too long or the amount of activity of the arm every day did not meet the requirements of the watch winding, then the watch will lead to winding because of the potential and lack of potential, causing the watch to go when the instability or do not wear at night when the stop The If you encounter this situation, we can put the hand before the watch to do the arc movement. Or use the manual winding function to wire the watch. So keep the watch have enough kinetic energy to keep the watch running until the next day.    Watch the bump: because the watch in the process of wearing, most of the time are exposed to the outside, so when walking things easy to knock to other hard objects. , If the daily use of accidentally knocked or fell to the watch, forced to hit the watch, it may lead to the movement inside the watch gear and other parts of the loose, dislocation, etc., this will also lead to mechanical watch stolen Case. When this happens, we need to go to the watch repair shop for maintenance. Wear as much as possible to avoid collision and Replica Cartier jewelry strenuous exercise.    Gossamer problem: gossamer failure is also a mechanical watch in the normal time to go when the theft of one of the reasons. In front of some of us said that because of the lack of activities led to the theft of the watch, and if the amount of activity is too large, then a long time because of the winding tightening caused by the failure of the body. The same will lead to lack of power. Generally this stop will occur at about 9 pm to 12 o’clock, this time, with the calendar function of the clock wheel back to drive calendar roulette. Directly lead to lack of power calendar card shell stop.    In addition there are some other such as the watch by the magnetic, too much sludge, etc. will also lead to mechanical watches stop. If you find the watch in the normal process of wearing a stop, it should promptly take measures to remove the fault as soon as possible. If it involves the mechanical watch movement and other parts of the fault will need to send a watch to a professional watch repair center for testing and maintenance.Watch stolen, watch does not go, watch the reasons for the stop and the solutionThe Reason and Solution of Stinging the Quartz Table    Quartz meter power shortage, the need to replace the battery, because the voltage instability, can not stabilize the power supply led to stealing the watch phenomenon.    Watch by the magnetic, in the watch when the pointer met because of the magnetic adhesion occurs, so that the case of jumping the case of the watch, by the magnetic situation is even serious lead to even stop the watch.    It is likely that the bearing of the watch is damaged or the watch is coaxial.    Ying table stolen phenomenon, if the first two cases, then only need to replace the battery or demagnetization of the watch on it. The third is the most complex situation, under normal circumstances the quartz watch movement damage will directly replace the entire movement, quartz watch can not be the same as the mechanical watch can replace the movement parts for maintenance. So if it is determined that the third case led to the theft of the watch, direct replacement of the watch or to the professional aftermarket replacement movement is the best way. Quartz watch stolen If you do not deal with the watch will lead to complete stop, the situation will make the watch completely scrapped. Therefore, the repair table recommended that you always pay attention to the healthy state of quartz watches do routine maintenance.Watch stolen, watch does not go, watch the reasons for the stop and the solution    The Reason and Solution of Electronic Watch Stolen    Insufficient power: the appearance of the electronic watch stolen due to the lack of battery power, you need to replace the battery.    Poor contact: electronic circuit board and other parts of the bad contact situation, the watch is also prone to stealing the situation.    Movement failure: If the movement there are some wheel fault will lead to theft of the watch situation.    The watch by the magnetic lead to the table by the magnetic parts, only to the watch repair point, to the watch to be a demagnetization like. The battery in the watch no electricity, and met this is the case, do not repair, as long as the new watch on the watch ok. Electronic watch inside the electric table shop, so that repair watch master with a watch fault instrument detection to see where your circuit board is broken, and then for the fault to repair table division to repair you.