Rotation of love new art of small fresh wedding

Rotation of love new art of small fresh wedding
A: art “small fresh” bride to create the main points: eye makeup bright, bare makeup effect
1, first of all to use khaki gold eye shadow rendering, eye shadow range beyond the eye fold a little bit on it, do not have to build a range of too much Oh.
2, the next step should be painted in the eye at the end of the hook 1/3 position, this can be done to achieve a good effect of strengthening the depth of the eye
3, the next use of pearles to simply brighten the eyebrows to the eyebrows of this area, a simple step can lift the eyes, so that the eyes look brighter.
4, and finally with a dark eye shadow to outline the eye tail, with this to replace the eyeliner, so that the eyes become natural God.
Was the foundation of some matte white face, with Chromic Yaguang lipstick, matt + matte combination of eye-catching eyebrows, but also let the bride some small fresh and refined temperament.
Second: the bride to create the main points: looking finish clear + fresh hair
Small fresh makeup also need extremely simple and refreshing hairstyle to match, a comb in the back of the bun is the bride excellent literary range of children choose.
1, choose a half-fog light texture of the end of makeup, so that the skin showed a clean, healthy and a little transparent luster, it is recommended to adjust the color of the end of the end of milk, and coated with a delicate glossy end of the milk, so that the skin Replica Cartier jewelry texture more translucent The
2, looking finish selection focus to thin through and moderate concealer both the maintenance of the smart looking finish, the most able to give the skin continued to bright and not easy to dodge the advantages of easy to oil sweating people, with a waterproof foundation Extended makeup effect.
3, the light source refraction technology looking finish, with the effect of soft pores, small fine lines can also play down.
Three: the bride to create the main points: the visual Department of lip color
In general, many people will be afraid of bright pink lipstick, feel too exaggerated, but in fact you can find, fluorescent bright and pretty white skin, even with black, dark blue, mint green and other colors, there is no sense of abruptness.
1, which is the basis of the upper lip makeup, each bride’s lip color depth is different, only to make the lip smooth, in order to make lips perfect. Before the makeup with a good sense of good moisturizing lip balm coated with a thick layer, and then dipped in alcohol-free water make-up wipes gently wipe, remove the lips of the dead skin.
2, with the lip for the concealer, can instantly change the uneven lips of the situation, but also ease the dry lines, fill lip, so that the bride’s lip easy to makeup.
3, red lipstick is very bright, which requires more lipstick smear when the smooth lines, if the edge of the uneven beauty of the natural greatly reduced. Painting lip line also has to avoid the benefits of Tuozhuang, but also to make the edge of lipstick and lip color perfect fusion, harmonious transition.
Pastoral wind fresh wedding
Romantic lace is the most difficult woman to resist the temptation, but also an integral part of the wedding. Whether it is a long section of the fishtail skirt, or exquisite skirt wedding dress, as long as with the lace, immediately create a retro pastoral style that beautiful, delicate visual experience.
Korean small fresh wedding
In our lives, the choice of color for the clothing is very cautious, dare not try fresh things. If you intend to shoot Korean-style wedding, hoping to shoot a small Korean fresh taste, may wish to choose the way to mix and match, absolutely to force! Simple gray and black color as the background wall, and each other dressed in rich colors of clothing, absolutely full of personality!
Since it is a small Korean fresh, that bride’s makeup is different from other styles, and lovely playful hair with fresh and elegant makeup, look bride cute and moving, coupled with the mix of Korean costumes, so that the whole picture looks more Lovely, warm and romantic.
Japanese small fresh wedding
Outdoor grass, country road, flowers, forests, etc., as long as there is the existence of nature, everything can be shooting scenes, creating a natural fresh style.
The use of film machine, the film level of color and tolerance is quite good, the use of film machine is to shoot light Japanese style photos of a key. Of course, digital photos can also be through the late processing to get a similar result, but a closer look will find the digital processing in the high light part of the time is easy to expose, light photos, of course, can not be exposed to high light slightly
Large aperture, sunset sunshine is also to create a small Japanese wedding as necessary

Marriage ring and marriage diamond ring is the same?

Marriage ring and marriage diamond ring is the same?
Many young people in the purchase of diamond rings, there will often be a misunderstanding, that is, will marry the diamond ring and marriage confused, with a diamond ring to complete all the important stages of life, in fact, this approach is wrong. The theme of marriage proposal diamond ring in the “seeking” above, and the theme of marriage diamond ring in the “set” above, is completely different from the two meanings. Xiao Bian suggested that Cartier love ring replica in the purchase of diamond rings, or to marry diamond ring and wedding diamond ring separated, as to what is different between the two places, followed by Xiaobian to analyze it
Love the two people together for a long time, and naturally will have a certain understanding of the advantages and disadvantages of love, if you can accept the other side of the body, and have the confidence to go, you can enter the marriage proposal. After the marriage proposal, the relationship between the two people will be formally set, more solid. And marriage is not the same, married this link after the marriage proposal, is already set the relationship between the two people, to friends and family announced the ritual of good news. The meaning of marriage and marriage is fundamentally different, can not be confused, natural wedding rings and wedding rings can not be confused. Xiao Bian suggested that separate purchase of wedding rings and wedding rings is the right approach.
The two distinction between the two points: wedding ring and wedding ring style is not the same

When the men to love to marry him, and strive to be able to move from the deepest love, so most of them are shining caravan relatively large diamond ring, the bigger the better, the more able to express their true, let love know their own sincere. Although the wedding ring is big and shining, but the practicality will be worse. Wedding ring is not the same, most of the wedding diamond rings to take elegant and generous and simple style, on the one hand is to adapt to the daily work and life, on the other hand more attention to material selection Oh. Wedding diamond diamond above are relatively small stars, but the ring is very smooth, to allow the wearer in the future work and life more smoothly.
The distinction between the three points: marry diamond ring and wedding diamond ring price is not the same

As a wedding ring, a very important part of the big and shining diamonds, the only way to better move the woman, so she willingly agreed to your request, the price is also relatively expensive above. But the wedding ring is relatively simple, the price is also a lot of cheap it Marriage ceremony is very simple, courtship ring accounted for a large part, spend some money is also possible, but the marriage is not the same, spend more, the ring only accounted for a small part of the new people in the above budget Less spend some of the most normal. If the proposed diamond is a luxurious configuration, then the marriage diamond ring is more friendly to the Cartier nail bracelet replica practical configuration Oh.

Marriage is a very important event, choose a marriage is to start a new life, every small part of the need to pay attention, of course, diamond ring is no exception. Do not confuse the two when you choose to marry a diamond ring and a wedding ring, and only to buy it separately so that every ring can keep its meaning and accompany you to the journey of life.
In the ceremony, the most essential thing is the diamond ring. As a wedding ring, not only represents the price of expensive, more is a lifetime of commitment. Many young women will be looking forward to their wedding rings, a lot of men will marry the ceremony before the save for a long time the money, want to love a surprise, but also let her know that she is the most precious heart The part of that. Since the wedding ring is so important, then the price of marriage rings, but also we are very concerned about a problem, Xiaobian to explain to you about this issue.
When buying a diamond ring, the most important thing is to learn to be frugal by the people, not blindly comparisons, and thus plunged into a very passive situation. If the economic conditions are not rich, then choose a slightly lower price of the diamond ring as a wedding ring, is also a good choice. Able to measure the value of a wedding ring, not just the price of the diamond ring itself, more importantly, included in the diamond ring in the mind. As long as it is true love, is expected to pin in the diamond inside, even if the cheap diamond ring will release the shining light to light your future road.
The most mainstream wedding ring price: million or so most people choose

About ten thousand yuan of marriage rings, is the most people choose. The current mainstream to buy more concentrated in the crowd after 85 and 90, the average wage of these people are about five thousand dollars, and experts also pointed out that the price of diamond rings is twice the monthly wage is the most appropriate price, according to this Logic, a million or so diamond ring is the most appropriate. And the price of the diamond ring can have a good product phase, and from a good brand, so that consumers can enjoy value for money services and aftermarket, these brands can not only provide you with a full set of diamond testing Certificate, so you buy the rest assured, but also to provide future free maintenance and other services, so that you wear the process to save a lot of trouble, really for the sake of consumers.
The price of a little expensive wedding ring; 50,000 yuan can buy boutique

The price of wedding rings are generally not too expensive, many young people are holding such an idea, that is, if the proposal is not successful, the loss on the ring will not be too much. 50,000 yuan or so of the diamond ring, has been considered a good quality. The price of the Replica Cartier jewelry diamond ring mostly from the mainland second-tier brands, and can reach a carat size, from the appearance of the above has been very shining. In terms of fineness, 50,000 yuan diamond ring, although not up to D color, but basically do not see yellow fineness, transparency is also doing very well, with the naked eye is not impurity. In the wedding ring above to spend fifty thousand yuan to give love, absolutely able to show your love to your heart!

Buy a marriage ring to give love, taking advantage of this opportunity to express love to her, and then get her approval, and you into the marriage hall, is a lot of men expect to do. In the purchase of wedding rings, but also according to their ability, within our capabilities, not blindly comparisons, and let their economic pressure is too large

What is the meaning and meaning of the male ring?

What is the meaning and meaning of the male ring?
We are online search for the ring will generally come out of the female ring, but there are many boys will wear rings, women’s ring and the appearance of different male ring, the female ring is more delicate, and the male ring more atmosphere. What is the male ring and the meaning of what is it?

Engagement ring and the meaning of the law

Men are no marriage ring, because men are generally to the woman to marry him, and no woman to send men to the wedding ring, even if we now have a lot of bold women to men to marry him, but send wedding rings or rarely heard, up to Is to wear a wedding dress to her boyfriend. So men generally do not propose marriage ring, but the engagement ring, engagement may not be so beautiful marriage, but engagement is also very important. Men’s Replica Cartier jewelry engagement rings are generally worn on the middle finger of the left hand. At the nearest place of the heart, the man’s finger can feel the rhythm of the woman’s heart that is also worn on the left middle finger.

The wedding ring and the meaning of the law

Men’s wedding ring and the meaning of the law, although there is only one, that is, wearing a ring finger on the left hand, whether domestic or foreign, men’s rings are no different, it touches on the difference between women’s wedding rings are foreign men are Wearing the left hand ring finger, and the domestic is the principle of male left female right, so whether the results of domestic and foreign men ring is wearing a ring on the left hand, there is no difference. To say there is a difference, then it is meaning. Foreign respect for equality, and domestic men’s comity.

The other rings are worn and meaning

Men wear a ring on the general more than a thumb, ladies generally do not wear the ring on the thumb, because men wear on the thumb that there will be majesty, and ladies why majestic it? Men will wear the ring on the index finger, see the men wear the ring on the index finger to ask clearly, because not all the shoes on the index finger are like to love, and some men have been married yet Also put the ring on the index finger, not all men in the world are good people, women must see carefully when we look at it. Or else cheated on the bad. There are some men wearing a ring on the little finger, so that the man is a divorce state, do not want to marry or widowed. See such a man to carefully observe, if you think that a man is destined for your life can be bold to pursue, but to pay attention to the way, some men do not like women too bold, you can use a look to tell you Like him, and then look at his attitude just fine.

There is a lot of love and meaning in the male ring, but if you are a woman must carefully ask his situation and then pursue, sometimes the ring will lie.
A person in the minds of a person how many multiple rings, we often say that each other, but who will witness the process of this Yue it. The ring can be said to be the best witness of love in the world today. Even if there is no love came to the popularity of the ring can be said to have been to the point where people know. Today to say that the female ring of the law and meaning it
The law and meaning of the wedding ring

We often say that I have not in your heart, then if it is wearing a ring, then there is not a distance from the heart of it? We are usually in the left hand of the middle finger on the middle finger, the same is true, it is said that if we put the ring on the middle of the middle finger that you are in love, or has been marrying in engagement state. We often say that the wedding ring and engagement ring is actually the same one, when a person marry a successful, wedding ring will be turned into an engagement ring. When we look at our middle finger is not the middle finger is the longest one in the finger, that is, from our heart a recent finger.

The wedding ring and the meaning of the law

Speaking of wedding rings we have to talk about the wedding rings at home and abroad. In foreign women’s wedding rings are generally worn on the left hand, and this method and the man wearing the law is the same, it can explain the equality of foreign men and women, in fact, more for the convenience of labor, wearing the right hand when the words work Easy to make the ring wear. While the domestic generally follow the “male left female right” principle. We have always been the etiquette of China, the male left female right to meet the Chinese attitude towards women, but also on the status of women in a family status. So in the wedding ring where the martial arts wearing a law is not the same, this is different due to differences in Chinese and foreign culture caused.
The other rings are worn and meaning

There is still a lot of wear. When the girls put the ring on the little finger on the time that the woman at this moment is a divorce state or the man died or did not want to get married at all. Like this woman does not marry the situation In fact, there are many today’s society, especially female stars, and some stars for their own career, but also to prove that they do not lose to men. Nova women are forming. There are some eager to love the women will wear the ring on the index finger, if the men see the woman wearing the index finger and men like the lady can rest assured that the pursuit.

There is a lot of love and meaning in the ring, which is mostly due to the influence of a country’s cultural customs. And such a custom and culture for men in the pursuit of women when it can be said to be a very good help.

Cartier Platinum couple on the ring of what the meaning of the ring

Cartier Platinum couple on the ring of what the meaning of the ring
The wind came your message, you are my heart song, flower fog non-fog, suddenly look back, the heart with you move. Mountain heavy, water doubt, red red rendering of the Red, you lit my whole world. They said Cartier platinum couple on the ring is the dandelion of the agreement, is the freedom of love flying, in addition to such a beautiful apartment, the Cartier platinum couple on the ring of what the meaning of heaven, days between the ground, for her slender jade wear Love the label – couple on the ring, fingers fingers slippery sprinkling, put on those a variety of beautiful meaning of the couple on the ring is a flavor.

Couple on the ring – days of the world

The Buddhist scriptures say everything is false, only your presence makes me feel really have, one of the Cartier couple on the ring has a good moral, so that life and death is no longer the world’s most distant distance, but also let I stand in front of you but you do not know that I love you is the most distant distance, so that all the distance is no longer far away, everything is just close, days of the world, no longer between the barrier, miss no distance The

Couple on the ring – to the corner

Zen is ethereal, vulgar is entangled, love is lingering, love winding around the Cartier nail bracelet replica fingers into the soft, gentle years. Some people say that the farthest distance in the world is the corner of the earth, Cartier couple on the ring – the corner of the meaning of the horizon is the distance between the ends of the moon for a mirror, all the distance is close, wearing a Cartier couple ring – the corner is two people piercing the heart of the blend, but also follow the ends of the earth.
Couple on the ring – love no end

Streamer surging, love is a non-stop running, chasing the beautiful colors in front, Cartier platinum couple on the ring of a moral is love without end. If you can be willing to love with the beginning of the creation of the prehistoric to be derived until the end, how to let me to your sincere confession, in this best time, let me wear you for the Cartier platinum couple against you Promise to love no end of the desire, I would like to make a drifting boat, and you love to no end.

Life is a hundred years in the sea, I just want to stop for you, as long as you are willing to wear for us belong to our favorite couple ring, Cartier platinum couple on the meaning of what the ring, which with your heart flying, it is no distance miss, It is the end of the earth to follow, it is no end of the love, it is the air of a bloom, in your mind is still open, it is your leaf green, it is your leaf boat, it is you a Non-stop love. Cartier platinum couple on the ring is the meaning of the day women scattered flowers, there will always be a pick up for you, so there is always a meaning of your heart of the flowers.
A flower of a world, a grass a Bodhi, a diamond ring a paradise, in a flowering tree before, make a wish, for you buckle the love of the confession – ring. Say that the past five hundred years of looking back in exchange for this life pass, and is willing to use your past five thousand years of retrospective for your buckle Zhou Shengsheng ring, fulfill this love. Chow Sang Sang ring size table for you to buy exclusive of your size and exclusive of your beauty. Customize your ring size, will be touched with the warmth at your fingertips. Instantly, reincarnation, to create its size of the ring, so love Ding Ge, weaving heavenly love paradise.

Size of the onlymark

Onlymark is a unique number plate, is the next point of happiness pointing, is a romantic whisper. Zhou Shengsheng quit all sizes of the onlymark is the sun, the moon confession, it is its unique gesture clear gardenia like white love. Mountain no edge, heaven and earth together, is dare and absolutely, Zhou Shengsheng ring size of the onlymark to give you a love of heaven and earth, for you to create your own love number plate.

Size of the six stars

Who is looking at the stars in the night sky flashing, who told the old love story, who is away from that dusk photos under a love? Zhou Shengsheng ring size of the six stars to pick up the stars of the night sky, with six small diamonds inlaid with a gem and a self, a gem is six small diamonds, but also means to wear it Will also be like a gem-like to send their own six stars ring holding the love, while a symbol of the stars to send the moon as the luxury of love, send her Replica Cartier jewelry ring size of the six stars, give her stars to send the moon like the pet.
Size of love paradise

The wind came, your message, that is my most beautiful song. Sing a love song, give you my all, let the wind bring you love, tell you, my affectionate. Chow Sang Sang ring size of the love of heaven for love add a pair of thin wings soar heaven, to the most distant away, bring you those strong read. Zhou Shengsheng ring size of the love of heaven for your love to sing a wonderful song, love songs to the distant paradise, through the seven-color rainbow, interpretation of some charming.

When the wind and blowing green on both sides of the cross, the original is love, the world’s most beautiful love is “I love you” the world’s most beautiful size is the most suitable for you, Chow Sang Sang ring size table custom your exclusive Size, will be fine freeze at the fingertips, will be stunned in the heart, the love of the specimen between you and him. Let the sky come and go in the clouds for you to do the media, your love will be passed to heaven, so that green leaves for your love to do ladder.

What is the special meaning of the wedding ring on which fingers are worn

What is the special meaning of the wedding ring on which fingers are worn
Marriage is everyone to see the most important thing, wedding and ultimately ring, then many people will be confused in the end of their wedding ring should wear on which finger, maybe you are listening to friends suggested, maybe you are online check the information, But a lot of is not absolute, nor is it all true, the following for you to introduce more about the wedding ring wearing a finger on what knowledge, and what special meaning.
Close contact with the heart – ring finger

Ring finger is the choice of most people, whether it is to see someone else to do that, or their own hearts have been recognized, after all, when the wedding ring prevails, with a diamond ring to witness our love, promise to love is a promise Beautiful things.

Love long – middle finger

The middle finger is the longest finger of all the fingers, so for everyone who want Cartier love bracelet replica their love long, by the longest one finger meaning, representing his love for a long time, put the wedding ring Middle finger, there are people because of their own ring finger left to his beloved wedding ring, then the wedding ring will wear on the middle finger, in fact, no special taboo.
Right and right hand to choose your finger

When you are talking about wearing a wedding ring in which fingers, in fact, but also take into account the issue of which hands, but most of the men and women are wearing wedding rings on the left hand, because the left hand every day to do little , Will not hinder the work, but also can play the decorative role of the United States, so many people will consider wearing hands, as the root finger, are very casual.

Chinese traditional male left female right ring finger

As the Chinese people, we have to be influenced by the traditional culture more or less, the idea of male left women on our daily life have many aspects of influence, but also affect our choice in the wedding ring to wear in which finger problem, Boys are usually worn on the left hand of the ring finger, the lady is the right hand ring finger, for this serious people thinking, this is very particular about the.

When you see enough about the wedding ring on which hand in the hand of the information, it will not worry about this thing, and wedding ring in fact, regardless of which hands are wearing, are half of their own reasons, like Many people think that the middle finger and ring finger at the same time wearing a ring is more love, in fact, is not, others want to show off their happy love, why should we go deep into it? Today to bring you this information, will give you a different understanding of true love, wedding ring wear which hand, what special meaning, as long as she is happy like.
Every girl’s heart is home to a Cinderella dream, but not everyone can achieve, but we have to pursue the right to happiness. This happiness is a love of their own people holding their own hands into the marriage hall, give you to wear that piece of life for him to send Cartier love ring replica only one diamond ring, is the greatest satisfaction. On the girls ring, in fact, there are many topics can be said that today Xiaobian to talk about for everyone about the choice of girls ring, wear and maintenance of knowledge.

The choice of girls ring, the right is the best

Many girls like to wear a ring, I think not only because it can be used as ornaments, but also because the ring hidden inside the girls can not let go of the love complex. Yes, as a ring of jewelry, of course, you can buy their own, but if the wedding ring is of course by the suitor men to buy, and marriage may have a little different, because the wedding can be bought by the man can also buy You two people to choose, I think this is some of the more popular and common practice. Choose the ring, do not need the most expensive, or the most gorgeous, because everything, only for their own ability to stay in the last, to the most permanent.

Girls who will wear a more happy ring

For the usual wear jewelry, of course, we ourselves to wear, we will not pay attention to so many etiquette or other, but if it is a wedding ring or wedding ring, you should be born to the girls to wear, not only because it is the traditional practice, But also because this is the boys on the girls solemn oath expression, this is a permanent oath.
The maintenance of the ring is also important

After buying the ring we can not put it on there, because the ring also has its use of the longevity, in order not to shorten or even extend its service life, we must pay attention to good maintenance of the ring. Girls will buy a lot of rings, so they can not wear them over time. Usually should let the ring as little as possible contact with acidic substances and hard substances, put the ring box should also be classified, conditional also need to carry out regular maintenance Cartier nail bracelet replica on them, such as buying some maintenance solution or directly to the purchase, so as to be more permanent Have it.

The choice of girls ring, wear and maintenance of the topic to talk about here, and believe that smart girls have learned these simple precautions, treat the ring should be treated as a lifetime lover as carefully care, whether it is an ordinary ring or real name Custom diamond ring, are the best expression of true love.

Jade bracelet price Jade bracelet how much money

Jade bracelet price Jade bracelet how much money
Jade bracelet price, how much money Jade bracelet. Jade bracelets, bracelets can also be called Kushu, its history has a long history, in ancient times, men and women will wear bracelets on behalf of marriage and identity. Jade is also a deep in our cultural life in a rare jade, many people believe that with jade bracelet can be set to avoid evil, and believe that jade bracelet and other jewelry is different, there is spirituality. It is noble atmosphere, but also calm and low-key, that emerald green light people can not stop.

Jade bracelet prices, jade bracelet prices need to be analyzed from the following aspects
1, look at the color. See whether the color is pure, rich and gorgeous, uniform, and use a condenser flashlight to check whether there is hidden variegated. To color rich and bright, pure, uniform, impurity is better. Emerald green has a higher price, followed by red, purple. Green and with fresh, slightly yellow tone with three points of water seedlings green (also known as “Yang Miao” green) for the best, followed by gem green, green Replica Cartier jewelry water, green, green are evenly distributed well.

2, observe the transparency. Under the strong light, the higher the transparency, the better.

3, listen to the sound. The percussion is clear and sweet.

4, observe the Tsui and stone flowers. On the light observation, there are other mineral particles in the flash of jade (ie, Tsui), and often clumps of white flowers, called stone flowers. Both are less good.

5, see cracks and dark spots. Cracks are found in the ore, and some are caused by processing, with less as good; black spot is everywhere in the black spots of jade, but also to small and small as well.

6, see the level of processing. To surface smooth, polished well, the shape is better.

How much is the jade bracelet?

How much is the jade bracelet? Know the impact of jade bracelet prices of these factors, in the purchase of jade products, you know from which aspects of the start! If you buy jade, you can put all the above aspects can be considered, will choose a good product. Let’s take a look at how much money you buy from the Jade Bracelet.

Question: how much is the jade bracelet?

Description: Inquiry: the quality of gold and silver jewelry inspection center, jade bracelet, light green, A goods, which is waxy bell it, certificate number: 21210009809, 68.43 grams of quality, the value of how much money?
Pi Xiu demagnetization method, brave how degaussing, how degaussing. Brave is the Swiss animal, brave mouth no anus, can swallow all things and not vent, only can not enter, supernatural powers, it is Lucky treasure, to absorb the meaning of the Quartet of wealth, but also out of evil, bring good luck The role. In recent years, some people pay attention to the Pi Xiu demagnetization, said the role is similar to the light. Here to see the Pi Xiu demagnetization method it

Degaussing method has the following:

1, with seawater or more than 15% concentration of iodine salt solution soak for 12 hours or more, and then washed with water can be.

2, the emerald wrapped with plastic film wrapped live, into the refrigerator freezer overnight, the next morning into the outdoor sun drying can be 1 hour.

3, some necklaces, hand string, pendant and other small pieces of jade products, put jewelry box for ten minutes to sit.
Brave how demagnetization, how degaussing. Although I do not know to the Pi Xiu demagnetization of this argument there is no scientific basis, but still can see how we are doing.

Question: how brave demagnetization?

Answer: Bath and wash the time when the best not to wear brave, because the shower with the shower gel, washing dishes with detergent will hurt the brave, and then there is a bath and washing dishes will have a lot of dirty water, but also Will brave bad.

Jade brave generally do not need degaussing,

Crystal brave with pure water plus a little salt soak a day, and then at night on the open-air balcony, put a night! Both degaussing and energy!
Emerald bracelet demagnetization method, how to degenerate jade bracelet, how degaussing. Jade is a crystal, in recent years some people pay attention to the Pi Xiu degaussing, it is said that the role is similar to the light. Wear jade and other accessories, all day with the body, contact, there will be some negative effects. Therefore, the emerald jewelry to the regular demagnetization, will have been dead negative energy material removed. Regardless of this argument there is no scientific basis, Xiaobian today some of the first demagnetization method to show you.

Degaussing method has the following:

1, with seawater or more than 15% concentration of iodine salt solution soak for 12 hours or more, and then washed with water can be.

2, the emerald wrapped with plastic film wrapped live, into the refrigerator freezer overnight, the next morning into the outdoor sun drying can be 1 hour.

3, some necklaces, hand string, pendant and other small pieces of jade products, put jewelry box for ten minutes to sit.
Jade bracelet how demagnetization, how degaussing. In recent years on the demise of jade different argument, we take a look at how we do it

Question: Will the teachers, I bought a natural jade bracelet need to go through what to deal with it, such as demagnetization and the like, if the demagnetization, then how to demagnetize it?

Answer: degaussing need to use crystal hole, but the jade bracelet is not degaussing, you can wear directly.

Question: There is an emerald bracelet, wearing 5 months, after some reason was touched by others, the total feeling bracelet is not their own. Ask the bracelet to re-recognize the main method.

Answer: In fact, not just bracelets, a lot of things will encounter such a situation. Private items are filled with emotions and are difficult to share.

So, not anti-cleaning, soft cloth wipe, the first day, and then a few days later, from the emotional can rule out this other sense; when the bracelet after a period of time shelved, wearing more, with a period of time It came back

Emerald jade investment value of what kind of jade jade with investment value

Emerald jade investment value of what kind of jade jade with investment value
High-grade jade jade pendant by more and more people welcome, the main reason is because the jade jade Buddha pendant has a very good moral, and high-grade jade jade pendant can play a blessing in the health of the role.
Emerald jade investment value

As the saying goes: “gold is priceless jade”, that is, jade value is difficult to estimate. Jade in recent years, the market price continues to rise, many collectors or investors will look into the jade market, which has become a major trend. Jade market appreciation of the current Replica Cartier jewelry space is rising, and even some of the rare varieties of jade appreciation space is very large.

Investment jade jade pendant the most important thing is to choose the right, how can we in many jade jade pendant, to find the collection of jade jade pendant, and even their favorite jade jade pendant, are very important. So when the choice of jade jade pendant, to see the appreciation of space, in the same price which is better, there are characteristics, the lower copy of the emerald to choose. So this time to learn to distinguish between emerald, jade color if more saturated, more uniform, the more bright in general is the better jade, of course, there are special exceptions, such as the old pit fluorescence jade jade pendant is also a high-grade jade. Come again is to see jade jade Buddha pendant carving, the stronger the fire that the better, but also depends on the inside of the inclusions and cracks, the size of the weight and so on are to pay attention.
So that the appreciation of the emerald space is mainly determined by the “one less one more” these two reasons. Jade is a non-renewable resources, and in recent years, excessive exploitation of jade, resources have become less and less, especially the Myanmar government has begun to limit the exploitation of jade resources. But with the development of jade culture, more and more people began to have an interest in jade, wearing jade, jade collection, but more and more. Resulting in less and less resources, good raw materials are more and more rare, which is rising prices of jade one of the reasons, so the appreciation of high-grade jade jade pendant space is huge.
In recent years, with the emerald, and nephrite collection of heat, crystal, tourmaline and other color semi-precious stones are also crystal clear quality and rich colors, become the new darling of fashion jewelry, people admiration. So many people like the tourmaline bracelet, it is what the real category? Follow Sokai Xiao Bian to see it!
First, the red tourmaline

Red tourmaline, red tourmaline color from pink to deep red is very rich, also has a birefringence, and ruby is the biggest difference between the red azalea color relative to the pink, romantic point of the argument should be more inclined to the color of the rose it Red tourmaline is considered its energy is warm, unrestrained, cheerful, comfortable, the corresponding heart round, very popular, should be because of the warm color of it In China there are “children face” of the name. But the nature of the brown, brown red, dark red and other colors of the output more changes in color.

Second, green tourmaline

Green tourmaline, green tourmaline because it contains vanadium and chromium elements and showed multiple changes in the green. Including light green to dark green, yellow green or brown green. Some colors may be dark or deep, only through the light to see it. The best is green, and green tourmaline green tourmaline corresponding heart wheel, good heart and lung function. Is a happy, happy and satisfying gem, also known as wealth of stone. (In Europe and Brazil have been mistaken for emerald, showing its degree of luxury. Currently only in Brazil and Madagascar have output.

Third, the blue tourmaline

Blue tourmaline, blue tourmaline is the tourmaline family of other blue members collectively. Blue tourmaline also has a considerable number of green, and because the tourmaline two-color, cutting seriously affected, the final out of the stone is not blue, so pure blue tourmaline is very rare, common deep purple or green and blue. Color saturation is relatively high, sometimes called “blue tourmaline”. Occasionally light blue to light green blue.
Jade is also known as nostalgia, is a traditional jade jade ornaments, its design concept is consistent with our traditional cultural ideas also expressed people’s simple wishes. Then you know how to wear jade jelly right to wear, wear Jade security buckle what is the role of Zuo Ke Yi Xiaobian finishing some of this information, it is better to take a look at it!
Chest wear

Often people like jade ornaments to wear, protect the body of evil, auspicious security. Wear jade jingding buckle no special taboo and requirements, with a simple rope to wear, or wear a few pieces of jade beads as a decoration, hanging in the chest, simple and generous; can also be used gold, platinum and other precious metal set , Or can be decorated with fine gem decoration, with rope, metal chain to wear, even added a trace of elegant luxury.

Made ornaments

Safe deduction of the ornaments, there are small and lovely safe buckle into the bracelet, there are safe buckle shape of the brooch, earrings, mobile phone chain, key ring and so on. There are cars in order to keep the security car, will be hung in the car, more people to buy a larger type of safe buckle pendant decorated in the room, pray for a total of peace.

Safe buckle taboo

A small peace deduction, contains the whole world, round shape, meaning peace and good fortune, it expresses people simple and beautiful desire, careful and heaven and earth integration, there will be a great tolerance and harmony, while locking the peace. Because the meaning of peace deduction flat, sincere, wearing no taboo, as long as their favorite, how can wear.
Emerald is worth, but not all emerald is worth. Worthy of the collection is absolutely through all aspects of identification and evaluation are the top grade after the emerald. So what kind of jade the most valuable it? Here to tell you about the value of jade identification standards, you will believe that you will evaluate the value of jade!
Emerald value identification standards – head
Jade’s head refers to the degree of transparency or hydration, the saying goes, “the line to see the head, layman to see the color”, the head is outside the selection of jade is easy to ignore a problem. Looks crystal clear, very water spirit, tender and beautiful for the top grade. Translucent for the ice kind of jade, almost completely transparent for the best (commonly known as glass species). Permeability in general, it seems that the spirit of the market for the most common mid-range products. Opaque, looks dry and dry, no shiny, then the next product.

Emerald Value Identification Standard – Color
The common colors of emerald are: green, colorless and transparent, white, purple, yellow, blue, red, black, brown, gray. White the most common, cheap price. Black for the Mexican Tsui, more carved into pendant is not low price. Brown and gray the most, the basic will not be processed into jewelry, green with a gray value is also greatly reduced. Color is bright, shades of shades, distribution is uniform evaluation of the three elements of jade color. Bright colors, rich, and not black for the top grade.

Emerald value identification standards – weight
The same kind of head, texture, color of jade, must be bracelet than pendant expensive, pendant than your ring. This is because the larger Jade raw materials more scarce, especially the high-grade emerald ring face, radius of each lap, the price will grow a lot.

Emerald value identification standards – texture
Jade texture can be understood as: the structure of jade and the combination of transparency. High-quality jade is an important feature of luster, moist, fine. These properties are closely related to the structure. Jadeite mineral composition between the tightness and the size of mineral particles is particularly important, if the particle size is small, the gap between the particles is small, combined on the dense, transparent like, the appearance of jade will be shiny, moist. To the naked eye, can not see the phenomenon of jade particles, delicate and overall feeling is very good better. If the particles look obvious, rough structure or showing block, the texture is poor. Permeability of good jade, if the naked eye view of its internal visible more cotton-like objects, the quality of the general.

Emerald Value Identification Standard – Processing Technology
As the saying goes, jade is not cut into a device. Excellent jade processing technology can make the value of jade to be improved, but also more in line with people’s aesthetic. Jade processing technology is mainly reflected in the pendant, Decoration of the carving process. Pure hand-carved craft excellent jade emerald lifelike, the details of outstanding performance, portrayed out of the characters look full, unique style. Machine engraved out of the jade products are relatively pure hand-carving is not so vivid, it seems law-abiding. In the high-grade jade are pure hand-carved, ordinary low-grade jade is more for the machine carving.

Emerald value identification standards – clarity and flaws
The clarity of jade can be understood as the appearance of the naked eye, there are no black spots, stone flowers, variegated, stone, cracks and other defects. “Clarity” is an important concept in the gemological study of the quality of precious stones, because the vast majority of damage to the blemishes will have a negative impact on the beauty of the gem. Black spots, stone flowers, variegated, stone on the impact of jade can be the size of its degree to set. Cracks on the quality of jade the greatest impact, as long as the normal lighting can be seen under the naked eye cracks, the value of the greatly reduced, serious cracks and even when the nail blows a sense of resistance.

What kind of jade the most valuable? The above describes the emerald value appraisal standards, it should be noted that the emerald value assessment is a profound knowledge, the need for long-term accumulation of experience in order to comprehensive use of the various characteristics of jade for its objective and accurate assessment of the value. In the consumer-level emerald market, we still have to be cautious

What are the meanings of gourd pendants for gourd pendants?

What are the meanings of gourd pendants for gourd pendants?
The gourd is the mascot of ancient times. Legend: wearing a gourd can attract treasure set of money (take the original eight cents in the lame of Lee), a small bell can be disaster to avoid evil. In the pendant jewelry, there are many fine jewelry are carved with different prototypes. They most of the people on behalf of the good wishes, there are many people like gourd pendants, we all like the gourd simple and well-behaved shape, some people like it is the meaning, then, what is the meaning of gourd pendant?
What is the meaning of the gourd pendant?

Meaning one, gourd in the “gourd” and “Fu Lu” homophonic, folk commonly used gourd to express Fulu. The gourd can be crossing the water, medicine, but also one of the dark eight cents, meaning health, longevity, peace, because many people think that gourds are human Of the ancestors, at the same time in many myths and stories, gourds often accompanied by gods and heroes, is considered to be able to bring Fulu, exorcism and evil spirits of the spirits and security guards.

Meaning two, gourd homonym is “Fulu”. Fu is a harmonious, on behalf of the family’s happiness, peace. Lu on behalf of the promotion of wealth, on behalf of the wealth, gourd is a desire for life for a yearning, hope that life is safe, financial resources rolling, and Replica Cartier jewelry secondly, gourd leaves are wrapped, constantly climbing up, gourd inside the seed is also very More, on behalf of the vitality of the strong, a symbol of tenacious vitality, meaning sub-Sun Changsheng, more blessed.

Meaning three, gourd with a vigorous art, simple, simple, bright and special style, reflecting the kind of people who are plain spirit. The gourd is made of round, symbolizing harmony and happiness. Not only in the ancient people’s material life occupies an important position, but also with the literature, art, religion, folklore, myths and legends and even political relations are also very close.

Meaning four, in ancient times there is a “send melon seeking son” argument, that send gourd, can be anxious for the child or many years of infertility to bring a good luck, so that they can achieve their aspirations as soon as possible, Ding Xinwang And gourd vines, homophonic million, with generations of generations, more than a blessing of the wonderful meaning.
Wearing a gourd pendant on behalf of the meaning

1. girls and young women are like in the collar, cuffs, the Department of skirt rust on the gourd pattern to show auspicious; gourd flowers white flawless, floral, A symbol of love pure, infatuated. Some of the young people are often in the Sanxian and gift to the girl’s letter on the tube, carving gourd pattern, a symbol of love as gourd flowers as white, pure, like a gourd as solid loyalty.

2. Hulu homophonic “Lu Lu” “Fu Lu”, coupled with its own different shapes, beautiful shape, no artificial carving will give people a faint and peaceful beauty, the ancients think it can drive disaster bixi, pray for happiness, so that the descendants Ding Xingwang, therefore, thousands of years, gourds as a mascot and ornaments, has been the people’s favorite and collection. Some people under the beam, hanging hoist, which is called “roof”, it is said that this measure, the home is relatively safe and smooth; more attention to the people, then tied with red rope tied five gourds, known as the ” Five Blessings”.

3. In the composition of the gourd, there will be “Ganoderma lucidum”, “descendants of Fu Lu” and other auspicious patterns, expressed the people have more life with infinite vision, hope that the family happy, safe, more blessed. In short, the gourd pattern contains a deep good meaning, gives joy, imagine, both beautiful and clever and auspicious bless, whether it is their own wear or send friends and family are very good choice.

What are the hawks?

Gourd is evil, belly can absorb the miasma, it should be hung with the outside world where the flow, such as the door or window. In addition, the kitchen and toilet is a place where the miasma is more concentrated, hanging in the kitchen or toilet door is also a good choice. After the traditional black hair gangue treatment of the strongest ability, but also can cover up the spots on the surface of the gourd, it is recommended to find someone to deal with black. Note that black is not black on the surface, do not be someone else cheated.
As a representative of the ancient Chinese traditional culture mascot brave and gourd, each has a different meaning. The use of both the image of the production of ornaments, in the long years has been considered to be able to bring good luck. In the history of our country, the gourd is called a very ancient mascot, the main common jade image or a separate gourd image or a vultures covered with gourd image, and the opening brave by the feng shui experts as a good fortune to change the fortune Lingbao, since ancient times is recognized Lucky fortune mascot, known as Lucky evil spirits of the good luck. So, what is the meaning of the gourd brave pendant?
What is the meaning of the gourd brave pendant?

1, the meaning of gourd pendant

The homonym of the gourd is “Fulu”. Fu is a harmonious, on behalf of the family’s happiness, peace. Lu on behalf of the promotion of wealth, on behalf of the wealth, gourd is a desire for life for a yearning, hope that life is safe, financial resources rolling, and secondly, gourd leaves are wrapped, constantly climbing up, gourd inside the seed is also very More, on behalf of the vitality of the strong, a symbol of tenacious vitality, meaning sub-Sun Changsheng, more than blessing long happiness.

2, the meaning of brave pendant

Legend of the brave for the owner to find happy, will bite passers-by money, so become the most commonly used folk, the most effective reminder of feng shui supplies. Brave also have the distinction between male and female, folk legend of the brave on behalf of wealth, and the mother of the brave is on behalf of the treasury, a wealth of library to be able to keep, so most of the collection of brave a collection of a real Lucky Into treasure But if you want to wear on the body, or just like to avoid fighting.

3, gourd picnic pendant of the meaning of the home can also be home town evil spirits, incense exuberant, in line with the main theme of this era, do not bump, the legendary Lucky beast, so when you pious treat him, this brave pendant and Other Pi Xiu pendant is a big difference, so that wealth from the side through, at the same time, people often use it to ward off evil spirits.
Wearing a gourd picnic pendant on behalf of the meaning

(1) gourd vines stretches, fruitful, the Chinese people as their descendants prosperous Cheung. Gourd of this shape also implied mouth and mouth is not tease right and wrong, belly big capacity to all things, generous, it helps the family harmony, the sun and the sun thriving. Gourd has a disease that a symbol of illness, physical.

(2) brave mouth no anus, can swallow the world without financial leakage, only can not enter, supernatural specific, it is Lucky Jin Bao, to absorb the meaning of the Quartet of wealth, but also out of evil, bring good luck effect. Brave its shape like a lion with a wing, the ancient fabric, flag, with hook, India and New Zealand, Zhong Niu and other things commonly used brave for the decoration, whichever guardian of the defenders.

(3) gourd sound and ‘Fu Lu’ “Lu Lu” similar, and its shape rounded with a curve, coupled with small entrance, belly big features, as if to be able to absorb gold and silver jewelry; gourds have two round Of the gourd body, round gold, can be painted soil evil, gourd mouth narrow body fat, the income of the evil spirits, it is easy to enter, but it is difficult to solve, can resolve bad feng shui.

(4) gourd is a Taoist sacred, but also the holy things of Buddhism, because the absorption of the essence of all things in nature, quite spiritual, can eliminate evil spirits, security people safe, so it is suitable for the elderly, with rich and healthy, healthy and longevity Good wishes. Gourd for the two balls connected, rounded full, jade gift gourd gift couples, hanging in the couple’s bed, the effect is particularly good, can promote the feelings between husband and wife, happy marriage, a hundred years together, loving incomparable, happy long. Gourd shape, small and lovely, give the child, but also very suitable for children wearing jade hoist, meaning smart and capable, lively and lovely.

Brave need to pay attention to what can maximize the spiritual effect

First, there must be a pious mentality. Brave is the animal, psychic, emotional solution, so when you pious treat him, he will change for you, you can touch from his head down, cultivate feelings.

Second, to look for the spirit of brave brand.

Third, we should pay attention to the taboo of brave. Committed the brave of the taboo, brave spirituality is also greatly reduced, the specific concern Zuo Kay information other articles to understand.

Fourth, the invitation of the brave posture should also continue to work. Brave will bring you wealth, of course, you do not seize, so that wealth from the side through, who can do nothing

Men wear ear nails what pay attention

Men wear ear nails what pay attention
Although the straight male straight female aesthetic, not used to men wearing earrings, but no matter how they are not used to, men wearing a stud into a fashion. But the man wearing ear nails are not casually blind wear. So what do men wear ear nails? The following inventory of men wearing ear nails pay attention to, like wearing a stud ear male friends can look at!
1, if you are heterosexual boys, worn on the left ear, if you are heterosexual girls, wearing the right ear. Wear earrings with their own preferences.

If you are a boy, and you are bisexual, partial 0, then left and right ear with silver diamond earrings; partial 1, then left and right ear with silver earrings. However, most of the bisexual do not wear earrings earrings.

3, if the character rebellion, with their own preferences, do not rigidly adhere to the above rules, which would like to wear it, but if the male heterosexual men into the position of gay women should have anti-harassment The psychology.

If you are a male lesbian male role, but also in the left ear, the general Replica Cartier jewelry male gay male role does not wear earrings earrings; if you are lesbian female role also brought in the right ear, General lesbian female characters do not wear earrings earrings.

5, if you are male lesbian female role, wear in the right ear, to bring silver diamonds earrings, or silver earrings. If you are a lesbian male role wearing a silver earring. In general homosexuality only with their original gender of the opposite role of that side will be with earrings. (This point to note that heterosexuals do not take the wrong)

Men wear ear nails pay attention to 6, if it is TS, that is, Simon, are not about to show that bisexual, or would like to exaggerate the mother 0 only wearing right earrings earrings. If you want to exaggerate the mother 1, to wear the left.

Men wear ear nails what pay attention to? Above the count of men wearing ear nails pay attention to, as a favorite ear nails male friends must understand Oh, or trouble is not too good slightly!
Earrings is a kind of ornaments, not only a long history and fun, it is the crystallization of art and fantasy, design changes in shape, magnificent. Jade earrings, the appearance of a diamond with the dazzling, crystal Smart, pearl of the elegant beauty, can create a different beauty, to make women’s enchanting charm. Because wearing earrings earlobe parts, it is the eye of the acupuncture points, which can be seen, wearing earrings, to protect eyesight, prevention and treatment of eye diseases, especially the prevention and treatment of myopia, is a certain auxiliary role. So what is the meaning of the earrings?
What is the meaning of the earrings?

Meaning one, said ear hole is the feelings of the gap, attached to the heart of the nerve, the most gentle fragile, said through the ears of the roots, the next cycle can meet the love of past lives.

Legend II: playing ear hole is to commemorate a person, playing ear hole pain is unforgettable, as you will never forget this person, you hit the ear for this person, the next life will meet him.

Legend 3: wear ear hole, if you think of a man, the next life is still a woman, but also his woman.

Legend 4: When you meet the people you really love, you go to play ear holes, through the world of time, let you together.

Legend 5: girls on the left side of the ear hole on behalf of friendship, the right ear hole on behalf of love.
The meaning of the earring

1. Some areas of the customs are not the same, if the boy wearing ear nails, that he is generally the only child at home, the elderly for the figure Geely, the child is good, in the left ear earrings.

2. old society for boys to raise the boys to the left ear Zhakong earrings, which and take the name of the same name.

3. This more advanced point, that is, playing earrings is “to commemorate love” is to forget the love, love the youth love romance more love you I like all your right ear nails on behalf of: “heart (right) you “, And the boys to send girls earrings means that your body has my mark, can only belong to me.

4. But to be honest, playing a few earrings and earrings with that side, are just a personal hobby, and these so-called ear studs meaning is only based on some of the usual idioms or habits extended out, And should not be too much superstition.

How does the earring and face match?

Face too large: not wearing a round emerald earrings, it is best to wear a larger earrings or triangular, drop-shaped earrings, to reduce the wide sense of the cheek

Little face: suitable for medium-sized earrings, it is best not to rise from the ear 2-3 cm.

Round face: long earrings and hanging earrings, can shape the visual effects of stretching up and down, looks more mature and pretty.

Oval face: oriental female standard face shape. Wearing any shape of the earrings are good Oh, but should pay attention to the size of the earrings with their overall feeling consistent

How to distinguish between Hetian jade and glass

How to distinguish between Hetian jade and glass
First, look at the shape. Made of glass made of jade mold is made of more, so it is more vague outline, no knife after the traces of a knife, a look and know, and Hetian jade is structured, line economy and Qiu Jin.

Second, look at hardness. Glass, whether it is relative hardness or absolute hardness, than Hetian jade is low, the knife can be easily left in its surface scratches, and small knife fixed and nephrite.

Third, look at the bubble. Glass because of the production relationship, observe the structure, you can see inside the bubble, the surface can also see the bubbles left behind the bubble, and Hetian jade structure is careful fiber intertwined, no bubbles, so a lot of identification method that , As long as the bubble is seen can be concluded that the glass, but in turn said that no bubbles may also be glass, and now the process progress, a lot of glass and no bubbles.

Fourth, look at the density. The density of the glass is much smaller than the Hetian jade, in his hand, and nephrite hand, the glass is people feel fluttering. But recently, some of the process to the glass to add a small amount of lead, so that the increase in the density of Hetian, this density identification method is not reliable.

Novice to buy Hetian jade to pay attention to what skills?

Jade jewelry has always been one of the jewelry favored by women, a fine jade jewelry Replica Cartier jewelry is not only beautiful and beautiful, simple and elegant, uncompromising attention to women also filling the delicate and delicate mind, and Tian Yu as China’s country jade, since ancient times Sought after, with the improvement of people living conditions, and now more and more people like to wear Hetian jade jewelry.

Skills, to the regular store to buy, buy and Tian Yu first to distinguish between true and false, do not greedy small cheap or holding the Jianliao psychological purchase and Hotan, it is best to some formal store to buy.

Skills, look at jade, and Hetian jade jade, jade is the evaluation of Hetian jade is one of the very important factors. There are a lot of people think that the delicate degree of Hetian is equivalent to Hetian’s oily, but the fact is not the case, and good oil and can not express his jade is very delicate. Some very delicate and nephrite, but his oil situation is not high, his internal structure is very difficult to see clearly. But it is a very good oil.

Skills, look at the color, and Hetian jade jewelry is mainly the kind of flesh and skin color. For white jade, its color is of course the more white the better. But if there is a partial blue will be on its value has a very big impact. For yellow jade jewelry is the kind of chestnut yellow is the most precious, green color is very good spinach green.

Skill four, look at the process, the process is also an important factor affecting the value of Tian Yu, a good process for the whole jade add a lot of color, so try to choose some beautiful shape, not here is not to choose some engraved with the pattern, and Is to choose the kind of carving good.
White jade bracelet as the daily life of the most common kind of jade bracelet, how to choose a good white jade bracelet? What kind of selection criteria does it have? In addition to this we are also concerned about the issue is its price, only to understand the price of white jade bracelet to determine whether we have the financial ability to buy, then the white jade bracelet worth how much money it.

White jade bracelet price how to judge?

With our deep understanding of the knowledge of jade bracelet, we all know that jade bracelet is not only green, there are white, red, purple, blue and so on, to break the color of jade bracelet limitations let us better understand And choose the jade bracelet, then the white jade bracelet for the choice of what is the standard? In fact, to judge this white jade bracelet is good or from the color, the color is not enough pure enough, enough white, the more pure white its value is higher, we all know that white is very dirty, slightly a little Stains on the special obvious, the jade bracelet is also the case, the more pure white that this is the jade bracelet less impurities, more full of water.

White jade bracelet how to evaluate the price?

White jade bracelet as the daily life of the most common kind of jade bracelet, its price is bound to attract a lot of people, only to understand the white jade bracelet approximate price, we can confirm whether they have the economic strength of the purchase. So how much is the white jade bracelet? Can affect the price of white jade bracelet a lot of factors, such as its color is pure, there are white concentration and transparency of the situation, which have a great impact on their price.

A really high-grade white jade bracelet, it’s white will be very pure, not mixed with other colors, and this jade bracelet luster is like a white pure general. In addition to the color, the high-end white jade bracelet also have a high enough transparency, this white jade bracelet value and price are very high.
1. The material structure of the two is completely different

“Mercury” in the “blood”, the main minerals for the cinnabar (mercury sulfide HgS), and mercury sulfide is the State Environmental Protection Agency included in the “China ban or strict restrictions on toxic chemicals list”; “Bloodstone” in the “land “(” Blood “outside the area), the main minerals for Di Kaishi, kaolinite, pyrophyllite, alunite and so on.

“Chicken Blood Jade” is a collection of quartzite, chalcedony and hematite, in which the “blood” for the hematite, the human body is non-toxic harmless; “ground” is quartz, chalcedony, hematite Aggregates.

2. The appearance of the two is similar

Both the appearance of black red blood is the main, both other colors.

3. The price difference between the two disparate

Chicken blood stone produced in Zhejiang Lin’an City Changhua Town, Inner Mongolia Chifeng City Bahrain Youqi, Shaanxi Xunyang County and other places, is now exhausted, its value is quite high, a good chicken bloodstone prices up to several million or even tens of millions.

Chicken blood jade produced in Guilin Longsheng County, because some time ago there is no standard chicken blood jade, the price is not high, usually between thousands to hundreds of thousands, but there are exceptions, last year China – ASEAN Expo identified as the country After the ceremony, September 23 auction, Guilin Jiyu jade Chinese dragon to shoot 3.5 million yuan, Guilin Jade Yu Guan Gong shoot 590 million, breaking the highest price of Guilin Jade Jade auction. But overall, the current price of chicken jade is still relatively low.

What is the evaluation of blood and blood?

Evaluation of a piece of chicken blood can be good or bad from the “fresh, live, condensate, poly, thick” five aspects:

First, fresh refers to the bloody, red blood is divided into bright red, red, crimson, purple and so on. Fresh blood, such as just slaughtered chicken left the bright red blood drops on the stone. If the interval after a long time, its color becomes dark, gradually become black and white will fall;

Second, live refers to the blood of the dynamic and shape, it is an important indicator of the quality of blood stones. Blood should live, have a sense of flow. The distribution of blood patterns are roughly large pieces, lumps, striped, cloudy, starlike, like shape, line pattern, etc .;

Third, condensate refers to the amount of blood, that is, how much blood. Blood less than 10% for the general, 10% to 30% for the mid-range, 30% to 50% for the upscale, 50% to 70% of the treasures, more than 70% for the treasures. All red for the Dahongpao, whole blood or hexagonal blood chapter for the best;

Four, poly, thick refers to the degree of blood scattered and thickness. The concentration of blood can be divided into condensate, clear, thin third gear.